Nurses in the Philippines

Yes the senate is currently investigating the abuses that are happening to the nurses here in the Philippines, and hopefully they can do something about this.

I am actually one of them, yes im one of those hundreds of thousand nurses here in our beloved country, when i was a student i suffered 4 years studying, doing case studies, etc.. i struggled to survive and fortunately i graduated and reviewed to pass the Nursing licensure Exam., after 3 months of review i passed the exam, i was so happy back then and i thought that it is the end of my problem.

I was right it was the end of my problem and also the start of a much difficult one, i submitted resume everywhere but months passed by i remained unemployed. I tried different careers which i found very difficult which leads to failing the training that is very traumatic for me. so i decided to go back to my field as a nurse, I worked at the district hospital in our city as a Volunteer Nurse in the emergency room. I enjoyed it and I learned a lot during those days, but then I realized that Im running out of money, because i spend money for my transportation and for my meals. and that gave me a reason to stop and try to apply again to other field. hmmm ok enough about my life..

Generally many nurses here in the Philippines are suffering from unemployment/underemployment, because there are so many nurses with few demands. Most Hospitals has only 1- 2 staff nurses per area and other nurses are volunteers, Staffs are compensated but only approximately 6000-9000 pesos per month, which is just enough to buy their meals and transportation for a month, you wonder why they stay? that is to gain experience as Staff Nurse which is required to go and work as nurses to some other countries. That left nurses with few options, to try different careers here and abroad or wait for your slot as Staff in Hospitals which takes years then work with a salary which is just enough for monthly allowance for years and go abroad and work as a nurse or try the other risky ways which will not be discussed in this blog.

Other countries like the united states needs nurses but is somehow trying to produce nurses rather than importing nurses from other countries like Philippines. other countries import nurses but they require them years of experiences as Staff Nurses and not as Volunteer nurses which is very difficult to have because Hospitals here do not hire nurses anymore, rather they hire volunteers to save money for their company and earn higher profits. those are some reason why they can’t go to the other countries to pursue their career as nurses. As a result nurses become desperate to go abroad which the greedy people abuse by recruiting and scamming them. yes it happens a lot, nurses are victims of scams of those who pretends to be agency or company from other countries and hire nurses ask for payments and then vanish. some offers trainings, seminars, or education which according to them are required to other countries but are actually not.

This is just a short description about the situation of nurses in the Philippines which i shared, so that people will have an idea about nurses’ life here in our country. well for me its a fulfillment to help the sick, to take care of them, promote health , save lives. but WE nurses are also human which has basic needs like food, water and shelter that requires the paper called money to attain. And I hope Someday this problem will be solved. thanks for spending your time reading.

“SOLDIERS sacrifice/risk their lives to protect people but they are not paid that much, they are HEROES.
TEACHERS teaches future professionals that the country needs but they are not paid enough, they are HEROES.
NURSES takes care of the sick, provides healthcare risking their own health but they are paid TOO LITTLE And most are NOT PAID… AT ALL, they are…. SUPER-HEROES?!”

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  • jameelah teodoro

    that was very depressing.. i hope the senate will do something about this