Nurse’s Cap

Nurse's Cap (Photo credit: media.photobucket)
Nurse's Cap (Photo credit: media.photobucket)

Dear Cap,

Since I left the Phillippines, and flew to K.S.A. for my career growth, everything had changed. All is different – my environment, my working area, people around me and especially my headdress.

Nurse's Cap (Photo credit: media.photobucket)
Nurse's Cap (Photo credit: media.photobucket)

You are so white and firm. And whenever I am with you, I feel so proud, determined and enthusiastic. Without you, I am incomplete. Sadly, I have to make a decision. I need to start a new journey leaving you behind, I certainly cannot bring you along.

I am now in a place where the headdress is peculiar yet. I have to adhere with the custom. What I have now is a piece of white clothing called tarha which covers my entire head and neck, only shows my pretty face, that completes my long sleeved, long blouse uniform. Wish you were here with me, but, obviously, it can’t be.

Missing our old times together. During benign or toxic duty hours, still you are there sticking up with me. Reminding me to be stiff and strong. Sorry for those times I forget to put you on before, but when noticed, it will only take a minute, and there you are, fixed on my neatly tied hair.

I am hoping to be with you again. Worry not, I am doing my job diligently and effectively despite of not having you around. You are always in my  heart, my inspiration, and you will always be remembered.

.Missing you so much

Yours truly,

Saudi Nurse 🙂




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