perfect hands

I’ve always wanted to have beautiful hands, so soft and smooth. But mind you, I never dreamt to be a commercial model for hand lotions and soaps. Staring at my hand while writing this up, with a deep sigh! For what I have are rough, dry hands with clean cut nails (to prevent injury especially for my little patients), moisturizers aren’t effective. Well certainly should be, for I am a NURSE. And sometimes I’d like to blame the most frequently done by a nurse, the HAND HYGIENE with the FIVE MOMENTS we really have to keep in mind:

  1. Before touching the patient.
  2. Before a procedure.
  3. After a procedure or exposure to body fluids.
  4. After touching the patient.
  5. After touching the patient’s surroundings.

HAND WASHING – it takes 15 seconds to perform or simply singing the happy birthday song twice. Well this is the thing we do whenever our hands are visibly dirty. The single most important procedure for preventing the spread of biological contamination as defined.

And hey! There goes the ALCOHOL HAND RUB. More accessible, easier and waterless, yet adds more roughness with my hands.

Anyway, I may not have perfect hands for the sake beauty but, I have hands for my patients’ wellness and care and that makes it perfect.

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