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In my 20 years of teaching as a Clinical Instructor in my country of origin (Philippines), I never thought that I will be going back to school taking a course lower than the Master Degree I have earned . I have no choice, but to challenge the Health Care Aid Course to get a diploma in order to get employed in British Columbia.

My days in “The Queen Care Center” as an apprentice gave me  tremendous valuable experiences which have raised the inner core in me, my spirit. The use of mechanical devises, the various residents with their amazing personality traits, the assiduous- perfectionist Filipino RCA and importantly Mary, my Clinical Instructor, in her early 90’s (I did not asked her age, it is bigoted, but she disclosed it to one of my classmates ?) colored my new view in understanding people caged in an institution until life and how they greatly changed overtime.

In a social networking conversation, a previous student of mine messaged “ You mean, our Nursing degree carries no merit?” she raised this horrifying question when she learned about my enrollment. I know how she feels about it because even I did never expect a relegation of my educational qualification to enter a job in the health care field while processing my R.N. that will take about 3 long years. These questions I throw back to ponder on provided her the answer, “did we ever used mechanical devices for unable client to ambulate in lifting them for the provision of personal care and comfort and how confident are we with safety in terms of transfer and mobility procedures? How much nursing care have we ever implemented to clients with Dementia? “.

Though the bulk of the HCA concept were already taken in the BSN course, the practicum outweigh for these benefits. The Regulatory body hold on to our education, training and experiences way back, home but all they want is, it must be “The Canadian Way.”

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