My World is Bigger

This phrase caught my attention:

“My world is bigger because of the things I do for others.”

This was written in a bottle of softdrink, and I so loved the phrase I had to photograph it before I forget it.

For me, the phrase seems like a nice quote for NURSES like me.

Nursing is about helping people. And with helping people, we are able to come out of ourselves and look at somebody else’s life. We come out of our shells and check out the people around us.

By this, we realize that lots of people out there are not as lucky as we are. Many are suffering from all sorts of problems – not just  health issues, but also finances and marital concerns to name a few.

And so we get a deeper appreciation for the life that we consider “normal”, but is relatively extraordinary for many individuals around the world. We learn what it means to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

We take care of sick people. We try to help them with their sufferings. We are with them in their difficult times. We try to make them become well again. We make them go back to the society so they can live a happy and fulfilling life. By simply doing our jobs as nurses, we make a mark on this world.

There is no better feeling than knowing we’ve made a positive impact on another person’s life.

And so, my world gets even bigger everyday.

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  • This is an excellent post, and a good reminder to all of us to see bigger than our own little worlds…sometimes we can do only little, but each time we do a little it becomes a part of a bigger thing.

    Thank you for reminding us, Nelson (and thanks to the drinks company for inspiring you to write this! 🙂

  • richelle kolb

    I like your post, i posted it in my profile also. My friends appreciate it very much.

  • pinkee

    i like this. i shared this too in my profile.

    indeed nurses are these tiny little hands that help make the world go round…well at least for the sick for one…;-)