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2006 was the beginning of the Nursing Curse! It was all about the board LEAKAGE then; Nursing schools failed to achieve standards of the Licensure passing rate, etc. But that didn’t stop me from taking up the course. I was a dedicated student, well, I am more of an artistic type rather than of a critical thinker, but it doesn’t stop me from embracing the nursing career. At first, I thought, this will never be my forte, but as time progresses and in my senior years, I was able to see the true meaning of becoming the NURSE of my time. My dream was to become an architect or a fine arts graduate, but after finishing Nursing, I said to myself “One day, my family will be proud of me of being a nurse, not because of the title but because I embrace the reality that I am the Nightingale of my generation.”  That was how I imagined myself.

After graduating, I have already made plans for my nursing career. And I promised to myself I will apply at UDMC hospital, my school ground as a registered nurse on their OR-DR area. I have reasons why I liked the place so much. First, because I wanted to see my professors everyday to get more information’s on do’s and don’ts in the area. Second, I love the Area in UDMC because people in that place were very approachable and they always help students when they have concerns. That was before, when you got yourself down after failing the recent board examination you took, you might as well think of taking a career outside your graduated course. But my family was persistent that I should never give up. I went to a new nursing review centre in a local mall and focused myself in reviewing. I do admit, my self esteem was lowered after that tragic failure plus I got some issues and misunderstanding with my friends who were also with me on that same place.

The power of having faith in God plus believing in myself that this time I won’t mess this exam anymore made me do all the best that I could. And after 3 months of long wait, I was so happy to announce that I made it, I passed the nursing licensure examination. Together with my 4 other classmates who were also “Repeaters” made it through. Proud as Kings we embraced the moment during our Oath taking on SM (MOA). We all believed that even though we were gonna be a little bit late on entering the real world of nurses, we still per sue and trust ourselves that we can make it through. Reality check, it has been 1 year since I got this Title as one of our fellow RNs but all I have done was to enrol in a private hospital’s Dialysis Nursing Course for 3 months. After successfully finishing IVT and BLS-CPR training, I spent almost 3 months of that said year by applying in sorts of hospitals, who immediately decline my application because of my so called FLAT rating score ,if you know what I mean? Then the other 3 months was spent in our Dialysis Nurse training and I got 2 months and a half OJT hours awarded. Still, it wasn’t enough to help me take the RENAP examination for dialysis nurses. At least 6 months was needed and with my position now, I can’t and it pisses me of because another memorandum was made and half of my class was also rejected. And my renal certificate was still being reprint because they got my surname misspelled. It has been 2 months and yet I haven’t got any calls from them! February, I went to the province to apply on the DOH’s RN Heals program for my last choice of job to be, but all I got there was another bad experience. Was it because I am from Manila they have the right to say out loud in front of me such annoying things? I came all the way there hoping to be accepted as a community nurse, full of hopes and prayers to be interviewed and for the sake of still having the dignity of a Nurse.

“Gusto mo kunin ko na ang mga papel mo at ipasa na kita?”said by an interviewer to his former student applying also as a RN heals nurse to be.

Hearing that was very devastating, joke or not joke, it really annoys the nerve out of me. I guess this would be ok if it was only the 2 of them talking and hearing the things they were saying, but I am in the hall way together with 15 or more other hopefuls who wants the job to be the next Nightingale of their community! With a heavy chest I went back to Manila, cried my heart out to my guardian, telling it all from the very small detail to another.

We owned a little fruit store, we get our money for our daily needs there, but it wasn’t enough to sustain my sister’s education. So our Uncles and Aunts abroad help us in her tuition fee expenses. The toughest part is that I could not get out more often to again apply to various hospitals because our helper was married and we could not find another helper to take her place.

Now my dream of doing the hand scrubbing, assisting the doctor during the operation has come to an end. I wanted to do that role and not just to play that part. Instead of handing a surgical knife to a doctor, what I got in hand was a pair of big Spatula mixing caramelized sugar making Banana Q, Sweetened Friend Yam and Turon. I wonder if I will end up doing this for the rest of my life. But you know what? It will turn, I still believe that wheels do turn I may be next month or the next I will finally get my hand in that dream. For now, the only key of gaining the called experience is by undergoing VOLUNTERISM, I do not have a choice. To be Prank, who will allow a FLAT rated nurse to be accepted in their Hospital if it is the first qualification they got before being accepted right? I just hope that things will do change around and give chance to use below 80% of ratings the will to per sue the nursing career we vowed and dedicated our life to do for the rest of our living years.

It’s not easy to wait and we all know that; studying for 4 years in a nursing school, then 3 months up to a year of dedicating hours for the preparation and passing of the local licensure examination and then applying for a working ground is indeed a hard work. I hope this will enlighten the various hospitals and other area of health care profession to help us per sue our dream of becoming the NIGHTINGALE of our generation. Yes, we all carry the burden of this country, but sometimes, it’s not the money that we were after, rather, it is our right to serve our fellow people without discrimination by our co-nurses when we were employed as nurse-volunteers. In addition, I hope hospital officials would accept job-seeking nurses in their capabilities of work and not because they were given the top notches rank or they got grades ranging 78 % and above. All we ask is a place for us to practice our profession, get a job and serve both our families and fellow men. If we do, shortage of health care providers will be lessened and most probably, we might reach a good quality of living increasing both our economic and health status. This is my dream, the dream of each unemployed nurses wants to happen.

Cherrie Amour Lachenal RN

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