Life is a Miracle

life is a miracle

‘O Rejoice in the Lord for He makes no mistake…”

I just love this song that everytime I can’t understand the situation I’m in, I just sing this and my soul is then enlightened!

I have an 18 year old cousin, Ernest Jude, a pastor’s kid, plays the violin in church, a very silent and obedient child. His father has a great ministry, has a Bible school and is really a very humble servant of God in one of the villages here in the Philippines. Last October 2011, my cousin suddenly had generalized seizure so the family rushed him to the hospital. At that time, my uncle and aunt had only 2,000 Philippine peso in their pocket. He was first diagnosed with viral encephalitis. The family complied to all the laboratories and diagnostic procedure that the doctors would request them. There was a great need of money at that time but financial support just came like rain.

life is a miracle

On his 5th day in the hospital, he became apneic (He stopped breathing) and his heart beats just because of the drug given to him. So the doctors had a conference with the family and explained that he would be given 48 hours and the family will decide if whether to continue or remove the apparatus that sustained his life. The family was so down! Almost all of the family would ask WHY did it happen to Ernest Jude? WHY so sudden,?WHY to his family who are very active in the Lord’s ministry, who gave up everything just to serve in the ministry…WHY?!

I was, at that time, at the point of my mind Jude was still OK. The family was planning where to place his burial and all stuff like that. His brothers and sisters were all crying. No one was there to stay with him. So as a nurse, I went to Jude in the ICU and stayed with him there praying and attending to his needs. That day was Wednesday and here in the Philippines, almost all Christian churches have their midweek or prayer meeting service. Information spread to all our brothers and sisters in Christ. A lot of people went in the hospital to comfort the family. Just hours after, the nurse assessed his Glasgow coma scale..and Jude responded to pain. Wow! I was really overwhelmed like I couldn’t breathe. I rushed to Jude’s family and told them that prayer is powerful indeed! We believe that his response to pain was an answer to all who prayed at that time.

Days have passed, all of his diagnostic procedures came out NEGATIVE but still, he has generalized seizures with the longest duration of 3 minutes and an interval of seconds to 5 minutes. The doctors already gave up on him since they have done the best they could but still his seizures won’t stop despite the high dosage of anticonvulsants and all. He had a tracheostomy tube because there are still times that he stop breathing when he had his seizures. They still couldn’t figure out what his case was. One doctor suggested the family to seek help from a quack doctor! Such a pathetic doctor..OUR GOD is our HEALER!!!

Weeks have passed but Jude was still with seizure. Jude’s parents and brother watched over him at day time and I watched over him at night because his sisters have classes. I never missed a day not watching over Jude because I wanted Jude’s family to have a rest at night since they feel more pain than anyone else does at that time and that’s the least that I could do to help the family as a nurse. We would pray with him and sing hymnal songs to him, encouraged his faith as well as ours.

There came a time when we all became too exhausted and sometimes frustrated for the development of his case. Still, there was no assurance from the doctors if he would recover. But God is good. His words are really an encouragement to the family. Brothers and Sisters in Christ came to help financially and morally uplifting our spirits. First week of December, Jude’s seizures were almost gone then one day, entirely GONE! First week of January he was discharged in the hospital and everyone there..his doctors and nurses can testify that he is a miracle. God’s miracle!

Yesterday, I went with Jude for his check up a week after his discharge. His doctor said his tracheostomy tube will be removed after 2 weeks and he is doing GREAT!. Now he can Hug, Kiss, “say” yes by Nodding and no by shaking his head, he can do the approve sign, he can turn right and left. Our prayer for him now is that he can sit and eat on his own. Please help us pray for Him because your prayer does mean ALOT!

In My cousin’s life, God has proven that He is our great HEALER, PROVIDER, COMFORTER..OUR GREAT GOD. From a life that is sustained by the ventilators to a life sustained by God’s Grace. From the Family’s Php 2,000 to the P2million withdrawn from Heaven’s bank account. From the family’s broken heart to a beating heart dedicated to God. The family and I personally can say that my Faith has moved a step higher. Ernest Jude’s life is a great testimony that God never moves without purpose or plan! To God be the Glory.. Great things He hath done!!!

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