Now What?

Unsure nurse (Photo credit: blog.ultimatenurse)
Unsure nurse (Photo credit: blog.ultimatenurse)

Now what?

That is the question that kept running in my mind after I passed the board exam. Now that I’m a registered nurse, what’s next? Work in a hospital? Nah… Though I’ve spent four years in a course that I once thought that I wanted, but then… that’s what I thought.

Unsure nurse (Photo credit: blog.ultimatenurse)
Unsure nurse (Photo credit: blog.ultimatenurse)

I’ve managed to make it through college with flying colors. I was able to pass the NLE with a very satisfactory rating. But are these enough? Given that I will have the chance to work in a hospital. But is it really what I want? Even if I do want to work in a hospital, it is still very unlikely for me to find one. Not with all the surplus nurses, and the “BACKER SYSTEM” that’s very rampant nowadays.

But back when I was still in 4th yr college, a few months before graduation, I felt some tinge of regret for taking up a course that I realized I never really wanted. Though I learned to like it along the way, it seemed that liking wasn’t enough. A lot of people, especially my mom, would say that it would be such a waste not to pursue a career that is in line of my profession. But is it? I believe that there is no general rule that one should find a job that is “IN LINE” with his profession or course. For example:

A nursing graduate should work as NURSE in a hospital…
An accountancy graduate should work as an accountant in an agency…
A masscom graduate should work as reporter or media or the like…
An education graduate should work as a teacher in a school…

But is this really always the case? In reality, there are more graduates that are working in a job that isn’t even close to their degree or course. Is this not allowed? or even illegal? I don’t think so…

In my case though, even if my work is not directly related to my degree, I would not think of it as a waste.

For me, what’s a waste is that after 4 years of studying nursing, not to mention the very expensive tuition, I’ll work in a hospital that’s only paying me with a salary that’s only ¼ of the tuition that I had.

It’s unfair that nurses are working their ass out, and are not properly compensated. Though some would say that working as a nurse is a noble profession that needs compassion and dedication.

But we also have a life to live, a family to feed, bills to pay and etc… How can you help others, as a nurse, if you can’t even help yourself?

As the saying goes: “You can’t give what you don’t have…”

How can I be an effective nurse when in fact I can’t even satisfy my basic needs? (Maslow’s Hierarchy) Will I be able to give quality care? I doubt it. What about you? I’m pretty much sure you can relate to this…

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