“My Role As A Nurse In Quality Improvement”

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Quality Improvement is a formal approach to the analysis of performance and systematic efforts to improve it. QI activities can be very helpful in improving how things work. Trying to find where the defects in the system and finding ways to correct or improve it. This is a great oppotunity for everyone to “think outside the box.”

As a nurse I have a duty and responsibility to render a quality nursing care to every patient, because providing quality care is the foundation of professional ethics in nursing. Nurses have an ethical and moral obligation not only to provide high standard quality care, but also to continually strive towards excellence in the quality of the care that they provide.

I constantly remind myself that there are two important tasks I have to do in coming to work every day: to do my job well and to continuously improve it. As one of the new staff, I’m always challenging myself to upgrade my knowledge and skills by attending lectures or seminars and in-service trainings in order to become a competent nurse, who ensures the high standard quality care is being rendered to every patient.

Loving my job and taking care of patients 24/7 is embracing the reality that I have the biggest responsibility and vital role in upholding to provide high standard quality care and exceeds my patient’s satisfaction towards my performance as a Nurse. Through patient’s positive and negative feedbacks and superior’s constructive criticisms, my performance can be analyzed and measured objectively. A healthy way in which I can improve my performance and the quality of care that I render to each patient under my care.

In my opinion, one way to improve the quality of nursing care is to balance the nurse-patient ratio. The effectiveness of my job is being assured if I’m taking care of patients within my capacity performance level. Beyond ones capacity, one is prone in committing mistakes and high standard quality care can’t be met.

Although improvement involves change, not all changes are improvement. Making improvement happen requires leadership that enables connections between the aims of the changes and pays serious attention to the policies and practices of the institution, also the reward and accountability of every staffs. It takes a lot of efforts, awareness and committment to all the members of healthcare team so as to make changes and improvements happen and succeed.

My role as a Nurse in “Quality Improvement” is a day by day struggle and challenge on my part to continuously improve the quality of my performance, yet it’s a sacrifice I’m very much willing to make. It’s a learning process I need to undergo in order to implement the changes for improvement. As what plenty of people have said, there’s always a room for improvement.

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  • I hope a lot of nurses here in the philippine setting, particularly our nurses in government owned hospitals would do the same as you.

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