Proud To Be A Real Nurse

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Nursing for me is a Science, an Art and a Way of life. Science because a Nurse must have a knowledge of what the patient is having and how to deal with it therapeutically. It is also an Art because Nurses have unique skills to approach and deal with the patients to help alleviate their sufferings. The interpersonal relationship that Nurses build with their patients can already be considered as an art, too. And it is a Way of Life because it’s already in a Nurse’s system. Nursing is in their lives even after their duty hours. A Real Nurse never cease to be one because once a Nurse will always be a Nurse. Nursing comes within. It is enhanced by Education but it is naturally inside one’s soul. It is about Nurses and about using a c0mbination of good judgement, skills and sometimes just a plain common sense. It involves the Science of Medicine and the Art of Healing. It is the humblest Profession and a lifelong process. It is not about the Money, it is about the Patient and the best care that a Nurse can give. It’s really true that the patient’s life depends in the Nurse’s golden hands.

Being a Nurse is a tough profession but it is really a privilege to be a blessing and an extended Arm of God to touch life of a seriously sick patient. It needs compassion, dedication and willingness to share something in the form of good quality of care and service. All patients need compassion and tender loving care from the Nurses every once in a while. If a Nurse has n0 intenti0n to render the best quality care, then that Nurse should n0t have the right to be called as one.

Being a Nurse is a fulfilling career for me. Working in a Multicultural Envir0nmental Hospitals for several years n0w really changed my life in many ways. I have worked in Philippines as a Staff Nurse for years and now presently working here in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a Labor and Delivery Room Nurse for more than 3-year already. My profession has made me a better one. Working as a Full time Nurse, I have encountered more situations and cases that have touched my life in ways that no other Professions ever does and ever will. I have seen so many patient’s death dragged on due to their fear of dying or their loved one’s fear of dying. I have seen so many patients died within my bare hands in spite of trying my best to rescue and revive them. I have been through a lot of Major and Min0r Operati0ns, countless Normal Spontaneous Deliveries, toxic Neonatal Care and more Emergency cases. I too have cared more patients staying for a m0nth-long or more in the hospital hoping that their illness will be cured and pain will be relieved even just for a while. I have seen patients who were stabbed to death, and patients with multiple fractures and deformities due to vehicular accident, falls and etc. I have seen so many disturbing things and actions from patients themselves who were just waiting for their hours of death and I pitied them and those people who were losing their minds and hearts seeing their loved one passed away. I have done countless CPRs in my life. Some of them have survived while some died before my eyes and everyone of them took a piece of me.

As a Nurse and a human being, my heart was crying and deeply bleeding inside of me every time I had lost some of my patients, but nothing can compare to the emoti0ns I have felt every time a patient recovers, smiles at me and says “Thank You Miss/Ma’am Genevieve”. Yes, being a Nurse is really exhausting because the duty hours are sometimes not good. Sometimes there are No Holidays and No Special Occasions. I still remember how many Birthdays, Christmases and New years I haven’t attended to. Instead of spending those times with my family (Parents, Siblings and Nephew), friends and relatives, I was in the Hospital having my duty and rendering care to the patients I have never known. Yes, being a Nurse sometimes make my personal life suffers. Yes, It is stressful and thankless at times but I still do it in my own reward, not looking for Recognitions but just the satisfaction of doing my best to help patients to feel better.

Yes, being a Nurse is my career and my calling.
I’m a Real Nurse and I’m proud to be one.:)

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