Motherhood Beyond 40 Years of Age

English: pregnancy at 8th month (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: pregnancy at 8th month (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: pregnancy at 8th month (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: pregnancy at 8th month (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life begins at 40. Most aging men and women say it should be. The inept fact however, is that some women have taken the aforementioned cliché too literally. The status quo of our society has revealed that Aphrodite’s descendants are now way beyond their prime years when they decided to jump into the perilous and yet wonderful journey of life called pregnancy. Women in their 40’s needs a MAN to procreate and not just any man, that man should be me. As an insightful Adam that I am, I think it is my duty and responsibility to help these ladies impregnate without The Holy God smiting me.

How does a lioness produce her tiny cubs? First, she finds a suitable mate. Surely, most of us grew bored watching this on the Animal Planet and National Geographic. Thus, same rule applies to all our lady friends regardless of their age; the natural way to get pregnant is to find a viable and fertile partner. Women of advanced age should not be worried about the issues concerning the morality of RH bill; their ovarian clock is ticking. It is their utmost right as a person to love and be loved in return, furthermore to have an offspring of their own. However, I’m not saying that they should grab the next guy they see, rip off his shirt and get on with it. There’s still a lot of fish in the sea, but nowadays mature felines need to hunt hastily, for the supply of straight-cut and testosterone filled meats dry up quickly.

Now, at 40 years of age, Facebook status changed, “in a relationship”. Instant buzz and celebrity of the FB community! So what should these middle-aged women be doing other than acknowledging all the people who liked and commented on their highly decorated profile? Ladies be proactive, work on the task at hand, how to get pregnant at 40?  The initial thing that one should do before anything else is to visit the experts and seek their advice on child-bearing. Another hard reality that one must accept is the fact that they are no longer young, their body has undergone through a lot of minor but dramatic changes on both objective and subjective aspects. They should think of their body as just like the current state of The Republic of the Philippines, drastic events have occurred but the system is still the same.

It is very evident for women in their four decades of existence that the most dreaded monthly phenomenon of bloodbath is starting to cease. Irregularities in the so-called cycle of menstruation are omnipresent and the signs are showing, months without even a period, mood swings and hot flushes. So what’s the cause of these peculiar changes? It is not the moon or the rise and fall of tides, it’s that double-edged hormones. These once ever flourishing natural enzymes of the human body that helped them shaped into beautiful damsels are now quickly dwindling down the drain. Ladies, don’t get too hysterical or too depressed yet, there is still hope. The best thing to do is to visit the doctor to manage it properly.

There is no such thing as a walk-in-the-park pregnancy especially for the older Eves. Their state of health and wellness poses a great factor in their own ability to bear a child. Stress, improper diet and lack of exercise are just few of the things that an aging woman should address before considering the path of motherhood. Having a baby is stressful enough, but how do we care for our bulge-bellied aging and distressed maidens? It is all about support, may it be from the family, from friends and from the bank. Whatever aid that one could give is dearly welcomed.

Proper diet should be imposed to these women. Vegetables, fruits and foods rich in protein like milk should be included in their daily gastric consumption. Elementary science has taught us that we are all made up of proteins. It is the building block of life and the baby needs all the nutrients it could get for excellent formation of tissues, muscles and bones. They should avoid munching down on heavy amounts of ice creams, chocolates and other palatable sugars that tickle the very most senses of their sweet tooth. Excessive bingeing on sucrose filled foods could result to Pregnancy Induced Diabetes and hard labor.

Exercise, move around! However, I’m not stating that the pregnant woman should start wearing those running shoes again and train for their next marathon. What I do propose is to do a light to moderate activity at least 30 minutes a day for recent studies have shown that women regardless of their state and age should exercise for it aids in oxygen, nutrients and blood transportation around the body. Leisurely walks and house chores are just some of the things that they should be able to do without even straining themselves.

So what about the matured Venusian who are in dire need of reproduction that have tried the concoctions of Quiapo and danced in the Fertility Festival of Obando? Ladies, be optimistic and don’t lose hope. In this ever enhancing technological world, being pregnant is very possible through didactic medical and artificial efforts. Women beyond their 40’s can undergo medication therapy; the doctor will prescribe hormone enhancing pills that can boost up a female’s capacity for conception. On the other hand, artificial insemination is a process of which a human embryo is inserted and implanted into a woman’s uterus.

There are a lot of reasons to get pregnant, especially for the not-so-young maidens out there.  Their justification might be for enjoyment, procreation and continuity of life. For whatever reason it is, age should not be a hindrance for them to experience the glow of child-bearing. Though I should say that if a pregnancy poses a great risk to the health of both mother and baby may it be natural or artificial, they should play or move around other options for being a mom like adoption or fostering another member of the family.

To wrap it up, advancing felines and cougars in their 40’s and 50’s should not worry about their age. But once these ladies have decided to bear a child and reproduce, it’s a different gameplay. There is a lot of contributing health factors to be considered in their pregnancy. Nevertheless, if maternal age and wellness are not a risk variable for conception, I ardently believe that motherhood is the Raison d’Etre of every woman, aged or not in this world.

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  • sandra showers

    Hi Ugly Monkey, love your posting, it has lots of humor. I’m 41, and wanted to have kids as many as I can maybe 4, I’m planning to do it next year. I’m very healthy, and always have on the dot regular monthly period. I’m dating a younger guy who wanted having kids too, but I’m very particular, when I want to get pregnant so my first oprion is the bank, I haven’t tried yet but planning to do it next year after my travels. My mom have me when she was 48 yrs old, and she even got pregnant again 5 yrs later. So based to my mom, I don’t see there is a problem getting pregnant after 40. I even wonder when people would say oh I’m too old for a baby. I don’t say it that way.

    • ruperto nambio

      Hi Sandra, nice plan, make it happen. In my neighborhood I have three couples wanting to have children. For a joke, I said, “why not go to Obando, Bulacan—make a dance. My wife dattore de lavore had a healthy twin boys after have artificial insemination, it cost them more than 50K euro. This type is not guaranteed always, to some it works and to others does not. How about asking the Lord about it., a prayer like of Sarah in the Bible?

  • nippon hime

    i’m 46 and i’d been thinking of having another child (my daughter’s in her early 20’s already). i wanna have a baby with this guy, younger than me but i’m scared if the baby had downs syndrome. i want my baby to be normal. i initially wanted a boy but at this point any gender is ok as long as its normal.

    • ruperto nambio

      @nippon hime, first of all, no need to worry about “downs symdrome” since you had been a mother already. Downs symdrome babes are inherited genetically. I presumed your first daughter do not possess it. So, why worry. Foremost action for you is to have a genecological check-up, that means to know your ovary is functioning well and you have your regular period.

      • nippon hime

        Oh yes, my daughter’s normal and so talented. i’ve been doing exercises for more than a year and taking care of my health but not for the one i stated above. i want to be fit starting this year. actually, i’m an exercise junkie now (walking, weightlifting, martial arts, yoga, pilates, dancing) and i have lost a lot of weight from it.

  • nippon hime

    @ugly monkey~~i love the article except the ‘cougar’ thing. what a terrible word.

    • ugly monkey

      I’m deeply sorry about that, I know it’s improper. I be more cautious next time. thanks

  • im turning 40 this year. been married for a long time but have not yet concieve a baby. thanks for this article…so its not the end of the world for me. this is no joke for me because i might lose my husband if i didnt get pregnant..he wants a child so bad.

  • ruperto nambio

    Hi Malen, you are no different from my wife sister. At the age of 37 she got her first son, now 26 years old. She got a medical consultation at Chinese Hospital, Quezon City. You visit this hospital, they might be of help. Now, regarding your husband, I know how he feels, but having no child is not an option for him to leave you — this is a shallow reason. True love do not set conditions, neither true love cast out fear. To have or not to have a child is also God’s purpose, however, you can ask Him prayerfully, for the Lord heareth the prayer of the faithful. Only, you need to be fully surrender and ask God’s leading in your life. Ask and believe what you ask and it shall be given in full. All the best.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful letter Mr. Nambio it is so kind of you to reply to my post with all sincerity and and concern. God bless you!!!

  • ruperto nambio

    @Malen Flores, it is my pleasure to be of help. In our group here in Italy we have 4 couples who have no child each. Both couples dream to have atleast one child. I told them what to do in their intimate hours in jokingly manner. The way I see their situation why they can’t have a child has also to do the type of work each one have. If a wife work streneously everyday and no sufficient body rest, this too add to the unhealthy function of one’s ovary. I believe as I have observed wives who are relaxed or doing less streneous work tends to be more prolific, than wives who are doing heavy job. Relax wives help their productive organ and its hormone function well, this relates the “seed” to grow. Be therefore relax and savorly enjoy those close moments. Have a happy night always then.

  • I am very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs.