My Response to “OMG! Some Hospitals (in the Philippines) Will Kill You!”

Note: This is the author’s response for the article entitled “OMG! Some Hospitals (in the Philippines) Will Kill You!”  published in Filipino Nurses Blog last March 24,2012

The thoughts of the article are somehow true pero hindi naman totally. Based on the given description sa tingin ko, it happened in a public hospital (buying stuffs- only in public hospitals). I had my internship in a public hospital so I understand some of those things, and I just want to clarify something:

Una, the bills- sa pagkakaalam ko, there is a social service in a hospital, dito pwede macategorize ang patients according to their financial status. Some patients are allowed to pay just only half of the bill, yung mga classified as indigents nga, walang babayaran. Maybe dito, hindi sila informed about the services.

Second, the supplies- small hospitals and public hospitals cannot afford to give all the needs of the patient. Just imagine, malaking bulk ng patients dito nagpupunta kasi nga cheaper. Most of them are emergency  cases so don’t expect for special treatment. PHilippines is not as rich as the United States, and it will never be. And sana nagtanong siya kung saan makakabili ng cheaper supplies sa nurses, hindi mawawalan nun sa mga store sa labas ng hospital.

Third, yung sa blood: hospitals cannot always provide you with blood anytime you want, kasi yung mga blood na nkastore sa kanila, pagaari ng ibang patients. Hindi ito maiibibigay ng basta basta, kasi pano kapag nangailangan yung may-ari ng blood, san siya kukuha? And also in my opinion, hindi totoong wala ng blood particularly in Manila. With a blood type of B+, malabong mauubusan nito, ang ngshoshortage lang ay O+ and AB+ ( I am knowledgeable about this kasi I also had my training in a blood bank). Maraming red cross blood banks around metro manila. Meron ding Philippine Blood Center along DOH compound. Lahat yun 24/7 bukas so it is not acceptable na walang dugo na kailangan nila. Hindi lang siya naghanap ng mabuti. With regard to the blood na hindi naman pala nagamit, talagang ganyan ang standard operating procedures sa hospitals. Gamitin man o hindi, kailangan may nakaready na blood na in times of operation. It’s better to be ready kase in times like this, hindi natin malalaman kaagad kung may problems sa blood ng patient, maari kasing magkaroon ng excessive blood loss during the operation na pwedeng ikamatay ng patient. So again, I just think that the person who wrote this article, was not well informed.

Fourth, masyado naging careless yung patient and the relatives about the situation. Hindi sila nagready for the delivery. Giving birth is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. Nine months ang pregnancy so sana pinaghandaan na nila. In the Philippines, there are plenty of health insurance na reasonable naman ang contributions. Meron ding Philhealth na kahit pinakamahirap kaya maafford at lahat ng services na ito tinatanggap mostly ng hospitals. Kung meron ka nito, kahit sa St. Lukes ay pwede kang magpaconfine, baka wala ka pa babayaran. The hospital may have some fault, pero sa tingin ko mas may kasalanan yung side ng pasyente dito. Kasi kung nagready sila, better hospital, better services.

And also hindi ko rin gusto yung attitude ng writer tungkol sa religion particularly when it comes to catholicism, which is the religion of most of the filipinos. No wonder ganyan ang ugali nya at kung bakit ganun ang nararanasan nya. We don’t worship idols; google it; read more, be educated. And kung hindi ka man sang ayon sa paniniwala namin, just show some respect naman pare.

For the Filipinos, especially those who always blame the system, just think of this: mga mamamayan ang bumubuo sa sistema, tayo ang naghahalal sa namumuno, tayo rin ang buhay ng ating bayan; ikaw ba, bilang isang Filipino, ginagawa mo ba ang tungkulin mo bilang isang marangal at responsableng mamamayan, o baka naman, pareho ka lamang din ng pulitikong inihalal at binabatikos mo?

“You must be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

– this article is Definitely NOT Flipino..

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  • Castro

    One of the government’s most important roles is to protect the right of citizens to proper healthcare. The Philippine government, whether central or local, obviously is not doing a good job.

    I agree with Ligui de Luna. The blame should not fall on the author of the original article or the family of the one giving birth. Once we stop blaming victims and realize that the fault really lies in the way the government is spending our taxes, then we can start taking the steps to calling for change to an outdated and inefficient healthcare system.

    It is ridiculous that we need to prepare a “budget for delivery”. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Lectral00

      First, we should be responsible for ourselves. for as long as i can remember, we cannot pass the responsibility of taking care of our family to others. Alam na natin na ganyan ang gobyerno natin so would you still depend on the government to look after your family?

      second, “budget for delivery” is ridiculous? looks like you never had a a child. Responsible parenthood means that you are prepared for any eventuality that may arise from having a family. There are a lot of complications that can arise from child birth. We even have budgets for parties and vacations. A lot of people have gimmik or yosi budgets but we never call them that.

      Bottom line, you know the illness of our government yet you still pass on the responsibility of having a family to them, that just shows what type of family person you will be.

      • Castro

        You insist on insulting me because I criticized our government. That just shows how Filipino society has grown to be. You’re right, I’ve never had a child. I’m a college student, so my life experience may be different from yours thus far. That doesn’t give you the right to make snide comments about my character especially because you know absolutely nothing about me.

        It has been said before and I will say it again, we need to stop criticizing each other and focus on the bigger problem– our government. We have grown so accustomed to corruption and mismanagement of taxes that everyone is so quick to say, “Bahala na lang, everyone should just fend for themselves na lang”. That’s really sad that it boils down to that now. Filipinos have organized People Power before but it seems like we refuse to do it again, everyone has grown too complacent and jaded. How can we expect change if we are too busy pointing fingers and insulting each other instead of looking at the bigger picture?

        Bottom line, the healthcare system is flawed. It desperate needs change. Accepting that is the first step. The next step is actually doing something about it.

        • I completely agree with you Mr Castro, Minister of health should do something about that. If people turn blind eye then they think they do their job properly. People vote for them so therefore you people here in Pinas have the right to question & scrutinize their handy work. They are being paid handsomely by the taxpayer not to mention the other benefits & the under the table fee.

    • ako to

      The ridiculous thing is when you didn’t prepare even a cent for a delivery knowing that our government does not have the capability to shoulder everything we need. People should be accountable in their own action, ginusto nilang magka-baby dapat handa silang tanggapin ang responsibilidad ng pagiging magulang. Ang dami daming programs ng gobyerno regarding mother and child care, konti nga lang ang nagcocomply tapos kapag nagkaproblema na sa pagbubuntis or panganganak gobyerno na ang sisisihin.Pag naman kasi magbuntis dapat ready na physically, emotionally, and financially. Within that 9 months of pregnancy, attending series of prenatal check-ups its very impossible na hindi man lang inalam kung ano at magkano ang kakailangananin.

  • reyann red

    the fault goes to us filipinos for letting the government misuse our taxes as well as to the patient and their relatives for not preparing for the delivery of the child. really common sense is not common anymore, it is understandable for emergency cases that are life threatening ones to be not prepared but for a delivery? what did they do for 9 mos.?.

    and yes mr. castro you do need a budget for delivery even if your in a rich country. hospitals today don’t accept thank yous anywhere.

  • In response to Reyann Red here in Australia you don’t pay a cents in public hospitals..very clean, everything are provided, staff,docs are very sympathetic & understanding & above all hospital equipment are high tech. Majority of people here are very tolerant no matter what race you are they treated you equally and in saying this what happen to our country is all come down to governance & peoples attitude. It’s not ordinary filipinos faults, we are the first country who organize people’s power,,ousted those corrupt officials & still the same, I guess corruption in our country is endemic.

  • ako to

    mr. castro, it’s not a foolish thing to prepare a budget for delivery. Mas mainam na yung pinaghahandaan mo ang mga bagay na hindi mo alam kung ano ang mangyayari. Walang mawawala kung handa ka. Hindi lahat ng pangangailangan nating Pilipino ay pwede na lang iasa sa gobyerno, kailangang isipin mo rin na may responsibilidad tayong ginagampanan. Ginusto ng isang taong magbuntis at manganak dapat handa rin siyang harapin ang mga responsibilidad na kaakibat niyan. Limitado lang ang mga bagay na kayang ibigay ng ating gobyerno.

  • heart

    I’m presently residing in Canada. We have Free health care here. Pero, sinabi ko sa canadian husband ko na if ever magkakasakit ako, i uwi nya ako sa pilipinas. alam nyo ba kung bakit? Free nga dito lahat, pero mamamatay ka muna bago ka nila aasikasuhin. marami ako kilala na naging mga kaibigan ko na na halos nag 50-50 ang buhay nila. one of my friend had an accident. nadulas kasi sya at tumamama ang kanyang ulo. sinamahan ko sya sa emergency room. we were there from 9:30 am. hilong hilo na ang friend ko. it was almost 2:30 pm nang sya ay matingnan. another friend of mine, she was suffering for severe pain in her stomach. halos every week nasa emergency sya ng hospital. bigay lang ng bigay ng pain killer. i suggested to my friend na umuwi nalang sya sa pinas and she did. there she found out that theirs something wrong. pag kailangan mo ng ulrasound dito, ang waiting period is 4 months. ang i salute our nurses in the philippines kasi kahit sa pananamit, ang ganda nila tingnan. samantalang ang mga nurses dito, parang mga losyang kung suot nila ang kanilang mga scrubs. at hindi maayos ang kanilang mga buhok. wala sila dito kung tawagin natin ay TLC. well, i am really grateful and praises to God kasi 9 years na ako dito at hindi pa ako nagkakasakit. at marami pa ako na friend na umuuwi ng pinas para lang magpa gamot.

    • karla

      tama mas magalin doctor pinas.. residing here in canada too. agree ms heart.. and ive hd duty too provate hospital too before… its true they provide the supplies.. sand at the end yung supplies na nagamit is triple times the original price ang charge.. supperrrrr

    • Juan

      ganyan talaga parang pinoy

      may sari sariling baho din mga foreigner

    • regie

      It is indeed unfortunate that your friends have had such horrid experience regarding hospital care. The Canadian Healthcare System indeed is not perfect, but it caters to everyone of it’s people. Understand that the hospitals are fully subsidized by the government.
      I do agree however that you will get better and speedy care in the Philippines. But let us not forget, in order to do that, YOU WILL NEED TO PAY. Magaling nga ang mga doktor sa Pinas, pero magaling din silang managa sa mga pasyente.
      Regarding naman sa TLC, if you go to the community hospitals here in Canada, kung TLC din lang naman ang pag-uusapan, we do that 100%. I’ve been in private hospitals in the Philippines, and all the nurses do are pass pills, and their autonomy are severely undermined by hospital politics.
      Marami nga kami mga natatanggpap na reklamo directly from the patients galing sa major hospitals when they get transferred sa home hospitals. They never receive the same care as we do in the smaller hospitals, and it’s one major downside for free healthcare. However, I know someone who had angioplasty and stent placement for a blocked coronary artery, immediately after receiving the patient from EMS.

      • regie

        pasensiya sa typos.

  • reyann red

    min roberts, that maybe true but you will still pay and yes it’s every FIlipinos fault because it is the people that elects useless officials and let them misuse our taxes. all countries have corruption because countries are run by human beings. yes Australian attitudes are entirely different, the only problem with us Filipinos is that after we ousted the corrupt officials we go to the sidelines again and complain till we have enough! and finally we can have those advanced equiptments and high standards if we would just get our heads together to solve our country’s problem! we can start by stop praying and whining and start doing.

  • kc

    ”PHilippines is not as rich as the
    United States, and it will never
    taena shet. Wa pag.asa para bayan?

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  • adrian majano

    yun nga, alam na natin ang problema! kilala natin kung sino may mga masasamang balak at masamang agenda and yet sila pa din ang binoboto natin! wala tayong ginagawa para mabago ang sistema, para pumunta tayo sa pagbabago!

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  • napadaanlang

    I don’t think Castro understood “delivery” quite right the first time…I bet he does now, and kicking himself for that “absolutely ridiculous” comment.

    • Castro

      No, not really. I said what I said. Our government sucks at handling healthcare and it is, indeed, ridiculous. If you’re too “proud” of your country to recognize the flaws in the system and would rather insult your countrymen, then that’s fine, go ahead. That’s your prerogative. However, I think you’re missing the entire point of the article and comments if that’s the only thing that prompted you to start typing. Have a nice day 🙂