26Career direction is one of life’s major decisions which require rigid and lots of thoughts, but what to think about?

Informed decision is a good decision, it is therefore essential for someone to have a thorough knowledge of the academic requirements, tasks and opportunities involved in a job in order to accept or to reject as a possible future profession. Finding a job that will give professionally and personally satisfying can be a great challenge but luckily careers in healthcare are considered some of the most rewarding jobs available at all times.

Choosing the nursing path and understanding the uniqueness of the job of an ideal nurse gives one a chance for a lifetime to extend help to others and to touch or change lives as well in a very special way. The numerous advantages of being a nurse are limitless. Above all, it offers great job opportunities because of its large demand for nurses nationwide. In addition, it has financial advantages for some other hospitals have signing bonuses, free in service trainings and subsidized trainings to other facilities. Furthermore, career advancement can be achieved in nursing. One has many choices to whatever specialty areas he or she wanted to pursue as a professional nurse.

Nursing is a good choice for a career but it is empirical that in choosing a path to take one must do something that will make him happy for happiness in one’s work is really ideal. It is important that you must enjoy your work in order to last through it because you can never go wrong if you’re doing something that you are passionate about or something you really believe in. An awareness of the true essence and distinct role of a nurse encourages and inspires one to work more intensely by heart so as to meet the quality standard of care and to exceed the satisfaction among the patients and their families.

Saving lives, alleviating pain, giving comforts and touching lives in a daily basis is a special blessing from above. A day by day blessing which we share to every patient we encounter in every day of our lives as we continue to fulfill our most valued oath to become a dedicated nurse for a lifetime. Being a nurse is the most rewarding job and I am happy and proud that I am a nurse for I have not simply chosen it, rather I stood up among the rest who aspire to become one. Indeed, many are called yet only few are chosen. But still, the choice is yours to make and this is my choice!

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