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Many people around the world believe that Filipino Nurses are one of the best nurses in the world. Perhaps it is true because most of my foreigner friends praise Filipino nurses for their knowledge and abilities. I just felt sad that most of our countrymen or even our goverment do not really appreciate us because if they do they will provide us jobs. Don’t get me wrong because it is true and it was experieced by most of nurses who work in our country. Most of them are treated badly by the management, some patients and their relatives treat nurses like maids, yet most of the nurses are receiving minimum salary and worst, some of them are volunteer nurses, paying  fees to be allowed by the hospital to work and to be abused. Again, don’t get me wrong, It is the reality because I also experienced it before I work overseas. I still remember the day when I graduated as a nurse batch 2006 and passed the NLE as well. I though I had 1 giant leap  toward success but I was wrong. The promise of those review centers to earn dollars was long way to go.

Broken Promises….

Most of us  took nursing because we want to earn dollars and go to western countries. Most of our relatives who are working in abroad promised us that in the future they will help us to get us there to work, right? Some failed their promises and some kept it. Those who are able to work abroad because of the help of their relatives are so lucky. It’s sad to say that most of us took up nursing not because we really like to be a nurse but because of the encouragement of our parents and influence of our relatives abroad. When I was a child, my dream job is to be a soldier trained in PMA. I am fascinated on jet planes even our AFP don’t have it but only flying coffins. Remember OV-10?. If I could turn back time, I will choose what I like and where my passion is. Perhaps most of us wish we could, but we can never turn back time. Friends, don’t lose hope even we are encountering a lot of trials and bumps along the road. I know there is an express way waiting for us. I believe that God made each of us as his masterpiece not a garbage. Each of us possess greatness and it is for us to discover it.

Right Path or Wrong Path….

I still remember, when I used to work as a nurse in the Philippines , I studied Master in Arts of Nursing at the same time. I don’t have time for my self because every saturday and sunday, I have to go to school after a friday night shift. It’s hard because a regular duty was 12hrs per shift. Some of the time, I end up sleeping in the classroom. One day, when my seatmate who belongs to a wealthy family ask me how much is my salary, I told her frankly that my salary was only 6k. Then she smiled  at me and told me, Really?… my allowance is more than double of your salary.I told her Really?….what can I do?This the best that they can offer. At least I have a job. Good for you because you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth and I think no need for you to waste time here to study because your parents already have a lot of businesses. Why don’t you try to manage one of their businesses? Then she told me, You are right. At that point, I felt so bad, I felt I was unlucky enough to be born with an iron spoon in my mouth. There are a lot of rags to riches story and everytime I heard one, I feel inspired and suddenly I realized that you don’t need to become educated in order to become rich because most of the richest people in the world don’t even finished a college degree and yet most of educated people remained in the middle class and sometimes lower than that and in worst cae scenario, some of them can’t even find a good job. After the 1st semester, I quit because I knew that time that there is no sense to continue, I dont want to be a burden for my mother because she was the one who was paying my tuition fee.I just realized that its not the road to riches, just a plain title without money…….

Our Education System…….

During the time I was working as a nurse in one private hospital, I realized that being a nurse is not just all about being a ‘calling’.  I don’t understand, why most of colleges and universities were not limiting students taking up nursing. They are stupid enough to tell students that the money is in nursing, when in fact, there’s a lot of surplus. Most of nurses now are working in call centers and even crews in fast food chains. That is the reality. I really feel bad because our government can’t even give a job that suits their educational achievement and even the PNA can’t even voice out the problems of their members. Now here is the thing, our system of education in the Philippines taught us to be an employee and not an entreprenuer that is why most of us remain either in the middle class or in the lowest level of society.

Positive Perspective…..

My friend, we can’t turn back time now. Maybe most of us blame our selves why we took up nursing. No need to fret. All we have to do is to have a positive perspective toward our profession in order for us to move on and grow as a human being. If you are in the rock bottom now I’m sure you will soon emerge your self on a sea of success. God made us great, why don’t we use it and don’t just stay on a small corner; stand up and conquer your fears. I know there are a lot of oppurtunites waiting for you so remove every doubts and fear that you have. You may fail twice or thrice but try again. Just remember, most of the successful people failed more that three times. It will make you stronger and the pain that you feel will fuel you toward success. Now,  if you believe you will be successful, YES YOU WILL!

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  • Kit

    You speak the truth. I agree with your calls for resilience, tenacity and perseverance.

    Your blog is widely read, some by people who can discern the truth and others who believe everything they see on TV and the web. If you really want to effect change in the Filipino mindset, stop blaming everything on the government. Before you blame the government, what have you done to influence its actions?

    1. Do you vote?
    2. Do you attend public hearings on important community decisions?
    3. Do you write to your councilor, mayor, congressman, senator, president?

    I only do #1, so I’m not quick to blame. After all, what else have I done? If you can do #2 and #3 above, then you can blame some on the government. After all, government can only do so much on a Yes/No electoral feedback once every 3 years.

    “Government can’t give us jobs boohoo boohoo.” That is simply a self-destructive attitude. I know that you, the writer, no longer have that kind of attitude. But I know that you have readers who think that way still, and when they read that line, it will resonate with them more strongly, feeding into their helplessness.

    How about we stop using that line? Focus on what we can do, on our circle of influence?

    “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

  • rey

    I think its not right to blame the gov’t for not being able to give jobs to millions. I took up PT way back when it was very popular in the middle 90’s, then all of the sudden when I was finishing, biglang nawala ang demand. So I decided to use my degree to look for a teaching job…… We are the ones responsible for the choices we make, di naman sinabi ng gov’t na ganito dapat kurso nyo…Sadyang hindi naman talaga kaya ng gov’t to provide jobs to everyone eh kahit nga US di ba?

    • mr.sadiqui

      kasi nga po prioritized nila ang mga citizen nila at my crisis sila db malaki masyado budget deficit kya nga print sila nang print nag pera isang dahilan yun kya bumababa ang value nang usd. ang point kung sna makapagpatayo lng nang madming ospital ang gobyerno ntn pra sa lumalaking populasyon nang pinas e marami nang makakapagwork na nurses at ibng related sa kalusugan db at ung experience nila magagamit nila sa pagaapply sa abroad. ang problema maraming hiring sa ibang bansa pero mga nurse ntin wlang experience ang karamihan sa malaking hospital,panu sila mahihire db.maraming pera ang gobyerno sadyang talamak lng ang kuropsyon,resposable ang govt sa bawat tao na nasasakupan ito lalo na sa aspektong social at security.

  • NZRN

    you know though I agree with some of your points I believe the main reason why most of the nurses don’t get the break they are wanting is because like you, they haven’t embraced their profession wholeheartedly. I admit that I also took up nursing because I myself is seeking a life out of our country but as time passed by I learned to love my profession and the passion started to grew within me. I did all I can to be the “best” nurse that I can be and look where it brought me, in New Zealand. I don’t regard myself better than other nurses but I can proudly say that I love what I am doing which obviously rewarded me with something I really didn’t expected. I even came to the point that I so loved my job as a staff nurse in one of the prestigious hospitals in the Philippines that it took me four years to take my IELTS and apply here in NZ. when i started forgetting about my overseas dream and began focusing on my job as a senior staff nurse and taking it seriously is when this opportunity came. and the amazing part is I didn’t applied for this job, the agency who hired me is the one who called me saying I was referred by one of my friend. I told them that I’m not qualified but they insisted that I should attend the interview and give it a try. That’s what I did and the employer loved me and they are even offered that they will pay for my IELTS and my bridging course here in NZ which are the only requirement for a nursing registration. that’s miracle if i may say… my point is simple, if you “genuinely” love nursing not only because of the opportunity if offers but also because of the satisfaction it gives you and sure enough nursing will reward you according to what you deserve. Instead of blaming the gov’t and the education system as what you wrote, why not blame yourself because all i I’ve read is how you whine about the so-called opportunities and promises that did not materialized? As I’ve said, opportunity only present itself to those who “deserves” it and to those who “patiently” waits.

    • mr.sadiqui

      You know i blamed the govt because they cant even prioritize the health of the million of Filipinos,there is no problem if there is a lot of nurses te real problem is they cant even build new or expand govt hospital specially for the poor people where new nurse and other health workers can train and work,There is a lot of money in the Govt fund,curroption is the problem.FYI DOH have only 350php budget for every Filipino in our country every year.Its very sad thing to think. I am also working here in abroad,not in a boastfull manner, i can support my family and i already started and built my own business because i dont want to stay on this job for long, business is where the real money is, why? my children can inherent it but my job they cant, Im just speaking on behalf of nurses who are unemployed and employed on a job not realted to their profession.I was on their shoes before,that is why i know what they feel. what i wrote was what i felt before and because of these it made me strong and earned this character, i saw oppurtunity in every difficulty i faced before,why i will blamed my self then?

  • farheen begum

    masha allah naice pichar allso…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lynda

    it is sad that nursing graduates dont get jobs but blame it on the schools who did not limit the enrollment in the program.during my time there would be 2500 applicants for 250 spots in the nursing program.then students who get bad marks are weed out or they choose to change courses so after the 4th year,only the devoted ones take the nurses board.not everyone gets a job right away,i remember working as a private nurse on night shift.i did not get the respect i deserve from my employer either(family of the patient)but over the years i learned to gain their respect.
    venturing overseas was not my priority but to embrace the profession who had been my lifeline all these years.
    regardless of the circumstances how you became a nurse,the government is not to make your own destiny by choosing the path.the government is only strong if you work with them,not against for the right people and voice out discontent by writing letters,protesting so your voice will be heard.going abroad is not the only way to earn a living,the rural areas dont have sufficient health care personnel to attend to their health issues.the country is full of resources if you are innovative.dont wallow in self-pity but have a positive outlook.eventually you will gain the experience and find your mark.i have classmates that never left the country and they are happy with their realistic with your expectations and the door will open opportunities for you if it was meant for you.