My Last Incidental Report

Animated incidental report (Photo credit: nursingcrib)
Animated incidental report (Photo credit: nursingcrib)
Animated incidental report (Photo credit: nursingcrib)
Animated incidental report (Photo credit: nursingcrib)

I had a total of six Incidental Reports at the last hospital that I’ve worked in. This was the very last that I’ve done before I left the country in search for a greener but sandier pasture. I’m not proud of any of my incidentals, but the nostalgic effect of the mistakes that I’ve done during my service always make me smile. It made me the nurse that I always wanted to be. So here it goes…

To whom it may concern:

This is a formal explanation of an incident that occurred during the 2:00-10:00 and 10:00-6:00 shift of December 12, 2011 in the Operating Room of which an intraoperative specimen to be used as a diagnostic confirmation of a patient’s disease was not sent to the Laboratory for further testing.

During the aforementioned time stamps at about 7:45 PM to 10:00 PM, a patient under the care of Dr. Pandak Liit Unano named Juan dela Cruz  was surgically treated in the O.R. for Arthrotomy of right elbow. I and Mr. RN Heals assisted Dr. Pandak of procuring two vials filled with pus and tophi that later on needed to be sent to the laboratory for GS/CS and Histopath as ordered by the surgeon himself.

After the operation, I and Mr. RN Heals properly labeled the specimen and documented it on our laboratory Log Book as a Standard Operating Procedure in our unit. Since the surgery ended almost the same time as the term of my shift, I endorsed it clearly to the upcoming Nurse on Duty of 10:00-6:00 shift Ms. Reddish Talaba to be the one responsible for sending the above mentioned specimen to the laboratory. The plausible reason to why the specimen wasn’t sent during the night shift would be further explained by Ms. Talaba’s report.

It is in my sincerest apology and contrite to what have occurred. Though negligence to the task at hand was committed, none of us have willfully premeditated the incident. I hope for your most benevolent understanding and may our professional relationship will not be affected by this very disdainful event.

Mr. Gandang Buhay Gandang Lahi R.N.

Operating Room Nurse

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  • timgurl

    i remembered my incident reports (plural talga hehehe) too..
    but here in KSA IR’s are called OVR (occurence variance report)..=)

    • ugly monkey

      timgurl: ah that’s a great info… I’ll use OVR on my next not so hopeful IR… thanks… =)