Nursing As a Job or As a Lifelong Passion?

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Nursing is one career option where you never have to worry about recession. If you happen to be a person with an innate desire to care for people, then nursing is for you. If you are a hard worker and think of it as a career, nursing is lucrative and you can have job security as well.

As a lifelong passion

If you happen to be one of those rare persons who love to care for others, you can start your career as a certified nursing assistant. Some are content in this position since they have to deal with patients and are in close touch with them all the time. It provides an outlet to shower them with your warmth and love. It is fulfilling and rewarding, not from the money angle, but for the fact that each day you alleviate pain and suffering. You listen to patients, care for invalids and are the proverbial sunshine in their lives.

As a Career Path

If you are a hard worker and are looking at monetary returns as well, you can start as a CNA and then go on to become a registered nurse or go in for a BS in nursing. RNs and BS qualifications gain you high responsibilities with better pay prospects and you could go on to a supervisory post in a large hospital. A BS leads to MS degree and then you can gain added certifications in specialist areas. The field widens and you could play diverse and important roles. These are:

Nurse Practitioner: Specialize in one area with a certificate that enables you to carry out counseling, teaching and equips you to deal with minor illnesses.

Clinical Specialist: Gain a masters degree in a specific area and back it with clinical experience as well as expertise and you could go to the top as a health care professional, even contributing to research or act as a consultant.

Midwife: Gain a certification in midwifery and you could engage in prenatal and postnatal areas, assisting in deliveries in normal pregnancies.

Anesthetist assistant: Specialize in anesthesia and you assist surgeons in pre-operative and post operative stages.

Educator: With advanced qualifications and experience, you could become an instructor or educator in a nursing school and participate in research.

Independent Operator: Gain a degree, some experience and certification and you could strike out on your own as a health care giver. You could have a few clients you attend to each day on a regular basis or be available on call.

Supervisory jobs: With qualifications and experience you become eligible for senior level administrative jobs in large health care facilities.

As you climb high up the ladder or move into specialization, you also gain status and proportionate monetary rewards. As an independent operator, you may gain satisfaction that a job does not give.

Which direction to take? Some women can study, keep on studying and keep on advancing, driven by a passion to achieve. Then there are others passionate about caring for people, for whom a basic qualification is sufficient. Know yourself and take the path you think leads to a fulfilling life.

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