Nursing is LIFE

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Nursing is more than a profession; its more than medicine cups and apple sauce; its more than signatures and documentations; its more than incidents reports and changes of conditions; its more than audits and timeless overtimes; its more than bathroom breaks and empty stomachs; its more than one’s sacrifice and patience; its more than one’s stress and headaches. Nursing, in it’s purest form, is LIFE.

Truth be told, we chose nursing for many different reasons. Some says it’s because of the influence from their parents and siblings alike; and others chose nursing because they believe it’s their calling. But once we finish our studies and pass our state boards, we will finally realize the true reason why we took Nursing in the first place. It’s like Nursing chose us and not the other way around. Nursing becomes the very reason why we dedicate our whole lives and time for  patients we take care each and every day.

I must be honest; Nursing is like a piece of hard candy. At every bite and piece of that candy comes the bitter-sweet taste from the work we’re doing. Nursing is life that’s why we should have the true heart to serve and stand for the people that are under our wings. Protect them like they are your own. Give them your smile, your love, your comfort, your heart because at the end of the day, those are the things that they really need from you.

I personally wrote this for people out there who think that nursing is their chosen field. Remember this, if you can’t care for yourselves any better, then how can you provide the needs for these patients. Follow your heart and don’t just rely on what other people are telling you. Humble yourselves and take responsibility for your patients’ lives because in the nursing field you swore an oath that you will value their lives  until the end. It’s a choice of heart and mind for nursing is LIFE

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