Nurses: Complex Beings

Nurses are the most complex beings on the earth…You ask me why?
I can give you plenty of reasons but here are the top reasons why I love being a nurse:

1. We nurses are middle men…we serve as communication lines between the doctor and the patient. Anything that the doctor does not want to share with the patient, it’s up to us to break the good or not so good news to the patient. Being middle men is also not a good thing, mind you… it’s like being in the middle of a war wherein you know both sides will just lose and you’re in the middle of it waiting to get stabbed and killed. Still, a kind smile from the patient, or a warm hello from a fellow nurse makes it all better, especially if you serve the purpose of just making the patient feel better.

2. Nurses can be caring and absorbing at the same time…which makes us more tougher than Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk or even Supergirl or Wonder Woman, all at the same time. We care for a patient in pain, a new mother in labor, a terminally ill patient, or even a child with fever. We give new meaning to the motto: “Service With A Smile!” We are the shock absorbers; we take the bulk of the anger of a doctor or a head nurse or even a co worker. We sometimes fail to think of the feelings of others and just simply think of ourselves in the workplace, or how we can take advantage of a person or a situation. But still, we can take time to eat out, hang out, chill and relax, all at the same time talking about our funny experiences and antics with each other.

3. Nurses are extraordinary...You’ll never know if the nurse you are talking to is a former doctor who stooped down to the level of a nurse just because of his family. I even talked to a nurse who was once a physical therapist and is now working in the States as a businessman. Another nurse I know worked in the Office of the President at the age of 20 and Nursing is her fourth course. She now holds an LLB degree but still works in the Middle East as a nurse. One nurse I encountered is a call center agent by night, working in the wee hours of the morning and go home just to get a couple of hours of sleep, only to wake up at 8 for his masteral studies. He now holds a MAN degree and has ongoing PhD studies at the same time working in the Middle East as a nurse. So don’t you ever underestimate a nurse for you never know what he/she can be capable of. Sadly this is what brings us to my next reason..

4. Nurses are underestimated...this might sound negative but it gives us a chance to prove ourselves at the right time and we find out that it seems that our work is better than most of the people around us. Nurses are adaptive. We know a superiors methods, wants and dislikes, whims, and can easily adapt to a challenge once given the chance to. As one of my colleagues said: “It’s part of the contract!”

But I will never regret that i became a nurse.Through the ups and downs,blood, tears, and sweat shed, conflicts that arose, i will still stand up and be proud that I am a Nurse. After all, what would the world be without nurses? Think!?


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