Plastic Surgery: Better Look for Better Career


Celebrities are commonly known to improve their looks through different ways. You see them strut  the red carpet with the latest fashion, have the most expensive make-up with the most talented makeup artist and being sponsored with health and beauty products worldwide.

With that, you see them shine with glowing skin and can  be easily noticed when in public. But that’s their job, to look good as entertainers and inspirations on the silver screen.

But did you know that there are average Joes that also aim to carry the prettiest face just to be able to compete at work?

In a recent study of Yale in US, good-looking workers earn a lifetime total of $230,000 that those with below average looks. On the other hand, attractive men earn 9% more than unattractive men.

Let’s admit it. We are in the world where looks are being judged as what it is. And whether we are working on different industries, it’s more pleasing to see and work with someone who are not  only passionate about their job but also have pleasing personality. And with that includes good looks.

According to a book written by Daniel Hamermesh in 2011 entitled “Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful”, it states that attractive people are being hired sooner, get promoted more faster and tend to have better ranking in their companies.

The book ads that attractive people are more confident about themselves and thus projects higher self-esteem at work.

These eyebrow raising details are seemingly true. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery‘s report states that. during the recent years, both men and women are considering cosmetic surgery because they want to be competitive in their workplace.

Dr. Edwin Magallona, a professional plastic surgeon in the Philippines shares that some of his patients who are coming from around the world commonly wants to look younger and compete with fresh graduates in their companies.

Today, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty are not the only cosmetic procedures being chosen by many. There are botox and face lift which can minimize wrinkles, laugh lines and other signs of aging.

There’s nothing wrong in seeking the help of science to boost our careers. As long as you are emotionally, financially and physically ready to look younger and ensure that your company doesn’t only have pretty faces but can actually create best results, you are on you way to the top.

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