Protect Your Child From Insect Bites: Simple Methods to Keep Bugs Away

Mosquito (Photo credit: todayifindout)
Mosquito (Photo credit: todayifindout)
Mosquito (Photo credit: todayifindout)

Children are more vulnerable to mosquito bites because they tend to play outdoors and explore areas that encourage mosquito colonies. For this reason, your children might suffer from mosquito bites.

These bites are itchy little bumps that emerge after a mosquito had punctured your child’s skin and feed on their blood. Although most mosquito bites are harmless, there are mosquitoes that carry certain viruses and parasites that might cause serious health complications for your toddler. The diseases transmitted by infected mosquitoes can include West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Malaria. Due to the potential dangers of mosquito bites, it is essential to take preventive measure to keep these bugs away from your child.

Simple Solutions To Reduce Mosquito Bites

Get rid of possible mosquito breeding grounds. To prevent mosquito bites, you must address the root cause of the problem. This means you need to get rid of any possible mosquito breeding areas, such as stagnant and murky waters. You need to eliminate sources of standing water from your home and yard, such as bird baths, tires, empty cans and bottles, and pools.

Seal potential access points. In addition to discouraging mosquitoes from building colonies near your home, you must also seal the access points of these bugs. For one, you need to seal any cracks and holes in your home. You can also put window screens to prevent these bugs from entering your house. Avoid leaving the doors or windows open, especially at night when mosquitoes are more active.

Wear proper clothing when outdoors. When you take your child outdoors, make sure to dress them appropriately. Despite the warm weather, you must make sure to cover his or her arms and legs with clothing. You can also have them wear a long-sleeve shirt and pants, and even have them put on socks to lower the chances of getting bitten. It is also advisable to wear lighter colors.

Apply insect repellent on your child’s skin and clothing. You can apply insect repellent directly to your child’s clothes, or apply it on their skin. When choosing a mosquito repellent, you must look for ingredients, such as geraniol, eucalyptus oil, and picaridin. When applying this solution, you must avoid their eyes and hands as it may cause some irritation.


    • You can look for repellents that contain DEET since it can successfully ward off mosquitoes and other bugs. It is advisable to use insect repellents with 10% DEET for children and babies. Remember though to avoid applying too much of the product since it can be harmful. Additionally, avoid applying it in areas that are covered by clothing.
  • Another option is using natural essential oils that can repel insects without using chemicals, such as DEET. These are natural, safe, and non-toxic products that can provide protection against mosquito bites.


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