Nursing: Not a bed of Roses (Why I call myself Narsdoktor)

I always imagine myself to be successful. I always think positive about myself..

I came to the US of A in 1990. My reasons are just like any RN: because of poverty and the need to go abroad to uplift my condition in the Philippines. Although, I went to KSA prior to my arrival in NYC, it did not really do a lot of improvement in my life at that time.

As soon as I got to New York City, I was in motion. I studied every night so I could pass the NCLEX just once. I did not have time and money to enroll myself in some review classes. All I did was study Appleton every night. I worked extra so I could send more to my family in Cebu. I would work double shift 3x a week.
Needless, to say, it was not a bed of roses. I was always haunted by memories of being away from my family. Loneliness would creep in from time to time.

I passed the NCLEX right away and was promoted the next day to a supervisory level.
I thought, it would be better, but worse. As a manager you are on call 24 hours a day. Some vacations were curtailed because of the Dept of Health survey (state). In short, you are management personnel, they can twist you like a pretzel.
I became a rebel, answering back to my superiors because, I always want to do what is right for my patients, for my staff, for everybody. I am not the regular “subservient Filipino nurse” in town. I was a different Filipino RN.

I was forced to resign, but landed a very challenging job the next day. I became an emergency RN, not by choice but by unforeseen circumstances. It was actually a blessing in disguise. I was too good at it, I got my Certification (CEN) just after one year of ER exposure. It sparked a little encouragement in me, so, I went back to school for my Masters degree in Nursing. I enrolled in a City University of NY (CUNY-Lehman College). In order to pay the tuition fees, I needed to get another job, on top of my obligations like sending money home to the Philippines, my board and lodging and the like. In short, I had three jobs while I was taking up my graduate school. I could not believe until now that I did it!

I studied part time and worked full time and I finished it.
I guess, my determination made me do it.
I also got married while I was in school. My husband was very supportive of what I do even until now.

I did not stop at my graduate school, I was too ambitious, nobody can stop me. I went to get a Post-Master’s Certificate in Adult Nurse Practitioner. My father in law volunteered to pay for it because the tuition fee was quite expensive. I need to maintain a 4.0 (equivalent to flat one in the Phil), I needed to impress him.
For two years, I did not see my husband because of my studies. When I went home, he was already asleep, when he leaves for work, I was still sleeping. We were in that kind of arrangement for 2 years until I finished school and landed my dream job.

I became an adult nurse practitioner of a care management company with flexible hours, benefits galore and huge salary. I have been doing this for 10 years and counting. This is the kind of job everybody is fighting for. I am my own boss.

It is like my retirement job really. Where in the world can you find a job like this?
I call myself narsdoktor. I am a primary care provider with prescriptive privileges, pretty much like an MD. Our salaries and responsibilities are almost the same.
I could say, I am reaping the fruits of my labor, after experiencing different jobs as an RN. I will never go back to work as an RN. I am pretty happy as a narsdoktor.

“Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it.”Marva Collins

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  • louisse

    what do you exactly mean by a narsdoktor?

  • vida

    what an inspiring story…. CONGRATULATIONS FOR REACHING YOUR DREAM…i wish i have that drive to reach for my dreams too…

  • Marissa Langseth

    A narsdoktor is an RN with advanced educational attainment,ie masters, psot masters, PHD, DNP, with prescritive privileges..working like an MD.
    I just coined that word "narsdoktor" because there is no equivalent in English language..
    nars na naging doktor- for short narsdoktor

  • Anonymous

    May isa ding challenge sa pagiging nurse at ito ay ang mga spouses or kamag anak na BSN or Binuhi sa Nurse in Cebuano or in Tagalog Binubuhay ng Nurse or BSN Batugan Spouses of Nurses… There is an article about that phenomenon here

  • Cecille Dianne

    VERY INSPIRING!!! :)) stories that makes me going!! I CAN DO IT!! :)) EVERYBODY CAN!! Thankyou for this inspiring Story.. Just graduated last March 2011 and did it last July 2011.. Indeed I have a long way to go.. God at My Side.. God Bless us all :))