On the life of a NURSING STUDENT

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As my first ever BLOG… I will share my speech back when I was in 2nd year college for my Speech Class… hope everyone will like it…

On the life of a NURSING STUDENT

Once I have said to myself, “Whatever will happen, I will be a nurse, no matter what!” Now I’m still reciting the same line whenever I’m on the verge of giving up or breaking down. Tired, sleepless, hungry, frustrated- these are just some of the things that sum up a nursing student, because this is how I am today. But it is not just that hard, it is harder. There will never be a right description of what life a nursing student has. Never will there be a dull or boring day, always days of struggles, challenges and perseverance. It is quite enjoying sometimes, and I’m asking for more sometimes.so much enthusiasm envelops me, I’m ecstatic whenever Century old knowledge unfold in front of my eyes. And then seeing beyond the journey that I started almost 2 years ago, only success is what I aim, and only glory will I grab. I am a nursing student.

Two years ago, when I first stepped in the vicinity of this institution I thought I know everything about nursing. For me, back then, nursing is just about RLE, duty, memorization, Anatomy and being healthy. But I was wrong, it is more than that, more than a life I expected, more than the loses, happiness and triumphs I thought it would give me. It is more than my life; it is more than this institution. It is about giving your best, not giving the rest to God, but having faith on Him to give us strength and knowledge to pursue. It is making miracles, working on it, and believing in it. It is turning the world upside down and turning it back again, dreaming but staying in reality, flying but still touching the ground, these are just some of the ironies of the life I have chosen to go through and for me, it is all worth while. After this journey of thousand miles in a length of 2 more years, a life more colourful awaits but for now I will linger on every moment and taste every flavours of being a nursing student for it is a little less harder when you learn to love what you are facing and cherish every work you are doing.

For the last two years I experienced so much, I experienced friendship, I experienced love, I experienced devotion, martyrdom and sacrificing, and I experienced hope and many more. From all of these experiences I have changed. Truly being a nursing student is life changing. It is a life of sleepless nights, never by yourself but with great people, friends and classmates alike. It is a life of tiresome struggles, but still having the energy to pursue, for support and strength is just around the room: laughter of friends, giggles of classmates, bonding moments, motivations and, eyes, though half closed still shining with hope that there is still another wonderful day ahead. Sometimes our hearts were covered with doubt and worries but we learned to face the sun, our clinical instructors and the world with conviction. This is our life. We make mistakes once in a while, ironic for our course require us not to make even a single mistake for one will take someone’s life in the future, but we learned to make everything right. It is a process of trial and error, learning from experiences. This is our life.

Maybe a nursing student should not learn the word ENOUGH, because we’re getting more than we asked for and giving more than we can but then what really matters is that we want to be nurses someday, we pray every night for that to happen. We asked God for us to be nurses; He will not make us nurses just then and there but give us the chance to become one in our own way. We should do our part to give our best shot, cherish and hold on to this great chance, a wonderful opportunity to be able to help, to heal, to touch lives. Nurses are not structured to be money driven individuals but service oriented. Maybe passing the hardship of this life is a lifetime of gratitude to God and so a lifetime of service.

Now I can say that as I face more hardships in this path, I am loving this course more and more each passing day. Now it is not just a drive or a craze but passion. Now it’s not about taking up this course to have an airline ticket for greener pasture abroad but finishing this course for the honor, pride and self fulfilment. My reasons in taking up this path is for it to be my stepping stone to be rich and for the fulfilment of my dream of being a doctor and thanks to these two reasons that I am speaking today in front of you about the path that I chose to pursue and how I am living a life of a student, a nursing student just like you. In the future I may become a doctor or something else but surely I will always have a heart of a NURSE.

Again I’ll say, “Whatever will happen, I will be a nurse, no matter what!” This is my life, this is yours too. This is the life we chose for whatever reason and we’re not giving it up without a fight, to stay as a NURSING STUDENT AND GRADUATE. “WE WILL BE NURSES NO MATTER WHAT!” 



after 2 years… I am now a NURSE… I passed the boards… but unlike 2 years ago when I delivered this speech with dignity and head held high… now I might just bow down to the SYSTEM… I am a NURSE but not in a hospital or in a healthcare institution… I will always have with me the title RN or NURSE or REGISTERED NURSE… but it is so hard now to again be able to wear a white uniform or a scrub suit or a smock gown… and I cannot bring myself to just, even once, abandon what I worked for for four years and try something else, some other career… I AM A NURSE… I HAVE MY LICENSE BUT WHY CANT I BE A NURSE IN THIS COUNTRY?  

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  • Meg

    That is the sad truth on Filipino nurses. Marami nga na nurse, wala namang sapat na trabaho lalo sa sarili nating bansa. Sad but true.

  • grace

    kaka touch naman yung spech…sad to say totoo nga yung mga ganung pangyayari masarap maging nurse, lalo na kung marami kang taong natutulungan,sa paraang mapagaan lang yung karamdaman nila,sa pkikinig ng nurse sa mga hinaing ng kanilang pasyente.Subalit gustuhin mo mang maging nurse dito sa atin mahirap sa kadahilanang mahirap humanap o pumasok sa mga hospital. Kung may hiring man kelangan man kelangan at hanap nila yung may mga experience na…paano naman yung mga nurse na di pinalad na makapagtrabaho sa hospital at nasa ibang field sila? gustuhin man nila wala sila magagawa kaya kahit ano na lang na trabaho pinapasok na… nurse ngayon nsa call center, medical transcriptionist,sales/med rep. Sana magawan ng paraan yung sitwasyon ngayon dito sa atin. Baka dumating ang araw wala ng NURSE dito sa Pilipinas nasa malayong lugar na sila at ang pinagsisilbihan ay ang mga dayuhan.

  • juansikat

    i would gladly deliver over and over again if i can… 🙂

  • RYAN

    Hi there,

    I have read your blog. Today, nurses are quite rampant. May the government continue to make any solutions for this issue. Many nurses are underemployed because they’re not practicing their own profession”. Those reasons are found here http://filipinonurses.org/index.php/2011/10/top-10-reasons-why-you-wouldnt-want-to-be-a-nurse-in-the-philippines/ . God bless us NURSES!

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