Our Profession, Our Way to the World

nursing world

We woke up each day, go to work, school, a trip maybe or even sitting in silence, without really knowing what will happen next. We set goals and standards, and believed into something, and by the end of the day, realized, all in this world are subject to time and change. In our deepest selves, we felt the ache of uncertainty, and then we ask questions that confront our reality and beliefs; questions we tried to find answers in school, work, relationships, prayers; questions we seek help from those whom we believe have the authority to provide us the answers we need; questions of self-worth and meaning; questions with no definite answers, circling in unending possibilities.

nursing world

For whatever possible reason we landed on this job, what could have been more transparent that this doesn’t exempt us from the unbounded possibilities, we set for ourselves as an art to the confounding way of the world and vice versa. Similarly, we get offended, act defensively that make us establish a strong advantage which consumes our thinking, put us to the unending quest for the most convenient way to live by those uncertainties.

So as to say in the immensity of our job. How challenging it could get, when we have our own gaps to fill? Balance to achieve?

But what do we have out of those unbounded possibilities? A bound possibility to promote our profession, to create an immediate impact to our people and to the world. A possibility that can make us, transform us to be more focus, alert and efficient. A possibility to choose not to compromise, kill our fundamentals. A possibility to choose not to devour our options and chances of considered judgement and gather our actions and thoughts to exercise our duties and responsibilities the best possible way. A possibility to create a mastery of thought that along with this job are the many other possibilities and might put us in even more difficult, sometimes awkward, inconvenient situations.

It’s ironic, we reach out for what’s already there. It’s like aiming to be good at our craft, arriving late and doing just half the job (papetiks-petiks). Our uniform must remind us, this is our calling, our purpose, our way to the world. Despite the inevitable, unbounded possibilities, we make a sense, we prove a worth. That throughout every circumstances, we make a firm, unwavering, undaunted stand in the pursuit of creating a better world.

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