New DOT Slogan: Get High With Philippine’s Ready To Eat Petchay

Ssssshh (Photo credit: en.wikipilipinas)
Ssssshh (Photo credit: en.wikipilipinas)

I was checking my Facebook account when out of the blue, somebody opened a chat line and asked where I’m from. I said, “Philippines.” The next question was, “do you love sex?” Oh dear! That again? I wonder why most cyber pipz like to engage in cyber sex topic? 😛

Ssssshh (Photo credit: en.wikipilipinas)
Ssssshh (Photo credit: en.wikipilipinas)

There is this case in USA where the patient was mating with his girlfriend when medical rounds came, they sued the hospital for violation of privacy and the hospital was fined accordingly. It was stated in the verdict that sex belongs to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, so the patient can do it in the hospital premises as much as they breathe, eat, and drink. Hmmm, maybe we have create a sign board saying; “We’re banging, don’t disturb!”  (lock your room!) 😛

In a country that’s a melting pot of race from different parts of the world, a Filipina is viewed as someone who loves sex. From a coffee maker man, a bystander, a bus passenger, taxi driver, badminton player, I mean whaaat? Is this the image we have portrayed on their minds? Or do we really love sseeshhh…(censored :P) What could have been the factor for this reputation? Is it the norm revisions we have adapted from foreign multimedia, or is it the conduct of our population subset overseas that created such portfolio? (Ooopps… danger.)

Looking back, it was said that almost 99 percent of liberal arts students will finish university years equipped with shh**… experience while almost 95 percent of applied science students will graduate a virgin. (This survey was done years ago and could be outdated) But with the internet, and the rise of foreign series airing at cable TV like Sex and the City, One Three Hill, 90210 and other teen series that implies casual sex as a trend, something could have changed on those numbers. With continuous exposure to these medium that provides provoking insights and challenges norms, violah! Viewers will assimilate these pictures to the real world. The result? Leaflet adds that reads like this:

Wanted! Filipina nurse to marry American citizen
earn 25-35dollar/hour
Fly to America with a fiancé visa within 6 months!
We are American Citizens looking for 2 Filipina Nurses to marry
Ages between 21-30 years old, with pleasing personality
Bring your resume with whole body picture

We will be staying at hotel S*** suite 205 until Tuesday so hurry and give us a call at 0917*******
We advise you to call us first, to screen prank callers.

Shows that Gapo’s red district, Pasay and Quezon Ave.’s consumers prefers variety these days. With the profile “ready to eat Philippine petchay for sale” etched on their minds. These customers expect us to go ballistic at the glimpse of their greens (kahit totoo nung pinakita ko sa group of students ‘yung flyer ). In the global market, aside from gasoline and weapons, sex is one of the high profit generating franchise. And when petchay talks, everybody bites!

I was once queuing at a cashier line when two white men bragged about their exhilarating horse riding experience at Malate. Oh Grimes! (this is the time when ignorance is bliss) Try passing along Malibay, Sta. Mesa and Pasig, motels are placed side by side. And you can hardly name a district without a motel (one of the DOT’s campaign to promote Philippine petchay? I mean tourism)

Looking at the events presented above, it is very evident that our culture is penetrated by influences we can’t always control at home base. Luckily, a new integrated scientific and informative education is introduced to our educational system. In a way, it will provide important information to our future inhabitants where media and some parents dare not talk to their children. 🙂

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