RN License……Now What?

Now what?

That is the question that kept running in my mind after I passed the board exam.

Now I’m a Registered Nurse…so what’s next? Work in a hospital?… nah.. Though I’ve spent 4 yrs in a course that I once thought I wanted but then… that’s what I thought.

I’ve managed to make it through college with flying colors. I was able to pass the NLE with a very satisfactory rating. But are these enough?…

Given that I will have the chance to work in a hospital but is it really what I want? Even if I do want to work in a hospital, it is still very unlikely for me to find one. Not with all the surplus nurses and the “BACKER SYSTEM” that’s very rampant nowadays.

But back when I was still in 4th yr college, a few months before graduation, I felt some tinge of regret for taking up a course that I realized I never really wanted. Though I learned to like it along the way but it seemed that liking wasn’t enough.

A lot of people, especially my mom, would say that it would be such a waste not to pursue a career that is in line of my profession. But is it?.. I believe that there is no general rule that one should find a job that is “IN LINE” with his profession or course. For example:

A nursing graduate should work as NURSE in a hospital…
An accountancy graduate should work as an accountant in an agency…
A masscom graduate should work as reporter or media or the like…
An education graduate should work as a teacher in a school…

But is this really always the case? In reality, there are more graduates that are working in a job that isn’t even close to their degree or course. Is this not allowed?… or even illegal?… I don’t think so…

In my case though, even if my work is not directly related to my degree, I would not think of it as a waste.

For me, nothing can be worse than working in a hospital that’s only paying me with a salary that’s only ¼ of the tuition that I had.

It’s unfair that nurses are working their asses off but are not being compensated properly. Though some would say that working as a nurse is a noble profession that needs compassion and dedication…

We also have a life to live, a family to feed, bills to pay and etc…
How can you help others, as a nurse, if you can’t even help yourself?

As the saying goes:

“You can’t give what you don’t have…”

How can I be an effective nurse when in fact I can’t even satisfy my basic needs? (Maslow’s Hierarchy)

Will I be able to give quality care?… I doubt it.

What about you?..

I’m pretty much sure you can relate to this…

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  • Gio

    Same sentiments here…I’m still lost whether I should pursue a course that does not really match my personality ( I’m not really the caring type of guy), anyways, that’s a good article you wrote.

    • Soliloquy

      thanks for liking my article…btw, i suggest that you really take time to think about what course you’re going to take… it’s hard to regret in the end…

    • Juan

      may pathway yan kung anong gusto mo talaga marating sa buhay..

      just go to whatever your heart desires, and it will come out naturally

  • Rachel Acuzar

    Hi! I was about to post another article regarding this matter, but very well said Soliloquy! I also have the same sentiments as yours..

    Read this:

    • Soliloquy

      hi!…thanks for reading my article. i’ve also read your article and it was really interesting… it’s comforting to know that there are a lot of us that are in the same situation… but i’m still hoping that everything will still turn out for the best for all of us nurses here in our country.

  • fire

    you are not alone 🙂

  • Justin

    I had the same sentiments when i passed the boards…i got married soon and thought my husband could provide the needs of our family…one day after receiving my pay, me and my son went to the mall and when we passed by the toy store, he wouldn’t walk away from the toy that caught his attention…upon looking at the price, what i had was not enough… So i had to talk to him we’ll buy it the next salary…how pitiful for my son… Somehow that incident inspired me to build up my career in nursing and after getting enough years in the profession i crossed the miles to pursue a better paying job.. Now, i don’t feel i am in the wrong profession because if you put your heart and mind to it, taking care of strangers is a way to praise God for his blessings… Now i can say i am in the right profession… I hope you will find yourself in a better position… Just remember that life is not all about money, it’s being happy making money 🙂 Good luck

  • paw

    same here……… 🙁

  • Congrats to you….you found your love in Nursing ! Hopefully others will not give up. I’m an RN and enjoyed working in my specialty units and retired. Contented and happy that I pursued the nursing profession and very blessed that I was able to help humanity……God Bless us all dedicated Nurses….may the Lord guide those still seeking which path to take . <3

  • I feel you…When I passed the board, I felt so lost. I tried working as a volunteer but eventually I got tired—not only physically but also financially.

    I was lucky enough to be part of RNheals batch 1. My contract ended last Feb and now I’m waiting for another chance to be part of Philhealth CARES.

    You see, chances come…you just have to try and hope it is for you. If not, then maybe, God has better plans ahead.

    Don’t be afraid to try new things. Find jobs online, be it freelance, part time or full time. Dati ayoko iwan ang NURSE:HOSPITAL mind setting. Pero ngayon, wala ka naman na iba pang choice. As you said, we also have to put foods on the table.

    Kaya naten ‘to! God is with us. :))



  • tony acuna

    allow me to share the sentiments of engineers young and old alike.your stories are no different than ours.we all walk the same path,the only difference is,we are not so loud.we kept our sentiments to ourselves.don’t you know that there were a lot of RMEs working here in the middle east as technicians.what does it mean?it only mean one thing,we have to put food on our table as what you have said.it took me 10 years to realize my dream.my dream to practice fully my profession.my daughter is an RN just like you.she works in a private hospital in our place.she left her low paying job and joined an international hotel chain as a hotel staff.now,she is preparing herself to take the government exam for expat nurses here in mid-east.my advice is,take every opportunity that comes.grab it.and most of all,talk to him thru your prayers.GOD is always there for us

    • Juan

      di mo siya ipinasok dito sa saudi manong Tony? pwede naman siyang mag visit visa sa iyo tapos ipa apply mo sa hospital, transfer visa nalang iyon diba?

  • pILIx