OMG! Some Hospitals (in the Philippines) Will Kill You!

Hospitals will keep you alive… until they can bill you. After you’ve (hopefully) paid, they’ll toss you out in the street like garbage. And move on to the next victim… err… I mean, patient.

It was around 9 at night. I was peppering myself to sleep, enjoying my month-long vacation in the Philippines (finally!).

Then my cell rang.

I had a sickening feeling. Really… nauseating.

“Bro! I’m  in a big mess! Can meet me up in the hospital?”

It was my close friend. He was in trouble.

“And bring some cash.” He added.

Really, it was sickening. He was my close friend. But that “bring some cash” part — almost made me throw up.

I opened up my two-weeks beach adventure budget. I was supposed to go to Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and Leyte’s beautiful beaches.

That budget was supposed to be kept neat and tight, only to be used this weekend. But why the hell am I touching it now? Sorry, my precious budget… A friend in need, I have to wake you from your slumber. No beach for you.

I am a good friend.

I got to the hospital and asked what the big fuss was all about. Apparently, his girl was giving birth. “Good.” I thought. “Miracle of life.”

But the hospital won’t help them without money. Good Lord.

Good thing a superhero came (me) to save the day (or night).

I went to the admitting office, I showered the grumpy lady with cash and she signaled the wheelchair guy to take the pregnant woman to the labor room.

“She’s been in pain for the last hour and the hospital won’t admit her,” my friend said.

He’s a good friend. But like the rest of my friends who decided to stay here in PH, he was immature for his age. He had no preparations, no money, no nothing.

And now, the long wait begins. The nurse from the labor room gave us prescriptions for a bunch of meds and supplies.

We went out, the pharmacy asked us, “why so many?”

Umm… we don’t know.”

They probably had you buy what other patients did NOT replace…”

And we of course did not understand the “DID NOT REPLACE” term. We were in panic. We couldn’t care any less. But remember this term, “did not replace.” Because this will come to bite us in the ass. Or yours too.


“900 pesos,” I told myself. Not too bad. My beach budget is still intact.

But even before we got back the labor room, that sexy-only-at-night-nurse went out and gave us a new set of prescriptions.

She said, “hurry! The patient needs this, quick.”

Really?” I thought. “Don’t you have your own meds inside the labor room?”

But we were still in panic. We ran around the pharmacy back and forth and the prescriptions never seem to stop. I was loosing money fast! A thousand here and another few thousands there… the one-windowed pharmacy with the long line seems to be racking in a lot of money.

This happened for the rest of the night.

And I was getting furious. “why would they have us running marathons?!? Don’t they have their own stuff inside the freaking labor room?!?”

Just then, another nurse came out and screamed, “Hurry! Where’s the sample cup and the syringe? We need it now!”

Seriously?!?” I screamed back. I was furious and I was tired. “What kind of freaking hospital doesn’t have their own syringe and sample cups?!?”

(To PG-rate this article, I typed “freaking.” But I used a different word that night.)

But sir,” the nurse said. “It’s just the way it is.”

Gee. Remember that. “It’s just the way it is” — the most disgusting phrase Filipinos use everyday.

This went on for the next three hours. We were running marathons… with the most useless of prescriptions ever! Ie. like sample cups, syringes, wash cloths, alcohol, etc. — I was furious.

Can’t you just give us all the prescriptions in a one-time-bunch-load?!? Why give us one by one and make us run back and forth!” Seriously, this was getting stupid.

“But sir. This is just the way it is.” The nurse said again.

Seriously… this IS getting stupid.

Finally, when I thought I could rest a while (and buy some food), The doctor came out with a “Stat! Off to the operating room for an emergency cesarean section!”

“Shirt!” I told myself. “This is gonna be a long night…” (And you know I misspelled the word “shirt”)

And a ‘shirtload’ of new prescriptions arrived. We ran up and down the stairs to the pharmacy and the central supply (because the cashier of the central supply went home). We were sweating like pigs. And the nurses were blaming us for not running fast enough.

“Where are the binders, syringes and other stuff!” The nurses were exclaiming. “The doctor needs them now!”

Mother—–! What kind of operating room doesn’t have syringes, meds and other stuff!!”

“Quick! We need blood too! Our blood bank is empty!” The other nurse exclaimed.

And that “blood bank is empty” term panicked us, big time! So we scoured the whole city for a B positive blood. But other hospitals wouldn’t give us any. And red cross don’t want to give us either.

How the hell can a whole city be out of blood! Aren’t there enough crack addicts who sell blood to buy drugs?

And now we were screwed. We did not know what to do. “What the freak are we gonna do?!?” I asked my friend. (I typed “freak” again, but You know what I really said)

I don’t know…” My friend said. He was about to cry.

We surrendered.

We came up to the nurse, “we’re sorry. We scoured the whole town. We could not find any blood.”

I’t okay.” The nurse said. “We can use our blood in OUR blood bank and you can find replacements tomorrow…”

I exploded.

Seriously!!! Why the hell did you tell us your blood bank was empty! You made us run through the whole town for blood when you guys had it all along!”

“Sorry,” the nurse said. “But we need you to exhaust all options because our blood is only for the last possible option…”

And by the way,” She added. “Because you guys were gone too long, we had to USE OUR OWN stuff in the operating room. And you guys need to replace it. Here are your new prescriptions…”

I almost burned the whole hospital down. But lucky for them, the mother of my friend’s child is still in the operating room. She would have been burned down with the hospital. So I put my “arson-ic instinct” on hold that night.

My pocket was thinning. My two-week beach vacation fantasy was slowly melting away.

Oh, by the way.” The nurse added. “We didn’t really need blood ASAP. It’s standard SOP for blood to be on hold every cesarean section.”

Really. She ‘really’ is tempting my ability to pour gas all over the hospital and light it up.

When my wife gave birth a year ago in the US, we had no insurance, no nothing whatsoever. Yet we paid Nothing! None! Nothing! Nada! Zilch!

We walked in a public hospital. And by public, I mean, still state of the art. No stray cats and no cockroaches whatsoever. And the equipment was new and updated. And the nurses and staff were nice.

I sat down on the comfortable lounge for five hours, read the paper and bam! A beautiful baby boy came out. Beautiful… just plain beautiful. The nurses didn’t bother me for anything.

I digress.

The happy-go-lucky of a doctor finally came out. “Everything is fine!” He exclaimed. “You can see the baby in the nursery room and the mother is recovering nicely!”

Phew!” We all sighed. We rushed to the nursery room. A nurse showed us the baby through the glass window. What a beautiful baby! A miracle of life!

“Oh,” one nurse said. “Could you buy some diapers, alcohol and baby wipes, please? The baby just pooped.”

I exploded for the hundredth time that night. “What the hell kind of nursery doesn’t have diapers!!!” Seriously, it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!

We had no choice. We ran back to the over-priced-hospital-pharmacy, bought basic baby stuff that the nursery didn’t have. And bought the other stuff that we “needed to replace” because the operating room was pissed because they had to “use their own” supply.

We knocked on the nursery door. A disgruntled nurse opened the door, took the baby stuff and slammed the door at us.

Sorry” I said as we peeked through the nursery room. It was sleeping time for them… Not the babies, but the nurses. The nurses were sleeping in their desks and we “apparently” woke them up. That nurse that slammed the door at us — what a witch. Oh, I’m sorry. She wasn’t really a witch. I misspelled the word “witch.” (What rhymes with “witch?”)

The stress level was so high that night, I felt like I was gonna be the hospital’s next patient. But the sight of a beautiful newborn absorbed some of the stress. And anger.

Seriously. If stress burns calories — we would’ve turned into supermodels that night.

The rest of the night was spent “replacing” their own supplies that they were forced to used.

As we were in line on the “one-windowed” hospital pharmacy, an old lady in front of me was crying. “Please,” she said to the pharmacist. “We have no more money! I can’t afford to pay these meds anymore…”

You have to apply to ‘charge’ your bills in the admitting office then.” The pharmacist said.

Here’s the thing with the “charge to the hospital” thingy. They DON’T  want you to charge. They want cash. Pure unadulterated cash.

Charging and paying later is bad for business, that’s why they scare you with 20% charge fee for the whole bill. (if your hospital bill is 100k, with “charging,” you pay 120k). That’s why they’ll do everything in their power to NOT let you charge.

But they won’t let us charge,” the old lady said. “But we need this medicine now. My daughter’s life is in danger.”

Excuse me,” I tapped the old woman’s shoulder. “How much is that bill?”

She was surprised. “two thousand something” she said.

I gave her two grand. She fell in tears. She told me I was heaven-sent (I was). She told me she would pray to the virgin Mary for me (holding her rosary necklace).

I told her no. It’s okay. No biggie. I don’t want you praying to statues.

I may have saved her now, but as soon as she climbs up those steps, a new set of expensive prescriptions will be given to her. She’ll get screwed like the rest of us. And virgin Mary won’t save her.

Anyway, at least the pharmacist was hot.

Anyway– As I was saying.

It went on like this for the next two days. My pocket was thinning. My beach vacation fantasy is slowly melting away.

When the doctors finally discharged us. The grumpy nurse who slammed the door at us came to me. We were in the hallway, “there’s no doors,” I thought. “She can’t slam anything at me this time.”

“Sorry,” she said.

I was surprised.

She apparently was so stressed of trying to come up with money to pay the hospital. This was her last day because she couldn’t pay the hospital anymore.

“But uhh…” I said. “Don’t you work for the hospital? Doesn’t the hospital pay you for your services?”

No” she said. “We pay the hospital so we can work for them.”

I am just speechless at this point in time. “You know that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life, right?”

Everywhere else, companies pay their employees to work. Not the other way around.

“Only in the Philippines,” she muttered.

“It really is the stupidest thing,” I muttered back.



Then the next nauseating feeling came… I felt a tap on my shoulders. “Time to pay the bill,” a different nurse said.

Geez. Here we go.

I went to the assessor. “121,467 pesos…”

Say what!?!”

The assessor didn’t even blink. I guess he was used to these kinds of things. “Here’s a detailed list of your bill, Sir.”

65 grand for the doctors and 55 grand for the hospital (And I’m sure they get a cut from the doctors’ bills too).

“Freak!” I thought as I was counting my money. (and by “freak,” you know what I really said)

Not to mention the ‘almost’ 20 grand I spent on the “pharmacy marathon” — how the hell did I just spend 140+ grand in three days!

My dream vacation is over. The hospital just scammed me.

That’s just the way it is…” The teller said.




My friend knocked at my house this morning. I asked him how the baby and mother was doing. He told me everything was fine. The baby was doing great.

He told me to hop on his van. We rode for a while, we had the van appraised, then went to a used car dealership. The van was appraised to be over 300k, but as you know, the used car salesman only wants to pay half.

Then again, I couldn’t care less. As long as I get my money and keep the vacation dream alive, I’ll be all good.

The van was sold, I was handed 160 grand (extra 20k for the stress and pain he caused me).

I’m packing my bags now. My dream vacation is alive.

I really am a good friend. 🙂

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  • reyann red

    pardon me sir, can you please state the name of the hospital? and please dont generalize, not all hospitals here in this country will kill you, even some hospitals abroad will throw you out because the health insurance is not accepted in those hospitals. so please dont generalize.

    thank you.

    enjoy your beach vacation

    • @reyann red. Slow down… not true. What the writer said about med. here in the U.S are absolutely true. If you happen to be here and have a baby, they will treat you like you are an american citizen. So what i’m saying is that either you have money or no money we are treated equally. I felt sorry for the writer and his friend for what they went through at the hospital but I was laughing at the same time. It was all sooooo stupid and embarassing. A hospital that will let you run around to buy little things!!! I do believe that it happened that’s why I’m so scarred to take my kids to my own country. Another hilarious part is when the nurses have to pay the hospital to work. Only in the Philippines.

      • reyann red

        yes that’s true its different here than in the states, its different anywhere. i would want to know the name of the hospital though cause i think he got scammed by such a high fee!!! i work in a public hospital and i tell you wont get asked for something as high as 100k!!! for a c section? that’s higher than a government doctors PF! and with philhealth it will never be that high!!! they definitely got scammed X_X they should report it.

        as for the part where nurses pay the hospital to work, that’s not funny that’s downright sad.but anyway i think that practice is over now. . . i hope.

        • emelieurs

          I agree with you Reyann, that he got scammed. My sister had a C section in a private hospital but they charged only 60T all in all.

      • ali garci

        ..I understand what the author experienced in that hospital I also experienced almost the same thing in a hospital in the Bicol Region. That’s what I don’t like in the Philippines.

      • emelieurs

        true! it’s a law in the US that the hospital can’t refuse to treat patients whoever they are.

    • concerned citizen

      it is somehow true pero indi naman totally. based on the given description sa tingin ko, it happened in a public hospital (buying stuffs- only in public hospitals). I had my internship in a public hospital so I understand some of those things, and I just want to clarify something:

      Una, the bills- sa pagkakaalam ko, there is a social service in a hospital, dito pede macategorize ang patients according to their financial status. some patients were allowed to pay just only half of the bill, yung mga classified as indigents nga, walang babayaran. maybe dito, indi sila informed about the services.

      second, the supplies- small hospitals and public hospitals cannot afford to give all the needs of the patient. just imagine malaking bulk ng patients dito ngpupunta, kase cheaper. and most of them emergency rin. so dont expect for special treatment, PHilippines is not as rich as the united states, and it will never be (wala naman tayong weapons of war business like them). And sana nagtanong siya kung saan makakabili ng cheaper supplies sa nurses, indi mawawalan nun sa mga store sa labas ng hospital.

      third, ung sa blood: hospitals cannot always provide you with blood anytime you want, kase ung mga blood na nkastore sa kanila, pagaari ng ibang patients. Hindi ito maiibibigay ng basta basta, kase pano kapag nangailangan yung may ari ng blood, san siya kukuha? And also in my opinion, hindi totoong wala ng blood particularly in manila. with a blood type of B+, malabong mauubusan nito, ang ngsshortage lang O+ and AB+ ( i am knowledgeable about this kase i also had my training in a bloodbank). Maraming red cross blood banks around metro manila. Meron ding -Philippine blood center along DOH compound. lahat un 24/7 bukas. so it is not acceptable na walang dugo na kailangan nila. Hindi lang siya naghanap ng mabuti. With regard to the blood na hindi nman pala nagamit, talagang ganyan ang standard operating procedures sa hospitals. Gamitin man o hindi, kailangan may nakaready na blood na in times of operation. It’s better to be ready kase in times like this, indi natin malalaman kaagad kung may problems sa blood ng patient, maari kasing magkaroon ng excessive blood loss during the operation na pwedeng ikamatay ng patient. So again i just think that the person who wrote this, was not well informed.

      fourth, masyado naging careless ung patient and the relatives about the situation. Indi sila nagready for the delivery. Giving birth is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. 9 months ang pregnancy so sana pinaghandaan na nila. In the philippines, there are plenty of health insurance na reasonable namn ang contributions. Meron ding philhealth na kahit pinakamahirap kaya maafford at lahat ng services na ito tinatanggap mostly ng hospitals. kung meron ka nito, kahit sa st. lukes pwede ka magppaconfine, baka wala ka pa babayaran. The hospital may have some fault, pero sa tingin ko mas may kasalanan ung side ng pasyente dito. Kase kung nag ready sila, better hospital, better services. Be thankful, kase kahit ganyan, may hospital ka pa ring mapupuntahan, sa ibang mahihirap bansa nga,ni isa wala.

      And also indi ko rin gusto yung attitude ng writer tungkol sa religion particularly when it comes to catholicism, which is the religion of most of the filipinos. no wonder ganyan ang ugali nya at kung bakit ganun ang nararanasan nya. we dont worship idols; google it; read more, be educated. And kung hindi ka man sang ayon sa paniniwala namin,just show some respect naman pare.

      For the filipinos, especially those who always blame the system, just think of this; mga mamamayan ang bumubuo sa sistema, tayo ang naghahalal sa namumuno, tayo rin ang buhay ng ating bayan; ikaw ba, bilang isang filipino, ginagawa mo ba ang tungkulin mo bilang isang marangal at responsableng mamamayan, o baka naman, pareho ka lamang din ng pulitikong inihalal at binabatikos mo?

      “you must be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

      • timgurl

        @concerned citizen..i’ve read your article first prior to this one..
        agree po ako sa lahat ng sinabi niyo.
        nag-work din po kasi ako sa government hosp sa Pinas..ginagawa po lahat ng doctors and nurses ang lahat lalo na kung emergency..
        regarding with the blood (wala pong blood bank ang hosp namin dahil maliit lang) datapwa’t ginagawan po ng paraan. Our Doctors are the ones coordinating with hospitals with blood banks at kami din po ang kumukuha nito once na available.
        And regarding sa “diapers” po dapat talaga iprovide ng parents, di ba nga pag malapit ng manganak merong isang bag na complete ng needs ng baby na bibitbitin na lang on that day.
        and to the author >100K?? did u check wat’s on ur bills?
        sana nag-complain ka sa kinauukulan lalo pa at “public hosp” yun. You have all the rights though..

        • Pons

          mga hospital sa atin lalo na sa manila karamihan daig pa mga hold upper.sinasabi nga sa survey na sa bawat 10 pasyente 7 ang namamatay dahil sa kulang sa pera dahilan na hindi nasusuri ng doctor ng maayos.yung policy nila na deposit muna ng pera bago ka gagamutin…makatao ba yon? ta naniniwala ako sa writer

      • Dr Jean

        I was also wondering kung totoo yong about sa bills? I don’t think aabot naman ng 120 grand ang bills ng CS sa public hospitals tapos, base pa sa story e halos binili at nireplace nila ang mga ginamit na meds and etc for the said operations.

  • renzo

    lahat naman sa pinas mga buwaya. i think thats a public hospital.

    ganyan naman sila. pag wala ka pera itataboy ka nalang nila a parang basura

    • TE

      wlang public hspital khit cs pa na ibi bill k ng 100k noh.aba private cguro pg wla kng philhealth pwd pa.

  • jeffrey

    if this is true can you please name the hospital.. this is a really bad practice and the only way to actually solve this is to make it public bring this to the local news make people aware..

  • teresa-marie

    which freakin’ hospital is this?? how could you pay all that when you replaced everything??? gather the bills and file a complaint

  • kc

    NAME THAT [email protected]%#®*G HOSPITAL!

  • phoenix

    Na ah… Not unless you’re a direct beneficiary of a military hospital here in PH. All laboratories, minor and major surgeries, dentures etc, even drugs (medications) are for FREE! Kaya don’t generalized public or (government hospital).

  • rocky

    if you cant name the hospital dont post your story…you just generalizing the hospitals in the philippines. We dont need that sotry right now. And it does not help others or you because as I said you dont name the hospital.

    • emelieurs

      Cool Rocky, he said only “some” not all

  • joe

    hello sir, I work in the medical industry and while what you say is true in a way what I know here in the philippines is—

    you are billed astronomical bills in private hospitals but you don’t have to do anything everything is charged or they hit you with the deposit right away.

    in public hospitals you are made to run for everything but then the bill won’t be that high because well, you already paid for everything and if the doctor works for the hospital he shouldn’t ask any money because the government is paying him.

    so you got the worst of both worlds. either you got scammed or that is a really s%^$$* hospital in my opinion you got cheated either way. you should take note of the hospital’s name and look into it.

  • Yage5043

    Oh yeah you were a good friend, but you profited 14.28% from your friend in three days. Don’t you think thats usury? You’re just like the hospital.

    • FrancisM

      He didn’t charge the 14%.
      Besides, if the friend was in his right mind, he would have prepared the money before hand.

      • Yage5043

        Yes he did not ask for the 20k additional but as a friend je should not have accepted the 20k. It was an emergency the guy may have waited for a better price for his van.

        • renzo

          Yes good point. That 20k should have been bought something the baby needs like milk diapers etc.

          I say you at opportunistic friend

        • mfrancis


          • mfrancis

            not a good friend after all. but very bad hospital, only the hospital, not the enployees, they are just doing their jobs.

  • eduardo celino jr.

    I agreed to some hospitals here well they wont let you give a chance to live but choices: show the money or you will be a dead rat.

  • ninay

    just sharing my own experience.i was in severe abdominal pain last year, march 20 at 2am.i was rushed to a private hospital located in manila.i was advised to be admitted by a gastro internist.i used my maxicare health card.that was the health insurance of my former employer,a bpo located in ayala makati. when they swiped the card, na-admit ako sa regular private room. i had my ct scan at 9am march 21. lumabas ang result before noon, a doctor told me that i need to be operated on at 5pm dahil magang-maga ang bituka ko and merong mga bukol. i met the surgeon at past noon who told me na double barrel colostomy at di pa agad ikakabit ang colon ko.
    after 3days, a maxicare rep went to the hosp, telling me na kung congenital disease they would covered P20k and if pre-existing condition zero or no coverage. the following day he came back telling me it was “pre-existing condition” so wala silang babayaran kahit singko. it was part of the agreement/contract signed between maxicare and my employer.hindi ako gaano makasalita dahil me tubo pa from my mouth down to my stomach. and i was alone at that time. ulilang lubos na ako,alang kapatid o kamag-anak, ala akong bantay, only a friend brought me to the hosp.kaya kung ano man ang sinabi ng maxicare rep nakatulala lang ako sa kanya.
    when my surgeon learned about this, naawa siya sa akin at di na ako pinabayaran sa kanyang pf of P21k. he told me na ang findings was cancer stage3b and i had to undergo chemotherapy for 8 sessions in 6months. he referred me to an oncologist.who quoted me with P37k for the therapy and P3k for pf. i dont have money.i was only renting a small room. and my employer thru my supervisor texted me na naka-floating status na ako meaning tinanggal na ako sa account and so wala na din akong sahod. regular employee man ako pero ganun sa call center na yun, pag naka-float ka due to nagbawas sila ng agents, wala kang sahod.
    the usual happened, when i had no one to turn to, i turn to God. humbled myself before Him to help me for healing and provisions. and grateful to my former co-employees from previous call center and companies i worked with, gave me financial help tho not to pay the bill but for day-to-day subsistence. couldnt be discharged coz of my hosp bill amounted to P150k plus. after deducting P37k from philhealth and P305 from a charitable organization, i was dishcarged with a promissory note of P89k after 40days in the hosp. i sought help of vp binay who helped me with a guarantee letter of P25k paid directly to the hosp. now i owe the hosp P64k plus the internist P8,250 and anaesthesiologist of P6,500.
    naka colostomy bag ako til now. i went back to my surgeon last sept coz of my desire na maoperahan/makabit ang bituka ko. he advised me na magpa c.e.a, cbc, at crea. if okay, then magpa ct scan. the results of my ct scan was no more tumor or metastasis. my surgeon referred me to the charity dept.i was advised by the doctor on duty to do some test, chest xray,ecg,sodium,potassium,barium enema.results were normal.i was given an admission order by november 7. i am on disability pension.nag-advance loan ako for 5months para sa operation. but i was denied at admitting ofc coz on record i still owe them 65k.i wrote a letter address to the president.after a week, he gave his approval.but when i came back to the charity,there is no more slot and i had to wait.i went back after 2weeks,the doctor said need nila maoperahan muna ang 5 breast cancer patients.i went back december,talked to a new doctor on duty who told me na hindi pa daw ako cleared sa billing.went back januray, a new doctor on duty told me na need ko uli magpa labtest dahil october pa mga labtest ko but i need to wait for his txt first.he didnt txt me. so i came back feb, a new doctor on duty told me na dapat makabit na coz its almost a year,and to wait for his txt the followng week.he didnt txt me.i came back after 2 weeks, he said there are 4 patients about to be admitted.hindi pa daw na-discuss ang case ko sa resident surgeon.i came back march, a new doctor on duty told me na if im sure na wala akong problem sa admitting ofc then i can go ahead magpa labtest,magpa clearance and she would issue the admission order.i went to admitting ofc,the clerk told me na di na niya mahanap ang copy ng approval kasi last year pa daw un, when its only 4months ago.she said she already gave a copy to the charity/opd dept pero all the doctors there told me they havent received a copy.i went home almost giving up. after a week i got a text from that doctor for an appointment with the chief surgeon.i went the following day,i was told that i need magpa colonoscopy and ultrasound of whole abdomen bago ma-admit.
    before ako maospital at maoperahan at ma-experience ang lahat ng ito, nasasabi ko na mahirap ang magkasakit sa pinas pag wala kang pera.dahil sa napapanood ko sa mga tv na asking for help sa mga foundation.pero iba talaga pag ako na ang nakaranas ng ganito. before i asked my surgeron for refferal sa charity dept ng hosp, i went to a govt hosp in taft ave.true, mag uumpisa ka ng 6am pumila,just to get a blue card,sa dami ng patients, 3pm na ako nakausap ng doktor.i dont know if any of our govt officials has visited that hosp or other govt hosp. i sought help sa local govt officials and its not easy and they cannot afford to give u financial help wala daw silang pondo for medical assistance. but that gave me opportunities to talked to and listened sa mga pinagdadaanan din ng ibang kababayan kong mahirap lalo pa at senior citizens ,walang mapagkunan ng pang gamot o laboratory at pang ospital. napakahirap ang maging mahirap,matanda at me sakit sa bansang ito. i heard sa ibang bansa, isa sa priority nila ang health ng citizens nila. lesson i learned that while young, save for times like this. i dont want to be “disabled” the rest of my life, before my disability pension ends in sept 2012, i hope and pray that i would find means para makapagpa colonoscopy at ultrasound at maoperahan at makapag work na uli.

    • Hi, this is the author. I felt sad about your story..

      What about a tourist visa? Can you apply for one? From my experience, I’ve been to the hospitals a bunch of times in the US and they were all free. They didn’t ask me for any insurance, money or immigration status.

      From what I know, even illegal aliens get free medicals. Nobody gets asks for for social securities or whatever (from my experience)

      My friend (with NO insurance, no job or whatever) had a liver operation for 300 bucks. That’s reasonable.

      But I’m not sure how all this system works. Ask a relative, research — but I think a few illegals have already done that.

      And people will hate me for giving this out (because they are jealous) — but this is the only way I can think of for you to (maybe) get your needed operation.

      Ask your relatives abroad about this, im sure they know more than me. It doesn’t have to be in the US, but a lot of other countries give out free medicare. Like I said, hospitals in PH will kill you 😀

      I really hope this helps. again, Im not sure about this. But if your pension ends at september and with no signs of progress for hospital help, maybe you could take a chance.

      • ninay

        thanks mr dave.

        i forgot to mention that after the health insurance representative advise the billing ofc that they will not pay a single cent on my hospital bills, the nurse immediately advised me that they will stop giving antibiotics which at that time is thru i.v as i still have a tube inserted in my throat down to my stomach. i already informed that i will be transferring from regular private room to the ward section. that happened after weeks.
        i have an uncle, only living relative in the usa.i dont know where. and even if he knew my situation he wont help me. i am only child. already an orphan since 1990. ung isang mayamang kapatid ng daddy ko pero mas bata sa kanya, ay inangkin at nasalin ang house and lot property ng dad ko sa name niya after my dad died in 1990.leaving me homeless. kaya i have no one to turn to but God.i am jobless at present.i have no properties or something to be approved of a tourist visa.
        but thanks so much for ur time to give me a reply.i continue to pray that God will make a way and lead me to where and whom i can find help. thanks a lot.take care. God bless.

        • wow… Im speechless. I wish I could help you out some more… It’s tough.

          All I can do is pray for you. I really wish it’ll all get better.

          But I know you’ll get through this. And you’ll get stronger because of this.

          stay strong. You’ll conquer this part of your life and you’ll come out strong. I know you will. I believe in you. Stay tough.

          • ninay

            thanks a lot mr dave, basically i am not strong. u are right i am getting tougher as days, months passed by. i have to. it is not a choice to give up. sabi nga, habang buhay me pag-asa. yesterday, i went to the city hall. met some people asking for help from local govt official. shared each other’s experiences. her son, a 9yr old, died march 19, 2012 in a public/govt hosp.just had operation- takedown colostomy (same process i have to go thru in God’s perfect time).he was at the o.r for 8hrs.his mom said the senior surgeon had to cut part of the colon twice, then he became comatose, was on respirator when brought to icu. he died the following day. the parents plan to file a case against the doctors. they are just awaiting the result of the autopsy. i got a bit scared while i was listening but was consoled by the thought that “neither death nor life…. nothing can separate us from the love of God”. my life and healing is in God’s hands. Do not fear or be afraid. Do not be discouraged, the Lord is with you”. on my own, i cannot make it, i cannot go on in life but with God, all things are possible. God bless.

    • Tres Roque

      Hold on, keep the faith. GOD will see you through…

      • ninay

        thank u “ms” or “mr” tres roque. God bless.

  • ninay

    the 37k and 3k that was quoted to me by the oncologist is for one session only. so for 8 sessions that would be a total of P320,000.
    hoping against hope, with my experience i have been praying na sana bukod sa education, sa mga infrastructures maging priority din sana ng mga nasa pwesto,ng me mga kapangyarihan, ng mga me resources, ng dswd o doh or ano mang institution, organization na matugunan ang health and medical welfare ng mga citizens.di naman lahat pwedeng mag-pgh at san lazaro o jose reyes.what about other govt hosp na walang equipment, walang gaanong doctor at nurses.we cannot take against those public officials who can afford na mag st lukes, asian hosp,mkti med etc.mayaman sila.pero sana mayaman din ang puso nila na magkaroon ng burden sa mahihirap. masarap lang pakinggan ang mga promises pag election but in reality, hindi mo na sila maabot pag nakaupo na sa gobyerno.

  • Ryan

    Only in the philippines, right… anong hospital ka ba nagpunta?
    Bakit hindi mo sinulat pangalan ng hospital?
    Hindi lahat ng nasa pilipinas pangit ang sistema…
    My friends were saved by a public hospital PGH
    Nung nagka dengue siya, wala siyang binayaran…
    Im half filipino -japanese but i love both japan and philippines
    I dont point kung sino ang mas mabuting bansa.. Hell yes
    Na maraming mali sa pinas.., but not all!! dont generalized
    As i always thought .. Ang pinaka best critics ng mga pinoy is pinoy!!!

    • timgurl

      liked your quote “ang pinakabest critics ng mga pinoy is pinoy!!!”

  • tei

    mybe ung part na ipe prescribe nla un gnamit nla sa patient as a rplacement s public hsptl is d nmn gnun kdami at kmahal un alam ko kc i had worked as a voluntr nurse nrin on public.once lng un reseta,un copy ng things na ggmitin ng bby at mother cnasabay nrn ibgay pra d nrn aq mpgod kppabalik2.tpos yelo pg lumabas na un bby..if emergncy cs,ciempre anothr round ng reseta un aftr ma cs.mnsan lng ibbgay un unles toxic c patient kea phabol.

  • tei

    bka sbrang bleeding tlg patient n yn kea knailangan ng standby na ang alam q pwd nman keu bgyan ng option umpsa plng na either byaran ang dugo o mghnap nlng keu ng kplit knbukasan..ska msydo mahal ngas2s u.public b tlg yn?e mahal pa xa sa cs ng tertiary priv8 hsptl na 60k lng..prang pang st. lukes nging bill mo jan ah..

  • tei

    ska ang alam q lhat ng nanga2nak s public hsptl au2matic my dala ng bby clothes,lampin,diaper,bottle at qng anu pa.asan b mga rlativs nla.lhat ng mta2nda alam un.pra sanitex,adult diaper,alcohol, at bby oil nlng bbilhin nyo.un gamot 4 lng un lets say 150 each.mahal na un ah!tpos micropore tape,syringe,pang swero,gloves..nsa 1k lng yn noh.un iba ksma na sa bill s hsptl kea OA ka.un meds aftr CS at home meds pti ksunod na swero d yan aabot ng 800

    • arzi

      7 years ako nagtrabaho as nurse sa isang malaking government hospital. The scenarios mentioned in the aricle are familiar to me. These are true situations, I can’t even say it is exaggerated. I myselg do not agree with the system, many of my co workers also do not agree to the system but what can we do? Kulang talaga resources natin. Sa ibang bansa, negligence ang hayaang kulang ang emergency cart o gamit sa ward pero dito sa pilipinas hindi. Ang nurse-patient ratio, very risky and these all points out to lack of resources both human and material. Ang dami nga beses na aawayin ka ng watcher sa mga sitwasyon na hindi mo naman control. Parati ko nga sinasabi na madali lang naman i-carry out lahat ng trabaho kung kumpleto gamit dahil wala talaga gamit, kulang o malfunctioning karamihan. and the prescriptions? We charge what is in the pharmacy pero yung wla, they have to buy outside, kahit madaling araw, ganun kasaklap. The bill the writer paid the hospital? Quite high in my assessment but I think it is circumstancial. Tingin ko nag private room which means they paid all their physicians and everything. Mahirap talaga. Kaya ako nag resign. Nurses kasi ang kawawa sa ganitong situations dahil tayo ang frontliners.

  • King

    It’s more fun in Philippines! LOL!

  • Rain

    Reminds me of my pedia who gave me an antacid prescription worth 90+ then I realized that there are antacids worth 17+ with same effect. The hospital and the doctor working there are really a @%$#$%.
    They wanted the money of patients so bad.

    It’s a well known private hospital somewhere in Cavite 😀

  • KA

    I have experienced this almost exactly the same as the writer’s article, 2 days ago. I spent lots of my money, rushing to buy med prescription, but in the end my relative’s condition getting worse, they have suggested that he need to take an OPERATION, then I said. “Stop! I don’t want him to suffer any more (I felt my relative resisting all the meds even though he loss most of his senses), can’t you see, instead of recovering he’s getting worse and worse. All I want now is, just let him rest now peacefully. I already accepted his fate.” PUBLIC HOSPITAL, are they a life saver or money maker?

    P.S. My relative died yesterday Mar 24, 2012

    • I’m sorry for your loss 🙁

      • jenei

        I agree with you Mr.Dave. But not only the hospital in PH will kill you but the WHOLE PH will do. This country is unfortunately a mess. Corrupt system, and so on and fort. I am ashamed for being part of them. Thank you for sharing your horrible experienced while visiting PH.

  • Bella

    please send this article to President Aquino and the law makers (TONGressman and SINators…. So they will wake up from their deep sleep, that, while they are busy pocketing those public funds for the poor filipinos, a lot of our kababayans are dying because of our sick i really mean sick of sickest system in PHL society… tsk!!!… Hospitals and Pharmacies in the PHL are all about business and money. They exist not because they want to save lives but because they want to do business… There’s a conspiracy between these 2. I even remember a friend of mine telling me that in some public hospitals, the employees are selling the medicines which are supposed to be free. They are selling it too poor patients. How sick is that? In PHL you will not gonna die from your sickness but you will die because of the sick system in the PHL hospitals. Can’t believe you will pay for more than 100k just by giving birth in C-section. That’s scary.

  • mark

    Unang una: sa US halos lahat may insurance/health card 1 card could pay for 3 person., so kung hindi ka ngbayad kc almost covered na un., what I mean is ung supplies at medicines ay madaling maireplece na halos libre na lahat.,

    Pangalawa: sa pilipinas., parang pay as you order., kapag kailangan saka may reseta., sa totoong buhay MAY SUPPLIES AT MEDICINE ang hospital., ung reseteng binili mo ipangre-replece sa nagamit., kaya may reseta although may stock kc ung ibang patient hindi bumibili ng kung anu mang reseta., so nagamit na ung hospital supplies., discrepancy na un., at ang magbabayad nun ay NURSES., trust me I’m a NURSE., at ang dami ko ng nabayaran na discrepancy para sa mga hindi makabili ng reseta.,

    Pangatlo: isipin mo na lang na 10 kaung ganyan ung 5 nakakabili ng reseta ung 5 hindi., lugi ang hospital., magbabayad ang nurse kc maawa tapos ibibigay na lang un kailangan nila.,

    Pangapat: ung sa dugo., kampi ako sau., ulol ung nurse na paikutin ka pa sa ibat ibang lugar., dapat sila ang ngcoordinate kung saan may dugo tapos kunin at bayaran nyo na lang., or ireplace ung dugo mula sa hospital kung may nagamit., kaso mahirap ang USE NOW, PAY LATER., d na uso yan.,

    Panglima: ung total bill nyo un na ung maybayad sa doctor anesth sa machine na nagamit bayad sa OR fee at sa lahat ng mga fees.,

    Panganim: tama mas mababait ang nurse at doctor sa ibang bansa kc lahat provided sa kanila., walang problema sa gamot at supplies., walang stress., at PROPERLY COMPENSATED sila., at lahat ng patient may health card kaya walang PROMISORY NOTE, PCSO na asikasuhin, walang pakiusapan sa supplies, walang iiyak at maawa kc walang pambili ng gamot kc COVERED NG HEALTH CARD ang HOSPITALIZATION mo.,

    Pangpito: pagplanuhan ang hospital na pupuntahan., oo sige sa pinakamalapit., pero pwede kang lumipat after 2-3days dun mismo sa araw na dinala sa hospital., kung manganganak dapat may baby kit at mommy kit na lahat ng kakailanganin andun na like diapers, gatas, binder.,

    Pangwalo: hindi lahat may pambayad kaya may downpayment kung gagamit ng NICU, ICU, OR., kung sampu kaung walang pambayad 3 jan palulusutin na., un ung pinaka sa pinaka., kc kapag lahat kau pinalusot MALULUGI ang hospital., tandaan CASH payment sa Pilipinas.,

    Pangsiyam: may masusungit talaga na nurse., kc kung di nila yan gagawin., kakainin sila ng awa at pagkahabag., sa isa ok lang pero malamang 30-40 patients hawak nya., kailanagan nyang maging matatag., para sau at para sa kanya.,

    Pangsampu: salamat sa lahat ng MABABAIT na kaibigan., kc lagi kaung anjn at handang sumuporta., hindi lang ng kaibigan mabait, hindi lahat ng mabait ay kaibigan., pero salamat at anjn pa din kau., kc ung iba wala., solo lang silang nao-ospital., at un ang pinagtutuunan ko (namin) ng pansin.,

    • emelieurs

      Hindi lahat mga nurse sa ibang bansa mababait kahit compensated talaga sila. Talagang may mga nurse na walang compassion to help others. Gusto lang maging nurse dahil malaki ang per hour. Kung ikaw yong nurse na nagtiis at nagsacripisyo sa atin na kahit anong pressures matoto ka paring ngumiti to lighten the load of the patients & families, IKAW ANG TOTOONG NURSE!!!

  • John A.

    2 points…
    1. “I went to the admitting office, I showered the grumpy lady with cash”
    – This caused you the higher bills. Kung di ka nagyabang, baka wala pang 80k ang bill nyo.

    2. The van was sold, I was handed 160 grand(extra 20k for the stress and pain he caused me).
    – you’re a good friend indeed… 🙁

    • Erin

      To point 1: His arrogance won’t change any of the bill rates. Those are already established. You don’t pay an extra fee for displaying some arrogance.

  • Ceia

    99% ganyan ang ospital dito sa PH. 90% mukhang pera ang mga doktor lalo na bandang probinsya. Negosyo ang pagpapagamot ng tao. Sa private Hospital aalagaan ka nila pero mamamatay ka sa bill mo. Di ka kc tatanggapin pag walang down. Kaya kung mahirap ka antayin mo na lang na mamatay sa sakit. Sa probinsya ng SAMAR walang kwenta ang ospital doon. Walang pang first aid… walang bulak, walang betadine lahat wala. Bago ka gamutin bibilhin mo muna yan sa botika ng doktor na nagresita sayo.

    Sa SAMAR bayad ang doctor araw-araw pag na confine ka sa hospital pero wala kang makikita na dumadalaw. Swerte ka pag mapuntahan ka every other day. Pag magresita sayo sa botika ka nila papupuntahin pag di ka sa kanila bumili di nila tatanggapin (TOTOO ITO).

    Kaya pag mahirap ka wag ka nang magpahospital dahil ang laki ng gastos mo mamroblema pa kamag-anak mo pamaburol dahil sigurado patay din pag dinala sa hospital. Nagdoble lang gastos mo.


  • Ceia

    Maganda ang trato ng Hospital sayo pag may pambayad ka… Kaya kung wala kang pera di mo mararanasan ang naransan nila. Kaya dito sa Pilipinas lahat 99% ng Ospital kailangan ng pera mo para maasikaso ka.

  • melanni

    habang binabasa ko tong article na to..napipikon ako naaasar ako sa mga kinukwento ng author about dun sa ospital na yun..sana binanggit mo yung name ng hospital para mawarningan ung mga tao na wag ng pumunta dun sa ospital n yun…

  • rona

    i experienced somewhat of the same situation when i just recently visited philippines with my 3-year-old son Nathe (not actual name)…just a week before we were going home my son started vomiting anything that went in him after an hour or so (he also had a mild diarrhea and was running a mild fever)…i called my husband in canada to contact the insurance company (he’s insured through work so we didn’t buy any extra travel insurance) to find out if were covered for the hospital stay (yes, and even if weren’t, i was prepared to pay for the stay fully) and to call the travel agent if we can change out flights home due to an unforeseen medical emergency (we were able to change our flight for free but i had to temporary book just in case the hospital stay was longer than expected, and also due to the fact that i didn’t want nathe getting sick again in korea where i didn’t know the language)…some of my mom’s cousin work in the medical field as nurses and what not, so my aunt (mom’s oldest sister) asked which hospital was the best one to take my son in manila (they didn’t want to take him to a public hospital because they were afraid that the hospital didn’t have the right resources (in other words bleed me dry, money wise)…so we took him to a private hospital and saw an er nurse right away who called the doctor, who basically confirmed what i was expecting him to diagnosed nathe with, dehyration…before nathe was offically admitted, i had to wait and talk with people at the admitting desk to get him admitted, and then to the people at the business office, to pay for 5000 deposit and then nathe was officially admitted…he was then given an iv drip and an orderly took us the room assigned to us (we choose the use ward because i wasn’t expecting to stay longer than a day or two (i admitted nathe on wednesday and our flight home was on friday)…he’s fever broke on thursday but the doctor were still worried because he still had diarrhea (i think he had diarrhea because he wasn’t eating anything except apples and water, the doctors had eliminated bread, oily food and juice from his diet, and also it may had been from the medications that they were giving him), so as a precaution they wanted keep him for observation until his poop became normal again…we weren’t discharged until saturday at around 11 (the doctors were supposed to do the rounds at 10, but because they were so many people in the in the outpatient clinic they didn’t get to go on rounds until 11 and i get that)…but we didn’t get our discharge papers until 230 pm and that’s when the doctor decided to check on nathe’s skin test for primary (the first doctor who saw it told us the skin test looked clear and seemed that test wass negative) and that it was looking quite postive because the test area was larger now and nathe needed an xray to look at his lungs (now i rememebr when he was born, the doctors in canada performed a new born test and everything was okay)…so off to the xray room nathe and my cousin went (did i mention that i was also three months pregnant) and then we were finally given the discharge paper so i can pay the bill (oh i forgot to mention, that while i was waiting for the discharge papers, the nurse was constantly asking me if i had finalized our bill yet, to which i replied that, no one have given me any papers to bring to the business office yet)…so finally i was able to get the discharge paper and pay for the bill, i was told that i had to pay the doctors fee of 2400 in cash and not credit…i don’t tend to carry that much cash on me so i called me aunt to see if she can lend me that amount and i would pay her back and whatever it is that i owe her at a later date when i get back to canada…
    so finally we get back to my aunt’s house and i get to relax a little and i tell my story to my cousin my whole hospital experience and she tells me that because they know that were balikbayans (my son has my husband’s last name, and i havent officially changed my last name and is still using my father’s name) and that we had money, that the hospital was letting my money run…
    my hospital visit didn’t cost as much as yours, but mine ended up costing me about 15000 including the doctors fee, medications, room and various tests that were performed (stool and poop samples collected)

    • lol wow, your husband’s got great insurance. And yes, they only take pure unadulterated cash.

  • pot

    Ano’ng ospital po ito? Kailangan mo itong ireport!

  • Faye

    As far as I know P40 thousand ang csection that’s Private Hospital charge at hindi kasing mahal nang sinabi mong amount, as far as making you buy syringe and cotton and meds etc that is true, especially in Public Hospital, my brother experience that, he decided to take my father to a Public Hospital to save money, but you have to buy everything, he was so upset because when the Intern Nurses trying to get my fathers blood and he was having problem to locate the veins, he throw the needle and told my brother to buy a new one and my brother said he did that 4 times because the darn Intern keep throwing the needle after it get to my father’s skin instead of trying to reuse it where he is doing it with same patient, my brother was so mad but he cannot tell him what the f*** are u doing because if they get mad they will leave the patient and you have to chase them because they don’t get paid in the hospital as being Intern instead they have to pay the Hospital and that’s why they can be mean as they like too because they are not getting paid.

  • she

    naalala ko tuloy nung ma-hospital ang bunso ko, mababait ang mga doctors and nurses, pero sa bill dapat magbabayad ka pag ang bill umaabot na ng 5k, stop daw ang service pag di magbabayad.. kaya need immediate na pera para everytime na umabot ng 5k ang bill may maibabayad para tuloy tuloy ang gamutan.. maganda ang facilities, mababait ang lahat, masarap ang food, di makakaranas ng marathon sa pagbili ng kung ano ano.. yun nga lang sigurista sa pagbayad ng bill.. wala talagang perpekto..^_^ pero malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa hospital na yun dahil naging maayos ang anak ko. di gaya sa unang hospital na pinagdalhan namin sa kanya, kung ano anong gamot ang tinurok sa kanya pero walang nagbago sa kalagayan nya at umabot kami ng 25k in 3 days na walang pagbabago at tumagal pa ang paghihirap ng anak ko, kung di pa namin pinilit na ilabas xa dun at ilipat sa ibang hospital siguro wala na ang bunso ko..

  • Erin

    To those who are asking for the name of the hospital, I don’t think the author should really state that in this article. All he wanted to do was to inform us. The hospital still has the right for privacy. I agree with your suggestion that he should report this, just to have clarifications for some discrepancies. By the way, he is not generalizing the hospitals here in the Philippines. Read the title. Again. It has the word “Some” (in case he did not edit the title before I posted).

    Some of you may be furious because of how he wrote his entry. What he wrote were firsthand experiences. He’s not that accustomed to that system here in the country so don’t blame him for being so outraged regarding what happened during that time (because it is totally annoying!). This article is subjective.

    Emergency > Panic > Stress > Confusion. Let us admit it. Not all the time we have some presence of mind and a certain degree of calmness, especially when one is in danger.

    I’ve experienced a similar scenario last year. Okay, some of you might say, “If you want better services, why not go to a private hospital?” This is my answer: We (our family) don’t have the bulk. We can only afford services one at a time.

    I don’t blame anybody for this because we all have our share of faults, directly and indirectly.

    • Ha! thanks for this. I don’t know if it’s also true here in PH, but the the last time I named a college I hated– that college filed a complaint against me (for defamation, or libel or whatever) and had my website taken down —-

      But anyway, this hospital is named after a Saint. How many “Saints” hospitals are there?

      Yeah, everybody forgot I came here for a well deserved vacation. Going to a hospital was the last thing on my mind.

      Let’s see how many people react better than me if they got an sudden emergency call at night… from a friend.. asking for money.

      I wonder how many of them gave up their savings for a friend before?

      And yes, I blamed my friend althroughout– for being immature and irresponsible. It was his fault all the way — he could have spared me stress and anguish — but then again, I wouldn’t have been able to write this had I not gone through it, right? Right?? 😀

      And who cares, my friend didn’t care either. my friend and his wife had never worked their entire life, they are both immature. And my friend did what he always does when he needs money… sell one of his dad’s vans. — they own 30+ vans for their transportation business. (yes, a couple of the vans is in his name)

      And yes, I was the only one who showed up. Not one of his ‘fake friends’ and relatives showed up. Only me (superhero) — i think his family is trying to teach him a lesson, he’s too old to still be effin around and taking NO responsibilities.

      I do hope he learns from this.

      And oh yeah, thanks for reading! 🙂

      • Erin

        Yes. I mean, in any article, you don’t just drop names all of a sudden. These experiences would become allegations, unless deemed to be true. Consequently, a complaint will be filed against you. Making the hospital anonymous is a way of protecting their privacy.

        Regarding your actions, they’re understandable. After all you’ve been through, who wouldn’t get mad? It’s the reality of life. No matter how composed you are, still, there is this point wherein your ever reserved patience will just go down the drain.

  • Erin

    Sana maayos na ang problemang ito. Hindi magandang konotasyon ang, “Pampublikong ospital kasi kaya ganyan ang sistema.” Kahit ba pampublikong ospital yan, nakakapagbigay pa rin yan ng mga serbisyo na mayroon ang isang pribadong ospital.

    Iminumungkahi ko na dumaan sa seminar ng anger management ang mga hospital personnel. Minsan kasi, kahit ang ayos ng tono ng boses mo at tanong mo, sarcasm pa rin ang aabutin mo. And I’d really like to say, “I wouldn’t have asked you if I know the answer.”

  • Iyah

    its more fuc*in fun in the philippines..!

  • Tres

    That was a bad experience indeed! Best if you named the hospital… You can’t stress a wrong doing on a nameless culprit!

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  • Angela

    I know this hospital (in Cavite) na ayaw nilang magpa replace ng meds/supplies/etc., para naka charge na lahat sa bill ng patient yung mga gagamitin sa kanya. in fact, they do this because apparently, mas affordable ang meds kung bibilhin sa labas ng hospital. it is true as a matter of fact, mas mura ang gamot ng almost 20% sa isang kilalang drugstore kaysa sa mga private hospitals. word of advice lang, nurse din ako pero hindi sa ospital. kung ang patient needed na talaga ng operation, or if it is an emergency situation, it is also imperative na humingi ng tulong sa social service, kailangan lang tiisin ang pagbalik balik, bad attitude, sermon, at kung anu ano pang sakripisyo para mabigyan ng benepisyo. marami na akong kilala na matiyagang pumipila sa PCSO, nagpupunta sa mga pulitiko at sa kung anu-anong NGO’s para humingi ng tulong. Kailangan lang talaga huwag pang hinaan ng loob at manatiling manampalataya sa Diyos, pati na rin kaunting(kung hindi marami :D) kakapalan ng mukha.

  • lorenzo

    ganun pala dami akong natutunan sa article na ito,pero ang pinaka mahalaga ito pala talaga ang realidad ng buhay, PERA, kaylangan madami ka nito…Pero hindi sa espitwal sabi nga ni JESUS hindi lang sa tinapay nabubuhay ang tao kundi sa salita at aral ng diyos…ate ninnay mahal ka ng panginoon…

    • lorenzo

      like my daddy used to say: “money is not everything— it’s the only thing!” XP

    • ninay

      yes. reality bites. no matter na parang increditble ang mga stories particularly na sa akin, totoong mahirap ang magkasakit na walang pera dito sa pinas.hindi ito naging realidad sa akin until ma hospitalized ako last march 2011. wala din kwenta ang maxicare card, meron palang hidden clause na ” pre-existing condition”. at hindi covered. lalo na ung call center na patakbo ng mga indian nationals wala ring tuloy kahit singko. iba na siguro kung kapwa pinoy ang may ari ng isang company. hindi na ako makakabalik sa ospital na un para mapaoperahan uli at makabit ang bituka ko dahil sa condition na mag deposit ng P20k gawa ng me pending na utang ako sa kanila. i got my colonoscopy sa ust charity hosp at napakalaking discount ang binigay nila sa akin, 75% discount. ang pcso lang ang ahensiya ng govt na tumutulong para makakuha ka ng lab tests at maoperahan pero hindi naman sinasagot lahat pero malaki na ring tulong iyon. un nga lang maaga ka doon sa dami ng tao at dapat kumpleto ang papeles.
      kada may medical and hosp need ka parang pcso lang ang pwedeng tumulong sa iyo. dahil ang ibang foundation ay may age limit, may limitasyon ang kanilang pagtulong.
      kung tutuusin dapat nga 100% free na ang medical and hosp expenses lalot philhealth member ka dahil for more than 15yrs na ako work. at nagbabayad ng napakalaking taxes lalo pag sa call center ka. pero pag dumating ang ganito situasyon sa buhay mo, nasaan ang govt na tutulong sa iyo. puro politics ang karamihan sa ating namumuno, kung me mga bagong investment naman napupunta sa mga infrastractures, sundalo at sa ibang ahensiya na madaling magkaroon ng kickbacks.
      i know some would say na hindi dapat sisihin ang govt, then sino? sila ang katuwang ng mamamayan at may kapangyarihan at kakakayanan para tumulong sa mga mahihirap.
      hindi ako nakaka empathize sa ganito until i got sick myself at wala kang recourse kungdi dumulog sa pcso dahil walang relatives na tutulong.
      i would condider this country great, kung matutugunan ang basic health needs and educational needs ng mamayang maraming available na doctor at nurses, mga gamot at pang labtests at hospital.
      kung ano ano na lang na maliliit na bagay ang pinagtutuunan ng ating mambabatas gaya ng pakikisawsaw sa pagkakatalo ni pacquiao kay bradley/
      sana mag incognito ang pangulo at iba pang officials ng govt, at dumalaw sa mga public hosp, makita nila mismo ang sistema.ewan ko kung gagawin nila un, dahil pag sila ang nagkasakit deretso sila sa asian hosp, st lukes at mamahaling hosp. they dont care ano man ang pinagdadaanan ng mahirap na mamamayang may sakit lalo na ung nagksakit ng cancer na tulad ko.

  • juana

    I don’t believe this story is completely true. May dagdag-bawas sa kwentong to. Comparing services in PH with those in US is exponentially unfair. We’re an impoverished, third-world country in case you dont know.

  • dang

    Wish ko lng na sana nman mabago man lang ang benefisyo ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan when it comes to health benefits….

  • Jose Glenn M. Asuque

    1 and a half months na GAMUTAN (?)!!!! tapos d daw gerd sakit ko baka me cancer OR infections disease. inindorse ako sa especialista daw na wala alam manlait sa idea mo kung ano sakit mo. Not after ng 8 check up at 1 endoscopy. Ang staff ng CT Scan mas worst laughing most of the time habang nagooperate. WORST HOSPITAL….