NLE Tips101!

(Photo Credit: miaandtheboys.blogspot)
(Photo Credit:  miaandtheboys.blogspot)
(Photo Credit: miaandtheboys.blogspot)

With almost only a mere 2 weeks to go before the NLE this December 2013, let’s share some tips that takers can do:

Days before the exam:

  1. Don’t skip sleep to keep up with extra topics. Yes, you can do that last minute (or in your case, last days) reading by skipping sleep, but I tell you, stressing yourself too much before the exam does no good either.

On the day of the exam:

  1. DON’T forget to eat the most important meal of your day—breakfast. You need to get full to jump start your day right, you wouldn’t want to get hypoglycemic on the middle of one of the most important exam in your life!
  2. Empty your bowel on the morning of the test.
  3. Bring extra sweets, just in case. Sweets come in handy when you suddenly feel lightheaded or your body needs an extra boost of glucose.
  4. Avoid coffee or tea on the day of the exam. Sure, coffee does help in helping you stay awake, but they are also diuretics which can make you urinate frequently. You wouldn’t want to waste your precious time going back and forth to the bathroom instead of concentrating on the test questions! Empty your bladder between breaks.
  5. First things first! Don’t forget to shade in your SET letter. Remember, If you were assigned Set A in NP1, you’d be Set A until NP5. And if you were given a Set B during one of the NP’s when you’re supposed to be Set A, speak up as early as possible.
  6. When it comes to the questionnaire, please, read each question carefully! Don’t be in a such a rush to shade on the answer sheet, but don’t stall too much on the questions either.
  7. Don’t overanalyze the questions. Sometimes, the questions are simple yet you tend to overanalyze things, making you confused. Know what is being asked first, and you can go from there. Of course, there’ll be trick questions, watch out for them! Use test-taking strategies.
  8. Students have the tendency to talk about the exam during breaks, but please, refrain yourself from joining them. Though it can’t be helped to talk to your friends and compare questions, doing so will only increase your anxiety level and will increase your worry if they had different answer than yours. Just focus on the current test.
  9. Bring a folder (just in case the arm chair that will be assigned to you is not that smooth). You wouldn’t want to ruin your answer sheet!

After the exam:

  1. Relax and get some sleep. You know that you’ve done your best. Go get some rest.
  2. After the exam, never doubt yourself. If you know for yourself that you’ve done enough and you’ve exerted your best, then there’s no need to worry.
  3. Have faith and pray. 🙂 Have faith in God, in yourself and don’t forget to pray.:)

Don’t let the stress of the waiting beat you! Remember, it’s not merely a 3-month preparation you’ve gone through, but it’s been the 3-months plus your 4-year education during college that helped you get there. You know you’ve worked hard for this.

Best of luck! 🙂

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