P14,000 Minimum Nursing Salary Proposed

Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara, son of Senator Angara, drew flak after suggesting in his Bill 5780 that the monthly basic salary for nurse practitioners be pegged at P14,000. The proposal, according to nursing advocates, is in a complete contradiction to what Nursing Law of 2002, otherwise known as R.A 9173, has been suggesting- -a Salary Grade 15 which is equal to 22, 688 for all public nurses.

“If Congressman (Sonny) Angara wishes to follow the footsteps of his father and become senator someday, he should promptly withdraw his bill, which degrades our nurses,” said TUCP president and former Sen. Ernesto Herrera who is also former chairman of the Senate committee on labor, employment and human resources development.

“There is no way he can get the votes of our three million registered nurses and nursing graduates, if he insists on his bill,” Herrera added.

Angara, on the other hand, said that the minimum base pay of nurses in public and private health and health-related institutions should be in accordance with prevailing salary standards set by law for professionals. He said his bill also mandates that hospitals and other medical institutions provide incentives and benefits to their nurses. At present, a nurse is receiving a monthly salary of only P5,000 to P7,000 in government and private hospitals. Those working in clinics and small privately owned hospitals are getting P4,000.

Nurses currently rank as the second largest group of professionals in the Philippines next to teachers. For this reason, former Senator Herrera firmly believes that it’s the government’s role to find feasible jobs for nurses that also pay decently.

“The only reason the higher pay rate is not being enforced by public hospitals is because government claims it does not have the wherewithal,” he said.

He said even the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. led by president Dr. Eduardo Banzon is already paying nurses P15,000 monthly, which is higher than the salary being offered by Angara.

The Professional Regulation Commission estimates at 300,000 the unemployed nurses. Educators, labor leaders and even health officials have been urging incoming college students to avoid taking up nursing, amid the huge surplus of graduates.



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  • bargain nalang DAW ang nurses today. :c

    • Madeline Pasigan

      Do you guys know any updates about the job that philhealth proposed last feb 2012. that they will hire 600 nurses with 15k salary…:)

      • waterlily

        I haven’t heard any news yet, but a colleague told me that they hired already. I just don’t know if that’s true. Anyhow, I’m still hoping to be selected. 🙂

        • madz

          really, im waiting for that ksi sana they have a heart to announced or post about it..enewiez thanks…

          • charls

            apparently they are now in the process of interview and I missed my interview due to lack of resources I have no internet for the past week ugh! and they gave me an update through email but sent it to my other email add and not to the one that I used to send my application tsk3… Hope I can still make it up tomorrow Lord help me 😀

          • rey


            guys ito po yung sinasabi nyo na hiring sa philhealth…ngayon ko nga lang po ito na kita…ngayon nga rin po ang deadline…paki view lang po ang link na yan…

          • me too.i’m hoping for my application

          • charls

            buti nlng na interview pa ako thank God my very 1st interview was a success , Just waiting for them to update us,, ok lng matangap man o hindi at least I did my best hehe 😀

    • Romeo Baful

      ello Pinay Nurses, I am an American Citizen and looking for a partner in life. She should be of good moral character and not an opportunist that will only use me to gain entry in the U.S., because I had a bad experience with the pinay I petitioned before and she just used and abused me. I want a serious relationship and I’m willing to petition the chosen one and it will only take 3 – 5 months for the USCIS to process all the documents needed to come and work and live here in America. Nurses here gets paid at $50 an hour and after 8 hours is time and half pay , that means , you will get paid $75 an hour because normally, they work from 8 to 12 hours a day. So that would be $50 x 8 hrs. = $400 plus overtime $75 x 4 = $300 , so in just 1 day , you will be making $700.. how much you going to make in a month with the same figures? how much would that be if you convert to Philippine Peso? If anyone is interested , please email me : [email protected] or add me up on my Facebook acct. This is your golden opportunity to come and work and live here in America and be a successful Nurse. Good luck and God bless you.

  • the only thing government will do is for them to implement the Magna Carta for nursing or R.A. 9173… not creating another paper bill just like the previous nursing laws that were signed and passed by the Philippine Congress. it will be a waste of effort, time and money.

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  • The bill will remain as a bill only and no application will be done. If they really meant it then it should be implemented to all areas in the Philippines but so far many nurses suffered from low income monthly since they are many nurses now hospital owners abused it and just give below minimum salary. Worse after become professional nurse we are the one to pay the institution for us to practice nursing. We are the one who rendered services yet we are the one paying without any assurance of being absorb as a regular employee and mostly we will only be reliever nurses without the same benefits as regular nurses…

  • Jose

    PROPOSED? yeah…! approved? hell no. =(

  • madz

    charls…san location mo?tlga nainterview k n g philhealth,,sna kmi dn

    • charls

      Davao City po ako :)) Region 11

    • charls

      wait lng kayo, or why not contact Philhealth office in your area? Just ask them nlng if nag start na ba sila nag interview 😀

  • Hope it will be implemented as soon as possible. There are many bills that are just wasted. Filipino nurses deserves a higher salary because they are professionals.

    • Dave

      Being a professional does not automatically give you the right to a higher salary lady. Maybe you should speak with nurses from other countries and compare their salaries with yours. Also i dont like to say it but the standard of training in the Philippines for nurses is not of the highest grade. I am not blaming the nurses but the system. You are on about people dying in hospital because they cannot afford to pay for the treatment and then you the people who are supposed to have taken this profession because ‘you love helping and looking after people’ are asking for more money which in turn will put up the price of medication causing more of your people to suffer. A vicious circle. Maybe if your government put more money into the health projects in your country instead of their own pockets then things would improve. I dread anything happening to me of a medical matter as i would hate to be treated in a Filipino hospital. Sorry but thats the way many many foreigners feel. They have no confidence in the hospitals here. Please dont take this the wrong way as i understand the nurses are doing their best.

      • charls

        sir dave then tell that to our Government I hope they will listen to you.

        • Dave

          Charls i would love to sit with the government here and tell them what a bunch of thieving ***@@#### they are. I really do feel sorry for the people of the Philippines. They get the rough end of everything. If the government is not taking them for a ride i hate to say it but the church does as well. Richest religion in the world with the poorest people. Godbless U

          • charls

            ohh sir Dave I agree with you so sad still I have no job because of this backer system here 🙁

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  • Dapat lang nman na 14,000 or about yung salary ng mga nurse natin para hindi na cla kailangan mag abroad… kawawa ksi sila doon malayo sa pamilya nila…

  • uo nga dapat lang na pata asan ang sahod ng mga nurse natin na pilipino para hindi narin sila pumunta ibang bansa.

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