NCLEX and the Nursing Deficiency

During my first year in college, the question “Why did you take up Nursing?” would always pop-up. Siyempre, dahil bukod sa ang mahal ng tuition fees, sobrang dami pa ng students na kumukuha ng Nursing. The common answer would be, “in demand kasi, at magiging maganda ang future ‘pag nurse ka.” But with most of my classmates, pinag-aaral sila ng mga relatives nila na nasa abroad, just like me.

My family migrated here in the U.S. few years ago. They decided to send me back to the Philippines to take up Nursing. Dahil bukod sa mas mura ang expenses, mas mabilis daw compared dito. We all thought it would be easy since many Filipino graduates have been given the opportunity to be licensed here just by completing their requirements, especially if they are legal residents. But things have changed these past few months.

After I graduated last April 2011, I flew back here in California. Immediately, I applied for the NCLEX-RN at the Board of Registered Nursing. I submitted all the requirements listed on their site. After a week or two, I got a reply from them. They want me to notify my school to submit more documents like Student Handbook, Rotation Plans, School Calendar, Clinical Cases, etc. It took months before the school completed those, but they submitted everything they’ve asked for. When I heard my other batchmates who also applied for the NCLEX-RN, that they’ve been given Authorization to Take the Test (ATT), I felt happy and confident that I will also get mine soon.

Apparently after months, I received a letter from my Licensing Analyst that I didn’t meet the minimum requirements in theory and clinical training for Medical-Surgical and Obstetric Nursing. The board also noted that concurrently, theoretical instructions and clinical training should be completed within a designated semester. They just gave a list of accredited schools here where I should take the whole MS and OB Nursing, so that they would finally let me take the licensure examination. Another problem is, just a few number of schools are offering those subjects. Bukod sa konting schools lang ang ngooffer nun, limited slots pa, or kung may available lang, dun ka pwedeng makapasok. Sa mga private schools naman, ang advice pa ng ibang schools, ulitin na lang daw yung buong Nursing Program para ma-take yung mga deficiencies na yun.

I felt devastated. What should I do? After I informed my school about what happened, here comes research. I look for more information about this case. Surprisingly, many Filipino graduates are experiencing the same thing here in California. Others have been told that they have deficiencies in Psychiatric Nursing, etc. According to most forums, the California Board of Registered Nursing recently changed their standards and curriculum in evaluating applicants.

But the thing is, why is the Philippine Board of Nursing not been informed or coordinated with this matter? Hindi ba’t di naman tayo hinahayaang maka-graduate unless nacomplete mo yung buong curriculum at natapos mo lahat ng clinical cases? Ang curriculum ba talaga ang problema? Ang school? o ang Board?

What awaits the Filipino nurses who would want to work here?

Or is it a wake-up call to finally re-route our career paths?

Can someone help me find all the answers?

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  • Lara Hope Doregios

    Hey! same case tayo.. akala ko nag iisa lng ako.. I’m here in California too.. ano na gagawin natin? huhu!

    • Klarisse

      Hi there! Have you informed your school regarding this? Nakausap mo na rin ba ung Analyst mo kung anu ung deficiencies mo?

      • Lara Hope Doregios

        Same talaga tayo.. yung deficiencies na sinabi sayo ganun din sken.. hnde ko na ininform school ko eh.. for sure wala na rin sila magagawa.. hopeless na talaga ako mkakuha ng nclex-rn exam dito CA.. i’m planning to apply na lng sa ibang state.. how about you?

        • Klarisse

          I informed my school regarding this since madami rin akong batchmates na nandito ngaun sa CA. Nagpadala sila ng letter sa BRN para mareview ulit ung case ko. I’m also considering NCLEX-RN sa ibang state. Sinugesst din ng analyst ko na mag-apply muna ako for LVN (equivalency method) at tutulungan nya ko dun. 🙂

        • Robert Dizon

          Inalam mo muna kasi dapat.

          Fore knowledge or Foresight ba iyun. Basta.

          “Kung di ilalapit ang kamay sa mainit na tubig, paano mo malalamang mainit nga”

          What a waste of time.

          Mag-iisang taon ka nang bakante.

          Mga recruitment agency sa Pinas pinapaurong pa ang “Employment Date” sa Certificate of Employment para lang ma recognize na di ka tambay at fit ka to work.

          Anyway.. to hell with that.

          Hanap ka nalang ng mga ibang Related “Medical Course/Workshop/Intern/Fellowship/Job”… Malay duon mo din mahanap passion mo.

          Yung gusto mo talagang gawin.

          Starting point is this blog.
          Next is
          Then.. blogs about being an OFW, life, work, etc in california etc..

          If not now, when will you make a mark on this cruel earth?

  • Juan Tan

    Punta kayo Middle East.

    Anjan na nga sa US, wala ng problema sa Visa sa requirements naman na kayo iniipit ngayon.

    It’s a simple fact that the US is protecting the interest of it’s professionals.

    Di naman pe pwede majority ng Nurse ay Pinoy.

    MUST KEEP them (and others) a MINORITY for the benefit of the locals.

    Kahit din naman ang Pinas.. bigat ng kalooban pag ang karamihan ng beach resorts nagma may-ari ay Korean/European/Alien.

  • je

    i guess my daughter was right when she told me she don’t want to take up nursing though i am(her mom) a nurse who works outside the country.i insisted her to take up the course, but the mid of her 2nd sem as a freshmen she finalized herself to shift to another course,starting this summer,since she’s not really interested or meant to be like first i was dissappointed coz of my plans for her,but as i read along all those blogs i felt my daughter was on the right path of her decisions.

  • ja

    my suggestion is if you really want to work as a nurse, tutal nasa US kana. Sacrifice a little. move to a different state na may reciprocity with Cali BON. Pwedeng dun ka muna for a while. Few years na din ganyan ang Cali, my classmates before na kumukuha ng NCLEX for Cali hindi naman sila mabigyan ng SSN or something like that. Ginawa nila they transferred to another state.

  • Mark

    The Philippine curriculum does not have to comply with the US or any other countrie’s curriculum or vise versa. Also, there are some nursing schools in the Philippies that design their curriculum using the US standards.

    • Teresita Franco

      I can sympathized to the new nurses not able to take the NCLEX exam due to lack of theory and clinical training provided by their schools.  Mahirap talaga maka tapos ng nursing, naka pass ng board tapos pag dating sa abroad di ka makakuha ng exam dahil kulang ang clinicals mo.   Hindi ba na check ng Phil Board of Nursing ang requirements ng graduates before they take the  Phil board exam? Dapat sa atin pa lang nakita nayan.  Hindi siguro  pare-pareho ang standard ng nursing practice sa pinas.  Dumami  schools of nursing sa pinas dahil sa in demand ang nurses sa abroad lalo na  dito sa US.   At kung ito ang base ng schools, dapat ang curriculum ay base sa US nursing standard.  

      • Robert Dizon

        “Hindi ba na check ng Phil Board of Nursing ang requirements ng graduates before they take the Phil board exam?”

        Ang PRC po ang nag-aasess/check kung pepwede magtake ng NLE. May na uulit/recycle pa ngang mga cases.. makakuha lang ng board.

        Source: RA 9173

        Iba ang US standard, kaya pili lang ang mga institutions/colleges/universities na “in-line” sa standards nila.


        Primary responsibility yan ng CHED, bat kase di pa ipasara mga 40% below ang passing rate.

        Not everyone can get a QUALITY EDUCATION.

        Tapos in the end magrereklamo, bakit daw kesyo di recognize yung MS, OB.. etc.

        Sa curriculum pa lang semplang na eh, pinapayaman lang yung mga may-ari ng schools at hospitals na pinagdutyhan.

        Compromised tuloy ang standard of patient care sa mga hospitals. Imbes na mag sumikap na maging ideal, karamihan ginagatungan ng mala McGyver skills. wtf

        Nakangisi tuloy yung mga nasa itaas at malaki ang maibubulsa nila sa budget palang ng hospital at may mga taong kahit walang sahod sige sa trabaho. Nagpapa alipin.

  • Ren

    I got my ATT last December from California BON. It took me almost 1 and a half year to get it. At first they said they did not receive my papers from schools, and I attended 2 nursing school in Pinas so it is very expensive to have the schools send it again, then I submmited also explaination letter why I did not take boards in Phils,
    then they said they did not receive it also, they asked for so many things like enrollment forms, class and duty schedules to make sure Im a valid student in the Phils as what my licensing analyst told me that in our country some can just pay the schools for diploma. It was so tough, I lost hope and took my applications for granted, they asked you to so many things. But then everything really depends on your licensing analyst. After my application was about to expire, I received a letter now from different licensing analyst, I was lucky this time I called the boards and was able to talk directly to my licensing analyst, since my application was almost expiring they just asked me to pay another application fee. I did and after 1 week I got my ATT. I really think everything depends on the one reviewing your papers. Dont loose hope. The school where I graduated was actually a new Nursing school in Pinas, I expected they will ask me a lot of req but everything academically was valid. Try to contact them esp your analyst consult them what you will do, to get it faster, show them you are so desperate and want to take the exam as soon as possible.

  • leila

    even if mgtry sa ibang state and have it endorse sa California still same requirements pa din hihingin nila,kya if gus2 mo tlga mgwork as RN d2 sa California need tlga to follow ung mga options na bnbigay nila..I think the only reason that they are doing this is to protect their locals kc mdme nga tlga d2 wla work..pero ok lng yan snay nman tau pinoy sa mga prob.mkakaraos din tau…:)

  • Sarah

    hay nakakainis talaga.. graduated ako nang april 2011 sa pilipinas, ngapply ako nng NCLEX RN last july 2011 sa California tapos feb. 2012 they denied me na makapag exam dahil hindi daw concurently ang theories and clinical practice ko, at kailangan i-comply ko ang mga deficiencies ko sa med-surg at obstetrician. after nun i decided to go in the philippines to take NLE na nagbabakasali na makapasa ako dun nng RN, ayun nga nakapasa na nga last JULY 2012. after ko makuha ang license ko, board rating, passing rate ipinasa ko agad sa board of registered nursing para ma updated yung file number ko sa knila,,, ang nakakalungkot ayw parn nilang pumayag na pakuhanin ako kaht RN na ako sa foreign country na kung saan ako graduate… haaayy bakit? same decision parin sila. dapat kasi niallagay na nila sa site nila ang standards requirements nila sa pag aassess nang mga sinasubmitt natin…