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NURSING — as generally defined in the dictionaries, it is the taking care of the ill individuals. In my whole college course, the definitions I’ve encountered were somehow in the same scope and context. And being a student nurse, I made myself believe in that narrow scope of nursing characterization.

Being a registered nurse is far different from being just a student nurse. There is a great disparity in responsibilities, obligations, discipline, beliefs and enthusiasm.

When I became a registered nurse and had my chance to work in a secondary hospitals, I realized that being a nurse is not just simply the “taking care of the ill” as defined by my books and instructors way back. It is more than a profession. It is more than just of a job description. More than that of what they call “taking care”. For me, nursing and being a nurse is to give meaning to life while taking care of lives. To touch lives… to leave a mark in someone’s life.

At first, I thought being on duty is all about assessment, giving medications, regulation of intravenous fluids, assisting in operations and deliveries. But as I mature and grow in my workplace, I slowly grasp the beauty in my profession. It’s more than that of what I thought. Fulfillment I get in 8 hours per day. The joy within that I never thought would exist. The happiness and feeling of accomplishment. These achievements I get from a simple “THANK YOU” and a SWEET SMILE or even a hug from my patients. By that, I know… I gave more than what they expect. By that, exhaustion and enervation are all paid off.

If you are a nurse,then stand up and be proud! Doctors also take care of the patients, but they can’t give what we can give to them. We actually know more about our patients than doctors do. I have great respect to Medical doctors but I am just expressing based on what I had experienced in reality. A nurse knows the every detail of his patient/s. From his name, age, address… down to the everyday progress, medications.. and even the very detail of patient’s emotional and personal predicament– and to be involved in such, you need to establish the one of the hardest thing to ascertain, TRUST.

Being a nurse is being dedicated. Stand and be proud!:))

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