Yup, that’s me at the moment! Not nurse-on-call, not nurse-on-duty. I’m on my second week of my three weeks leave and I am enjoying it so much.

I guess, nurses really do need a break from the pressures of the demanding work. We look after patients, we attend to their needs. We tend to forget about ourselves – we forget to eat on time, or even to go to the bathroom on time. Meanwhile, we are able to feed our patients on time, and count their outputs on a regular basis. Just because we want to provide the best care possible for all the patients under our care.

And then this break comes when we can forget about patients, and look after ourselves this time. After all, we are also humans who need some pampering, some resting. This is the time when we feel more human, because we feel that our personal lives are also important, and need looking-after too.

And when fully recharged, we will be able to come back to our work, and look after other people again. And then forget about ourselves again. But we will always look forward to that vacation period when we can love ourselves again.


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