Newbies Rants 101……..Blurr

(Photo Credit: soundcloud)
(Photo Credit:  soundcloud)
(Photo Credit: soundcloud)

Blurr, the best word to say when you are unsure if you understand what the other person is telling you. So far, this is the safest answer to any question thrown to you when you don’t feel like answering or just– busy.

Some questions are constructed in different manner. Other don’t need answers or the one inquiring already know the answer and even worse, won’t listen to your response so the best way is to say— blurr. At least you wont waste your energy explaining stuff to those balderdash.

What I’ve learnt in this adjusting period is, people have different way of working and communicating. Once you have familiarized yourself on how they tick, the world will be brighter. Though at times some Son Of a B**** will appear and ruin the day, just keep your calm, do your job and listen to their point of view though sometimes they really are pointless! Duh!

When you are new to the place, people will attempt to make you feel inferior, and some will try to “make an impression” and flaunt their superiority in your face, but just keep your cool. Those kind of people are insecure and will eventually get tired. At this point in time, focus on adjusting yourself with the environment sadly it includes such kind of person. Bloody moppets!

Spend time with people whom you see are doing the right thing, for they are the best teacher! Grasp as much knowledge as you can, but be keen enough to trash out those little bit absurdity they may posses, that way you’ll learn faster, and gain great friends to keep.

Mistakes will happen once in a while, and your name may appear on messages, take this as a challenge to achieve perfection! and in time it will be your habit to be perfect.(haha, the longest way to achieve)

Never gossip!!!!!! It’s the most worthless thing to use your time with. Instead listen to facts and develop your judgment from it; stand for what you believe is true and correct, but listen to others.  They may have another point that can make your view wider and clearer.

When in doubt, ask questions from people who can answer you properly. Some will answer just for the sake of answering, learn to pick the difference. If still in doubt, look for second opinion, then your world will be well-directed.

Provide an answer when someone really asks you a question; it means they don’t know and need information from you. In that way, you can facilitate learning clearer and faster. answering questions with a question is stupid! Nobody will ask you for direction when they already know their way!

So say blurr to crappy workmates, but make sure you answer relevant questions. harharhar.

Ito po ay gawagawa lang ng isang walang magawang batang tinotopak.

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