Nurses in Public Hospitals: An Ugly Portrait

Philippines- -the home of health care providers. However, would you consider our public hospitals render a quality care and provide a conducive environment to Filipino patients? Definitely NO!!

There are a lot of flaws/defects of public hospitals here in the Philippines. The ward is dirty and there are insects inside the rooms, the walls are very dirty with blood, dust on the floor with hair and small pieces of paper and plastics, then it is very hot inside, really! The patient’s belongings are, most of the time, messed up. Broken windows, door knob that is not functioning, inadequate bed, poor ventilation and many others- – these flaws should be corrected because having these would make the patients condition worse; this kind of environment would cause infection, disease, or may harm to others. Even if public hospitals are lacking in resources, they should maintain the environmental cleanliness. Where are the janitors? They are being paid just for nothing; they should maintain the cleanliness of the room.

In public hospitals, I notice that registered nurses and even trainees tamper the record of the patient, especially their vital signs. Look, it’s 10 AM in the morning but in the TPR Sheet, vital signs are plotted already until 2pm. This action is very unprofessional and doesn’t follow the hospital’s policy. What a shame. They write the interventions they have done on the nurse’s notes even they didn’t really accomplished that particular intervention/procedure. They do not practice the right way of giving medications and also they do not usually explain to the client what they are doing.

Most public hospital nurses do not treat the patient right.Look, the patient is sick and then you are going to shout or raise your voice!? What do you think the patient would feel? They don’t have the capacity to pay or let’s just say that they are poor but that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect your patient. Nurses are being paid by the government so they should comply with the hospital’s policy. Think, most patients have slow comprehension especially when it comes to medical issues so don’t assume that he/she will understand you fully as you explain; you should instill to his/her mind what you are talking about.

Nurses took their oath and they have vision and mission. They should follow what is right and if someone practices or do things wrong, be a model to him/her even he/she is your superior. I don’t care if you’re a doctor, head nurse, or what position you have in a particular institution or hospital, you SHOULD and you MUST do what is right!

As a student nurse, it really hurts me a lot when I see my patient in a dirty, hot, smelly room (poor ventilation), when I see her being shouted by the nurse, treating her unfairly, and seeing my patient’s chart being tampered. It hurts me every time I encounter nurses of our society doing the wrong ones and not what is right, when they do not comply with the hospital’s policy, and when they are just yelling and eating at the nurses station. It hurts me when they discriminate patients through their actions. Are these the knowledge and skills they’ve learned for the past 4 years of their life in school?

Sad reality.

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  • reyann red

    From what schoil are you and in what city do you make your rotations? When you pass try to work in a publuc hospital in any province far from Manila and you will get your answer.

    • Ashraf Sibug

      aminado si reyann red oh na ganyan nga sa mga public hospital na malayo sa kabihasnan.

      Kayo na. Kayo ng mga taga Maynila.

      Acknowledge nyo din naman kaming mga nurse sa mga malalayong probinsya. Hindi yung ipinamumukha nyo lang kung anong standards meron kayo jan sa syudad.

      May government hospital din naman sa amin Davao, Zamboanga, etc.. it’s the same situation as what the author had mentioned.

      You don’t need to go to city to experience what & how a government hospital does to the patients safety.

  • nurse2

    not all public hospitals are like that.. it is unfair to state broadly that government hospitals are treating patients in an ill-mannered way. there are still some other hospitals that can cope up with the problems of cleanliness and insufficiency of medical supplies. as for the nurses, maybe stress and the 1nurse to 10-20 patient ratio may be the reason that they cannot render effective care to all the patients. put your feet on the nurses’ shoes first before making any statements. I have seen those situations back when I was a student nurse, and now I’m really working as a staff, I can say that it is really hard.. a lot of physical and emotional sacrifices comes for the nurse.. you feed up your patients while your stomach aches thinking when do you get to eat for yourself, you forget everything about yourself thinking for your patients medications and other needs.. I was even awakened at my sleep thinking about our patients even it was my day off. just sympathize with the nurses.. it’s not their fault.. and they’re not really that rude enough.

    • Mikhos

      still at the end of the day, regardless whether a nurse feels tired, or not, he or she MUST by all means, uphold professionalism. I will disagree with you on the part that you must understand the nurse for doing his or her work and the conditions he or she is working in. Remember, it is the patient who is at a disadvantaged here, NOT THE NURSE, as the nurse has always the option to eat when he is hungry or do what he needs to do. Everyone is entitled to do that. While patients should appreciate the effort placed when nurses go the extra mile, IN NO WAY should it be used that such horrible working conditions should give the nurse a little lee way in terms of empathizing with them. That is not how things should be seen. Rather, a nurse is there to care for the patient, regardless of the hospital conditions and in no way is he or she given the right to act rudely or otherwise.

      By the way, been able to see most hospitals within my vicinity, and sad to say, almost all government hospitals are in a horrible condition.

      • Chris

        Yes, they can eat if they want to.. but not if the patient is already on cardiac arrest..not when the patient is complaining of difficulty of breathing, or about to be intubated,,, not when the relatives told about decrease in sensorium. Pag may masamang nangyari sa mga pasyenteng iyan dahil hindi ka nag-attend sa kanila, maaari mo bang sabihin na, “kumain pa kasi ako.”

        Kahit sinong nurse na may pinakamahabang pasensya minsan sa sobrang sama ng lasa at pagod, they unintentionally act in the way which is not supposed to be. But it doesn’t mean na ganun na ang pagkatao nila. Whatever you see in these nurses, be it negative or positive, still, no one is in the position to judge them. You are not in their shoes, so you do not know what they are going through…

        • Taylor_C

          wow are you seriously complaining that you cant eat because your patient is in cardiac arrest or having trouble breathing? newsflash! its not your job to eat when those types of situations arise, plus unless your a slave im pretty sure you get a meal break. stop whining saying “your not in their shoes” blah blah ITS YOUR JOB! you get paid, you most likely became a nurse with this master plan to go abroad and work n make good money but opps…reality has hit and you have found yourself working for a meager wage and now you have an attitude and are pissed off at the world…your the one that wanted to be a nurse, im sure you have plenty of friends and family that are nurses so you knew what you were getting yourself into..

          • nurse1

            your absolutely right! it’s the nurse’s job and do you know what is priority number one? that is patient safety. but what if your caring for 35 patients and talking to them one by one in a kind hearten manner may not be effective, the nurse must employ other means of communication to make it stick to the patients mind that these instructions are IMPORTANT like raising their voice. patient safety is not the job of the spectator, relative or any other person but it’s the job of the nurse so by hook or by crook it should be prioritized among any other things. now in case you find yourself in a government hospital and see patients being scolded, always remember that it’s not your job so BACK OFF!!! and if you see nurses whining about their job remember it’s NOT YOUR JOB as well so if you have the money and don’t want to be scolded then go to a private hospital like st lukes global.

      • nurse1

        Mikhos.. hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon pwede mong sundin ang ideal setup. alam mo ba bakit? kasi kunwari ikaw ang nurse at may 25 patient ka sa public hospital. kung vital sign mo is 10 am at kung susundin mo yung ideal na 10 am talaga vital sign e baka di ka matapos. kung susundin mo talaga yung ideal e aabutin ka ng mga 5 to 10 mins per patient. do the math e lalagpas ka talaga ng 10 am. kaya gumagawa nalang ng diskarte ang mga nurses para magkasya ang oras nila sa lahat ng patiente nila. syempre iniisip din nila kung sino ang mga critical e yun ung tinututukan. ano ba tingin mo mas imporant ang ma accomodate lahat ng patiente o sundin yung proper procedure?

        Sinasabi mo hindi nag eempathize ang nurse. hindi mo lang alam pero sa loob nila e naiintindihan nila ang patiente. sa tingin mo rude ang nurse? hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon e kailangan malumanay ang nurse. may mga panahon na kailangan maging firm sila para sundin ang sinasabi nila. ano sa tingin mo sa mga nurse? superman? tao lang din ang nurse. kahit sino pag na puno na e iinit talaga ang ulo. kahit siguro ikaw pag na sobraan ka sa trabaho mo e iinit din ulo mo. lahat may karapatang kumain pero sa tingin mo ba pag natambakan ka ng trabaho e ma eenjoy mo pa yung pag kain mo? kaya yung ibang nurse e di na kumakain sa tamang oras or mabilisang kain nalang ang ginagawa. yung setting ng hospital e di na kasalanan ng nurse yun. sa management na ng hospital yun. ang nagagawa lang ng nurse is mag improvise. ang paglilinis e trabaho ng janitor. hindi ng nurse.

        try mo maging nurse kahit one day lang para maintindihan mo yung mga sinasabi ko at kaya di maiiwasan ang mga sinasabi mo

        • Diego Fernandez

          Bawal nga dapat ang mag improvise. Most government hospitals are below international standards or national standards (kung meron man silang sinusunod).

          Government hospitals should be the exemplary health care facility that all others must follow. Hindi yung government hospital na nga sila pa etong dugyot, madumi, high-risk for infection, unsanitary practices, unsterilized Operating Rooms.

          sana man lang as a NURSE, make an effort to uphold professionalism at all times katulad ng sinabe ng isa jan. lahat kayo jan sa REGISTERED, licensed holder.. sa ibang bansa Nurse Assistant.

          Linisin muna yung baho bago magpapasok ng pasyente. Wala na ngang pambayad, niloloko lang sa vital signs. jeez..

          Ang pinag-papasalamat ko lang at talagang maseswerte pa rin mga pasyente sa pinas dahil mga matatalino at masisipag mga health care providers esp. mga nurses.

          ^yan ang di mo makikita sa ibang bansa.. sa ibang bigtime na hospital or kahit sa regular lang na hospital.

          FILIPINO NURSE pa rin ang hinahanap nila.. kahit mga Royals.

          • nurse1

            oo hindi ideal ang mag improvise. pero ano gagawin mo kung ang patiente e kulang nabiling gamit? ideally ang syringe e one time use lang. pero nag titipid ang patiente mo. alangan naman hindi mo na siya bibigyan ng gamot kasi wala siyang pambili ng syringe? walang pambili ng t piece ang patiente. alangan naman di mo na siya bibigyan ng oxygen kasi di ayon sa international standards ang mangyayari? syempre nursing is an art. kailangan creative ka. pwede mong butasan ang syringe tube at i connect sa oxygen.

            tao lang ang nurse. hindi sila martyr. alangan naman ang nurse pa ang bibili ng gamit ng patiente. hindi kasalanan ng nurse kung walang pambili ang patiente o walang mabigay ang hospital.

            Pano mo nasabi na unsanitary at unsterile ang mga practices sa operating room? nakapag scrub ka na ba??

            oo may time talaga na hindi nasusunod ang standards sa pag vital sign pero kasi mayroon din tinatawag na prioritization. syempre i priprioritize mo yung mga critical patients. kung susundin mo talaga lahat ng standard procedure e baka tapos na shift mo e di ka pa tapos ang ginagawa mo. and hindi bayad ang overtime ng nurses. ty lang yun. kaya nasusunod ang standard practice sa ibang bansa kasi may sinusunod silang nurse to patient ratio. para sa non critical patients e 1 nurse is to 8 patients. and automated lahat ng vital signs don. hindi katulad dito na mano mano.

            pano mo nasabi na hindi na uphold yung professionalism ng mga nurses sa govt hospitals. bat nurse ka ba sa govt hospital? wala ka sa position para mag judge.

      • regie

        I never worked in a public hospital, yet i know the plight of RNs working in public hospitals. I hope you realize Mikhos, that the nurses aren’t robots, nor are they saints. They are your regular folks who just happen to have a degree in Nursing. They get tired, they get hurt, they also lead a different life outside the hospital.
        So before you preach, and spout some MUST and SHOULDS, you have to be in their shoes first and try to be a RN in a public hospital.

        • Mikhos

          Sorry my dear but the only thing I can say, I have seen things and the fact that my family is in the medical fields, I should know and better. If you guys can work with being human and still neglect your duties, then it only goes to show the qualities and paradigms you adhere to. In my line of work, I have always maintained that quality that I believe my clients should get, regardless of the situation I am in. Work is work, and we so chose to be there. WE all have the options to do what we ought to and we ought not. If you guys cannot understand that we do have options, then I need not talk nor even argue as you guys are very subjective, and only have a very microscopic understanding of what is ethical, versus what is professional, and outright, subjective. Get the drift? I bet not.

          • reyann red

            oh yes we get the drift sir. you are very idealistic, that is good. i was once like you very idealistic, but idealism does not work well with reality, you have to bend your own rules at times, nurse 1 is right, i know because i work in a government hospital and let me tell you its not a walk in the park and it never will be with a nurse to patient ratio of unbalanced proportions. you say that your family works in the healthcare field? then you should know first hand what is going on in our hospitals private or otherwise? it is in government hospitals that the poorest of the poor goes for help and help we do and yes we get sick and fed up at times but what can we do that is the situation!!! you want us to follow the most uptight standards? help fight corruption, pay taxes well, follow the laws, report and do not vote useless government officials and maybe just maybe the healthcare budget will increase to give us the tools we need.

            with regards to other things that has been said here, we are professionals and we do adhere to standards of care, some may have forgotten that but not those like me that take our job seriously despite the meager salary and damn working conditions because we do our best despite it all.

          • regie

            Oh yes mikhos, i get your “drift”, you and your high horse, better than thou attitude that lacks understanding as well. You have relatives that work in different medical fields, but YOU don’t. So please, off with that attitude. You are certainly not better than me or the rest of us here.

          • regie

            And for that matter, I believe it is you who has a “microscopic understanding” of the prevailing situation here. It is indeed very commendable to be so ideal regarding patient care. But did you know, and I bet you do, that the standard ration for nurse to patients is 1:4, well guess what, in public hospitals it is 1:40-50. Now tell me, mikhos, how in the world will a nurse be able to split his/her body into 9 different individuals that will cater to everybody in such ideal, “ethical” as you would point out, and best way possible in congruence with highest standards of nursing care? Get the drift? I BET NOT!

      • nurse2

        excuse me, Mr.Mikhos.. nurses as stated by others are not robots! your arguments are biased and one-sided pertaining only to the patient.. as nurses we do must take care and look also to ourselves because in our everyday duties we face a very time-firm and busy duties with a large quantity and different conditions, behaviors of the patients. maybe you’re working with paperworks or machineries that’s why you cannot understand us. as I have said earlier, learn to put also your feet onto the shoes of the nurses. It is not an easy work for us and WE ALSO HAVE TO BE HEALTHY IN ORDER TO SERVE OUR PATIENTS!

  • Jane

    I understand your sentiments..i experienced this things too..however we chose to be nurses,we wanted to work as nurses in a public doesnt give us the right to be rude to people because of our own sufferings,remember we chose to work doesn’t give us the right to make excuses,at the end of the day we should always uphold quality and professionalism…if we cannot perform our duties and its against our principle better look for another job,hospital or whatever than make excuses because at the end of the day its our choice that brought us there in the first place.

    • Diego Fernandez

      pwede ka namang humindi sa trabahong ina sign sa iyo Jane but that doesn’t make you incompetent. It’s a choice. Looking at the current situation of employment in the Philippines for nurses, slavery ang ginagawa ng mga hospitals sa major workforce nila.

  • Norelynsara

    Dear author, I humbly ask u to be a graduate and a licensed nurse then u will see what’s life like a nurse before u say something about our humble profession…. Otherwise why continue taking up nursing if ur perception about us is negative?
    May u come to ur senses dear and God bless u

    PS. For all I care I’m happily serving as a government staff nurse here abroad and very well compensated…..thanks be to God

    Moreove, GET A LIFE

    • Ashraf Sibug

      In denial at talangka ka din Norelynsara.. sayang ka.

      Imulat mo sana mga mata mo kung anong nangyayari sa mga government hospital.

      Walang kinalaman ang perception niya sa REALITIES ng nangyayari sa mga government hospital. As a student nurse, an observer he describes what he & most of us is experiencing.

      It’s not in our best interest if you are a government staff nurse there abroad. Sarap ng buhay mo jan eh.

      Sana lang wag kang manghila ng kababayan mo. Lugmok na nga kami dito sa Pinas, denial ka pa.

  • tony acuna

    i am not a nurse but two of my children are RNs.they both love their profession and i saw how they suffer whenever they lost their patients and how happy they would relate their stories whenever their patients recovered from their illness. my children once told me that the hospital is their second,tell me,if you believe what they believed,how in heaven’s name you have the courage to write this piece.if your observations are true,kindly tell us what actions did you take to improve the situation,if nothing, better be quiet because your story doesn’t serve its purpose

  • Diego Fernandez


    Priority mo ngayon ay magbasa muna ng handbook/policies on quality management and safety practices ng hospital mo ano? hindi yung minamagic magic mo lang mga improvise na gamit sa hospital. unang una i-refer mo sa social services yung pasyente kung walang pambayad para ma classify as indigent or others.

    Vital signs, ano bang naintindihan mo jan? Unang una yan. ADPIE. Kung jan pa lang ay hindi mo na magawa ng maayos tigilan mo na ang pag na nursing. Anong klaseng logic yang prioritization na sinasabe mo? Alam mong lahat ng pasyente kailangan mong i-Assess, vital signs palagi. Standard yan kahit saang hospital / health care facility.

    You don’t have to buy stuff for your patient. Alam mo yan. Uphold professionalism. Know your responsibilities and duties as a nurse in your institution. Stop nurse exploitation.

    Wag kang pumayag na mag overtime kung sa huli nagrereklamo kang “thank you” nalang yun. Walang aabuso kung walang nagpapa abuso.

    Mas accurate pa nga yang mano mano kaysa sa automated na pwedeng pwedeng dayain, kaya kasama sa mga automated machines ay data recorder dahil duon nagkaka alaman kung dinaya mo yung vital signs.

    Pangatlo you don’t have to be a nurse in a government hospital to know what health practices the institution is doing. Itanong mo yan sa mga pasyente.

    We are all tax payers and we have the right to demand the best from the government hospital.


    tama na ang pagka utak talangka nurse1.

    • regie

      Naiintindihan ko ang sinasabi ni Nurse1. Kung kaya mong gawin ang ADPIE sa 45 na patients sa walong oras, at ang VS, at ang pagsunod sa Nursing orders,aba, very good. Isa kang supernurse na may super powers. Prioritization, ibig sabihin, yung pinaka unstable na pasyente sa Charity Ward, mas uunahin mo kesa dun sa pasyenteng naghihintay na lang ng discharge orders ng doctor sa araw na yun. Wag mo nang banggitin yung automated, dahil hindi uso yun sa public hospitals. Mano-mano na sphygmomanometer ang gamit talaga nila. Bago mo sabihan ang mga nurse sa public hospital na unprofessional, tingnan mo muna ang sistema na nagpapalakad dito. Hindi gusto ng nurses na magtrabaho sa ganung sitwasyon, pero wala silang magagawa, dahil hindi naman nag-oopen ng positions for 2 or more RNs to work sa same floor at the same shift.

      • Hubert Siapno

        you get the drift regie and that’s what we want you to believe. Believe me, pinag-uusapan din namin sa doctor’s lounge iyang issue nyo at mas makakatipid naman talaga ang government hospital kung lahat eh super nurse. Naging residente na din ako sa isang government hospital at alam ko na talagang ganyan ang mga himutok niyo. Alamin mo kung san talaga napupunta bagong budget ng hospital niyo, magkakaalaman.

        • reyann red

          nakokorap san pa ba.

        • regie

          FYI @ Hubert, I no longer am affiliated with any government hospitals in the Philippines. Nevertheless, I am quite aware na napupunta lang sa bottomless pockets ng mga corrupt na opisyales ang budget allocated sa mga ospital. SAD.

        • regie

          Well, kung susumahin mo, Hindi naman talaga nakakatipid ang gobyerno, naa-agrabyado ang publiko pati ang mga taong nasa ilalim ng pamamahala ng ospital. Una, maraming GHOST employees, 6 na buwan na bakante ang posisyon, pero ang pangalan nasa payroll pa rin. Yun sanang ipapasok para sa posisyon na yun eh butata tuloy, outcome: kulang sa staff, waldas sa pera, ang sweldo eh napupunta sa bulsa ng may bulsa. Ikalawa, yung perang inilalaan para sa araw-araw na gastusin, sama mo ang mga supplies, bago pa lumapag sa palad ng dapat na magpo-procure ng mga items, 40% siguro reduced na. Konting examples lang yan.

    • nurse1

      @ Diego Fernandez
      Actually diego. ni rerefer namin sila sa social services kaso swertehan lang din kung matutulungan sila ng social services kasi limited lang din ang kaya nilang ibigay. yung iba nga kung saan saan pa pumupunta like sa mga politiko, pcso even gma 7. pero depende talaga and not all the time e may tumutulong. yung mga improvise na ginagamit namin e hindi magic magic yun. pinag isipan yun ng mabuti at na prove na effective. hindi kami gumagawa ng improvise na ikakasama ng patiente.

      ang ibig sabihin ng prioritization e tututukan mo ng mas maigi ang alam mo na mas critical na patiente. lahat naman i vivital signs mo talaga pero mas dadalasan mo dun sa alam mo na delikado na patiente. sa dami ng patiente na handle mo e kailangan matalino ka kung sino ang uunahin mo. kung magbabasa ka ng procedure ng vital signs straight from the book e may mga steps sila na ginagawa na kahit hindi mo naman gawin sa totoong buhay e makukuha mo pa din naman yung tamang result. kung madami ang patiente mo. syempre titingnan mo kung sino ang may critical na condition at sa may mga critical na condition e dun mo gawin yung ideal na vital signs pero sa alam mong hindi critical e pwede mo nang i short cut para maging avaiable ka sa mga patiente na mas kailangan ka.

      alam kong hindi kailangan ng nurse bumili ng gamit para sa patiente kaya kung walang pangbili ang patiente yung pwedeng i improvise e iniimprovise namin.

      ang trabaho ng nurse sa isang shift ay dapat magampanan mo sa shift mo kung hindi e hindi ka pwedeng umalis. ang pag oovertime ng nurse e hindi optional kung di ay talagang required kasi kunwari wala pa yung kapalit mo o umabsent siya. hindi ka pwede umalis para sa kapakanan ng mga patiente mo. wala kang option. kaya pinipilit na ipagkasya lahat ng gagawin ni nurse sa loob ng kanyang shift para pag dating ng oras ng pag uwi e makakauwi siya ng walang naiiwan na trabaho.

      kung automated yung vital signs e bakit mo pa dadayain?? e di copyahin mo nalang yung naka lagay sa machine. di kita na intindihan sa part na yan

      ou pwede ka hindi nurse or doctor para masabi ang ginagawa sa ospital pero kung sasabihin mo na unsterile ang operating room e siguro nurse ka or doctor para makapasok ka doon. and dapat may idea ka ng aseptic technique para masabi mo kung unsterile ba talaga ang practice. unfair na sasabihin ng tao na unsterile ang operating room kung hindi naman siya nakapasok doon at kung wala naman siyang alam tungkol sa sterile technique.

      yes you have the right to demand for the best from govt hospitals. pero di mo lang alam na ang nurse ay ginagawa niya ang best niya kahit anong klaseng working condition or kakulangan sa supplies. tandaan na ang nurse ay isang parte lang ng hospital. andyan ang mga doctor, mga officials ng ospital, ang mga facilities, ang building and ang goverment na nag fufund ng hospital. ang magagawa lang ni nurse ay yung ibigay ang service niya. with regards sa supplies, facilities, building, atbp… e di na hawak ni nurse yun. kaya kung nag rereklamo ka about sa facilities o supplies na provided ng hospital e di naman makatarunan na i-sisi sa nurse yun.

      tama ka na quality is greater than quantity pero sa hospital dapat ma accomodate mo lahat. pano pag 8 patients ka na at may bagong admit na patiente, ano yun di mo na ba siya tatangapin para maging patient kasi according sa international standards e dapat for non critical patients e 8 is to 1 nurse? parang di siya ata pwedeng i apply sa hospital setting

      utak talangka? pano ako naging utak talangka? sino ba ang hinahatak ko? ipinapaintindi ko nga sa inyo ang situation ng mga nurses kaya ganun sa gov’t hospital. denedepensahan ko nga sila. wala akong hinahatak pababa.

      • nurse2

        I really admire how you get to provide improvised materials for the sake of your patients. it is really sad to know how poor is the health condition of our public hospitals but the nurses are not. in spite of the present and limping situation, public hospital nurses had become more creative and efficient in providing (a not so quality care) for the patients but in a way that they will feel they are not neglected. you are really a very crafty nurse and I believe you would become more once you are working with a hospital that has all the resources. thanks for the inspiration.. you can really feel the sentiments of the nurses unlike those prententious and idealistic pigs that knows nothing yet speaks empty words.. thanks and godbless to you.

        • Hubert Siapno


          that implies that nurses just like you are still vulnerable to exploitation. as long as the admin holds nurses in the neck they will still believe that they doesn’t have a choice, destiny. go on and still live the false dream.

          • reyann red

            yes nurses ARE exploited and we are aware of that but we do what we must for the patients, kaya nga sila nag punta hospital para matulungan. gets mo hubert?

          • nurse2


            I am aware of that, but it is my duty and sworn oath to take care and do things to alleviate whatever burdens my patients. I am not the type that would just stand there on the wall doing nothing because i do not have any materials and my patients cannot buy what is needed for his/her health. I will act as long as there is a way.. I am thinking humanly, my patient is a “person” and not a paper or machine that we could just leave if our working time is due. as long as there is deficiency and shortage of medicines and supplies to out healthcare sector.. there would always be nurses like me that would do things that I admit was not in accordance to the books. We are all victims of this trap. but still, I am human enough to care for other people.

      • jv briones

        jusko. I remember nung nasa ward pa ako, before ako nakaapak ng ICU, na the nurse-patient ratio was so difficult to cope up with… plus, indigent pa karamihan ng patients.

        you’re right, di naman tayo mag-iimprovise pag ikakasama lang ng pasyente. we use our brains to be creative while making sure what we’re doing is effective. hence, nusing is a science and an art.

        mouth guarn while using a 10cc syringe, O2 na ginagamitan ng splitter… hahaha!

        ang hindi nakakaintindi sa atin, they’re the lucky ones who never had the nurse patient ratio na one is to ward.

  • I_am_a_SN

    Mula 2nd year hanggang 3rd year, yung duty namin sa private hospital owned by the same institution running our school. Meron ding charity ward dun, may hindi makaafford ng room sa icu kaya nagtitiis sa mainit na ward. Yung pangsuction nga eh per-shift minsan ang palit kasi walang pambili yung pasyente.
    And when we had our exposure in government hospitals in 4th year, hindi na ako masyado nagulat sa mga nakita ko. I had my rotations in government hospitals. Yung pinaka-una kong napuntahan eh okay naman, de-aircon pa nga mostly yung mga wards eh. Tsaka mababait mostly yung mga nurse. Pero nung napunta kami sa ICU, nagulat ako dahil instead of 1:1, isang nurse sa dalawang pasyente. Understaff siguro, yan ang pinagtataka ko minsan eh. Angdaming nurses na naghihintay ng trabaho pero pag nagpunta ka na sa hospital, understaff, minsan nagpupull-out pa ng nurse sa ibang ward.
    Yung dalawang hospital naman na napuntahan ko, nakakalungkot kasi makikita mo sa corridor yung mga pasyente, wala na kasing space sa mismong ward. Tapos ganun din problema, understaff.
    Dahil sa experience ko sa government hospitals, mas gusto ko pa magstay dito sa Pilipinas kesa magpunta sa ibang bansa. My first goal why I took up nursing was to work abroad, pero naisip ko bakit ako pupunta ng ibang bansa eh kung mas kailangan ako ng mga kapwa ko dito.
    One of our reviewers said to us that we young generations should make changes. Baguhin ang dapat baguhin.

    • Hubert Siapno

      Pupunta ka ng abroad para may maipakain sa pamilya mo, not for your neighbors. Hindi mo kailangan maging OFW para malaman iyan. Screw the reviewers, magagaling na yang mga yan eh (Academically), makikipag competensya ka pa. They have the luxury of getting hired and lots of opportunities pero mas pinili nilang mag-stay sa Pinas dahil mas malaki kikitain nila sa Review Center per hour kaysa abroad/hospital. Kalakaran lang, walang personalan.

      • regie

        @ Hubert—AGREE!

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  • AmboboMo

    ang bobo ng gumawa nitong article…student nurse pa…lol

    ipaayos mo tsong mga hospital kung gusto mo…

    check mo kung magkano sweldo ng mga nurses sa public hospital at ilan ang percentage ng volunteers ang gumagawa doon…..

    bobo mo men..pakamatay ka na lang…lol

  • kitel

    personally, i had more than 2 years experience as a nurse sa isang gov’t hospital sa aming probinsiya..and sad truth, mahirap talaga magprovide ng holistic and optimal care kung kulang sa manpower, materials at equipment.. during my stay sa aming gov’t hospital, marami din talaga akong nakita and naexperience na kabalbalan.. but, i would disagree na hindi na tinatrato nang mabuti ng mga nurses ang mga pasyente..don’t generalize.. i, for one, calmly talks to patients or relatives even in the most stressful times na pagod na pagod na.. my coworkers before are also the same.. but sometimes, there would be those relatives and patients who would insult us and degrade us..well, nurses are humans too and we need to be respected also.. yes, there are times if the ward is not busy, na nakaupo lang kami and kwentuhan for just some minutes (aren’t we entitled for these things already?) pero in times when we are very busy, we cannot do these stuffs. we cannot even eat at the right time, or pee when we have to..because we are also thinking of our patients and the care they need..
    i understand that the author is still a student nurse and was exposed to a gov’t hospital setting.. i would suggest that you first work and experience how to be one of the staff nurses sa isang pampublikong hospital…you observe and if still you find na walang magandang ginagawa ang mga nurses or other staff sa hospital na yun, then, it’s for you to make a difference..

  • Escalade

    hi there guys!

    i work in the government hospital.. first off all the writer shouldn’t judge agad agad sa mga nurses ng public hospital kasi hnd pa cya staff nurse and hnd pa nya alam how and what’s the environment working in a public hospital.. as a nurse cympre and as a human, cnu ba nmn ang my gusto na gnun ang nangyayari?

    1st issue: tampering vital signs: personally and being realistic, if u are handling 20 patients, you cannot do the vitals starting 8am (8-12 ang vitals samin) ( 9am for -OD, BID, TID, Q12 meds, 12pm for Q6 meds) mathematically, panu ka magvivitals and mgbbgay ng gamot with these intervals of time? magchacharting kpa, mag cacarry out ng doctors order, mag NNGT feeding kpa? panu kung may ng aarrest? panu kung my iintubate? panu na nangyari sa buhay mo? cguro kulang pa ang 10 hours na duty if gagawin m ang vitals. What we do is we do vitals if mg Blood transfussion, before ipasok sa OR or Dialysis, mgbbgay ng mga drugs na my PRECAUTION and obviously hnd stable na pasyente.. kasi if you are a skilled nurse, using your observation skills and knowing the early warning signs and symptoms of a certain disease, alam mo kung cnu ang stable or not.. it doesn’t necessarily mean na hnd ka ngvitals, hnd kna matinong nurse. it’s all about knowing ur priorities and time management. in an emergency case, cnu uunahin mo irescue, ung mamamatay na or ung mabubuhay pa? pwede mb sabhin na hnd ka matinong nurse kasi ung isa hnd mo nirescue at ung isa nirescue mo??

    2nd issue: cleanliness of the hospital..

    hnd lahat ng public hospital madumi.. and don’t blame the nurses, janitors, or any hospital personnel kung madumi ang paligid ng room.. sabhn na nating hnd lahat ng janitors e masipag mglinis. pero nsa pasyente din un kung pano ikikip ang kalinisan ng kwarto nila at hospital nila. ikaw nadin mismo ngsabi na mostly ang nsa mga public hospital na patient ay slow/low comprehension. tingin mo sa bahay nila malinis? if they cant keep cleanliness sa mismong bahay nila, what more pa kaya sa sa hospital where in they stay for free.. kya i dont think it’s right to blame the hospital.. it’s a matter of helping each other (patient-hospital workers) PUBLIC hospitals are FREE of service but it doesn’t mean na hnd mo na gagawin ang part of being a patient.

    3rd issue: i dont agree na MOST public hospital nurses do not treat the patients right?

    bakit? nabilang mo na ba ang public hospitals sa bansa? napuntahan mb lahat or even half of the public hospitals? have you rotated every area of these half of the public hospitals here in the Philippines? how dare you to say MOST and judge public nurses e iilan lang nmn yata ang npuntahan mong public hospitals?

    cguro my naencounter ka na ganun.. pero wala kang alam sa kung anung nararamdaman nung nurse na un. alam mb kung anu issue between him/her and the patient? e panu kung tama ung nurse? chka hnd ROBOT ang mga nurses sa public hospitals. tao lang din kami na napapagod.. we are doing our best and giving our maximum effort to serve patients. ikaw nga cguro estudyante ka pa lang, nbubugnot ka na din sa iisa o dadalwa mong hawak na patiente? malamng pag hnd nkatingin ang CI mo ngtamper ka din ng vital signs or ng tamper sa chart? sa ngaun hnd ka makapalag sa mga pasyente mo kasi alam mo na estudyante ka plang.. tama ka, may mga times na natataasan ng boses ang mga pasyente. cguro kaya dahil madami gngwa? ayaw sumunod ng pasyente sa nurse? gutom na at puyat at pagod? hnd lang iisang pasynte ang nangangailangan ng serbisyo ng nurse na yun? at madming madami pang rason.. bkt pag ang nurse nasigawan ng doktor? hnd kb lalaban kung alam mo kung ikaw ang tama? madami kasing pasyente ang ngmmagaling pa sa nurse, msyadong paespecial at paimportante, tawag ng tawag para sa maliit na bagay na pwede nmn ipagpaliban muna dahil merong ibang pasyente ang MAS nangagailagan ng atensyon at serbisyo ng nurse. para sakin, mga nurse ang pinkamahahaba ang pasensya.. cnung tao ang mkakagawa na ngumiti habang nagugutom at kumukulo ang chan? ang mgpakain sa pasyente habang naiihi na at pagod na pagod na? ang mgbgay ng health teaching sa mga pasyente habang ang nurse ay may sariling problemang personal at mismong sarili nya e hnd maturuan kung papano reresolbahin to..

    Alam mo first to mgcomment sa mga ganitong blog dahil siguro sobrang naapektohan ako sa article mo. kung ikaw nsasaktan ka sa nakikita mo, tingin mo kaming mga public nurses bato? tingin mo mb
    gs2 namin ang nangyayari sa mga pasyente namin na wala kami maibigay na gamot dahil walang stock? wala kami magamit na tamang gamit at kailangan magimprovise dahil walang avaialble?

    sna mpunta ka sa public hospital blang araw pag naging RN kna, tpos basahin mo ulit tong article na sinulat mo para mlaman mo ang katotohanan..


    • jv briones

      winner sa lahat ng mga comment!

  • kent

    tsk tsk.. ive worked in both private and public hospitals.. mismo clinic.. ive noticed the trends lng.. ito lng masasabi ko.. bago kau ng BOARD, bago kau ng OATH, hindi lng intellectual and physical ang preparation.. pati emotional and social adjustment.. kasi RN’s nga.. puro angal.. puro reklamo.. beforehand.. sana ALAM nio ung PINASOK nio.. bulok na nga literally ang most of the public hospitals, ikukunsinte pa ba naten ung hindi na rin mgpakaideal? kasi ganun na rin? wla ng magagawa? kaya hindi umuunlad.. kasi wlang ngsstart as change.. sunod na lang sa alon.. kung hindi mkpag VS dahil marami, kahit BP at heart rate lng.. dba? ang pag tamper sa VS is not PRACTICALITY. it’s MALPRACTICE dba? kung hinahabol nio ideal, VS NOT TAKEN AND RECORDED tama? although government tlaga who should took the blame in the first place, BAKIT? pag ngkamali ka ba in ur practice MASISISI mo rin ba ang GOVERNMENT?kung naoobserve mo pla na bulok sa place of duty mo, at puro angal ang naririnig sau, WHY DONT YOU LEAVE IF YOU CANT DO ANYTHING?.. puro reklamo.. kya di umuunlad ang pinoy.. puro SISI, puro TURO, why dont make a CHANGE in yourself?