My Funny Yet Inspiring Experience with Catheterization

At first, I was very much excited to learn how to insert a catheter into the urinary bladder. When our clinical instructors demonstrated the procedure with the use of a dummy, we couldn’t stop laughing at the reproductive organ while our C.I. was lifting the penis and spreading the labia. At that time, I couldn’t imagine myself performing such skill in the actual set-up. But since I chose to become a nurse, I still did my best for our return demonstration with full excitement and nervousness at the same time.

During the exposure in the hospital, we observed the nurse doing catheterization. She gathered all the equipment needed, performed hand washing, explained the procedure, and discussed any allergies to latex with the patient. As it was not unbeknownst to her that we are student nurses, she allowed us to come nearby the working area while closing the curtain for privacy. She draped and placed the patient into a  supine position with thighs apart, exposed the penile area, and Oh! I was surprised.

It was my first time to view an external male reproductive organ. Exploring human anatomy is one of the best things that Nursing have to offer. Hehehe!

Then, she cleaned the penile area and donned her sterile gloves. She opened the packages while observing sterile technique and tested the balloon for any leakage. I realized how strict health care providers are in terms of maintaining sterility. After that, she firmly held and lifted the penis shaft with her non-dominant hand and cleaned the meatus with cotton balls soaked in antiseptic solution and then towards the base of the penis. She lubricated the catheter tip and slowly inserted a length of 6 to 8 inches into the meatus until urine flowed while asking him to breathe deeply to avoid resistance. When the urine drained, she advanced the catheter to 1 or 2 inches and inflated the balloon by inserting the needle of syringe filled with 10cc of sterile water  to the port  and injecting the entire volume. She pulled the catheter gently until resistance was felt to ensure that it was securely anchored in the bladder. Then, she placed the end of the catheter into the drainage bag and checked if the urine freely flows through the drainage tubing. She secured the catheter to the upper thigh though placing it in the lower abdomen would still be okay. She then removed all the equipment, performed perineal care, removed gloves then disposed them properly. After performing hand hygiene, she documented all the data in the patient’s chart.

After witnessing the entire procedure, I came into the realization that loving my profession also entails practicing the clinical skills with compassion, love, and care regardless of how disgusting it might be.

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