The Babinski Reflex

To attain professional and personal growth as a registered nurse, having a specialization is important. That is based on my personal standpoint. Pediatric Nursing is the world I chose. Honestly, I have never envisaged that I’ll be a pediatric nurse. The simple thought of comforting an annoyed toddler has never crossed my mind. In fact, I could still remember my college days when I get easily irritated during discussions that concern Pediatric Nursing. That particular field of Nursing has never fancied me during my college years.

Everything changes. Indeed, everything changes direction.

I am presently employed as a staff nurse in a private tertiary hospital here in Laguna. To be more specific, a pediatric staff nurse. Initially, I was a bit perturbed during my first day because as I’ve said in my previous posts, handling pediatric clients is beyond my interest. Why? Some pediatric clients are stubborn, bratty, and troublesome. As well, most of pediatric clients’ relatives are insistent, irritating, and shallow. In short, the entire pediatrics department is demanding.

They say that loving something can be learned. I must agree.

Now, I am genuinely in love with Pediatric Nursing. This specialization has made me realize so many things. The cry of a neonate made me realize that life is a blessing. The wayward personality of a toddler made me realize that life isn’t always pleasant. The pre-school children’s playful feet made me realize that life is fun-filled. The curious mind of an adolescent made me realize that life is a constant search for existence.

Your childhood years are vital to what you have become today. This specific field of Nursing will always be special to me. In this area, I have painstakingly observed how difficult life is. Parents who are willing to sacrifice everything for the survival of their children. Friends who are always there to comfort their ill companions. People who are willing to help patients due to their indigence. It is actually heartrending to see patients suffer from agonizing pain considering the fact that they are just starting to witness the beauty of life. That is one of the reasons why my perspective towards Pediatric Nursing has changed. Pediatric clients need to experience the totality of life. They must see the life that awaits them ten, twenty, or even fifty years after.

If you are a pediatric nurse and your specialization is Pediatric Nursing, be proud of yourself. Despite the countless yells and cries that you receive everyday from patients and their relatives, be thankful that this specialty exists because you are giving these unwell children the opportunity to witness their future. You are helping these little angels to survive and savor the life that they truly deserve. You will eventually grow as a mature person and become a very significant portion of their being because you have seen them struggle and survive in one of the most essential phases of their life.

I am a pediatric nurse.



Drexel Heinz Magpantay Cruz, RN, RM

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