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Politics and Freedom of Speech has always been a part of the Filipino culture, it rouses at the same time when our ancestors have learned to wipe their own asses for sanitation.  Though all of the mentioned are well exercised by the people (privileged or not), they are not practiced with full diligence and perpetual control. In lieu to the recent events and stories revolving the Cynthia Villar’s “Room Nurse”, the loony and extroverted character inside of me couldn’t be restrained to look through the peephole and half-wittedly blurt what I see.

Nursing is an art… Nursing is a science… Nursing is your ticket out of poverty… Nursing is blah… blah… blah… blah… These are just some of the things that have been tirelessly said about our highly regaled profession of care. Until recently, Ping! Let’s put a round of sarcastic applause to the well-endowed wife of the almost former president Manny Villar, Hail Mrs. Cynthia Villar! We nurses will pave your way to the senate with hardened emesis and pus! Hail! (Clap! Spit! Clap! Spit!)
Moving on, what does Cynthia Villar know about the hardship of being “Just a Nurse”? Or may it be a “Room Nurse”? Let’s see, she’s the wife of a realty mogul, a respected member of the Lower House and a mother. We can say a lot of great things about her credentials as a person, Solon or stateswoman but still, it doesn’t justify anything about the tactless words that she just said on national TV. Was she even a nurse to tell such things?  WTF, how I wish Nightingale will creep out of her tomb and give you a well-deserved Crimean Wedgie.
Finally, the Wicked Lady of The Shire (Mrs. Villar) just explicitly showed us something that we don’t regularly see in our LCDs. Well, she just unfolded the truth, that they as politicians have no respect to our Nursing Profession. Furthermore, that our hard-earned degree is just a rice mill for them to make money and poor education and that regardless of how much we uplift our skills and knowledge we will still be considered as “Dignified Katulongs”.
It may be disdainful and true but this how lowly they think of our careers. Yes, we wipe other people’s ass, we breath-in the stench of diabetic foot and we handle infected wounds on a daily basis. Hey, this is what we do for a living; it may not be our choice of profession but this where we get our money to support our families. So needless to say more, have some respect to our profession. Being a Nurse is not easy it is not a joke. So don’t use “Lang” in what we do, if you can’t fill in a nurse’s shoe.

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