Restoring Your Lost Hair and Stopping Hair Loss

Hair loss (Photo credit: whatcausesthis)
Hair loss (Photo credit: whatcausesthis)

Losing hair is a common phenomenon amongst men as they grow older. What starts as a loss of hair around the temples, continues to other regions and gradually ends up in complete baldness. Not so long ago, baldness was not curable and the only available option was using toupees and wigs, which in most cases looked ridiculous.

Hair loss (Photo credit: whatcausesthis)
Hair loss (Photo credit: whatcausesthis)

Becoming bald could be either because of an irregular hormone production or simply due to genetics. With proper guidance from a hair loss consultant, you can get a tailor made solution to your particular case.

Medical solutions include prescribing tablets and lotions to stop further hair loss and strengthen the hair. These solutions do not grow new hair. Restoring your lost hair is possible only with a hair transplant.

Until recently, hair transplant procedures have not always been too successful. Older techniques have either caused scarring or did not look very natural.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant is the least painful and least invasive method available in the market today with the fastest recovery times and natural looking results. It guarantees lasting natural looking results with no pain or scars.

During the FUE procedure, the surgeon extracts individual hair follicles, containing between 1-4 hairs from the back or the side of the head with a specialised punch with less than 1mm diameter. He then inserts each follicle (complete with its sebaceous glands and nerves) in the needed area by making a tiny incision. Each hair is implanted at an angle to mimic that of the original hair. The method guarantees no scars or stitches which is very important if you want to have a crew cut.

Local anaesthetic is constantly used during hair extraction and implantation, so you do not feel any pain at all. During the procedure, you can watch a movie, chat with the team or simply take a nap. Since the procedure can easily last 8-10 hrs (each hair is individually extracted and transplanted), you can experience some minor discomfort just by lying down still. That’s why regular breaks are provided and you can go to the toilet, have something to eat or drink, etc.

Recovering time might be long for other methods, like the strip, where the post-operative recovery time could take as long as 30 days, avoiding any exercise and following very specific care. The FUE technique is minimally invasive and the graft extraction is simple, painless and heals within 2-4 days. Most patients head back to work the day following the procedure and can go back to sport 7 days post operatively. For the Strip Method the post-operative recovery time is 30 days, during which the patient must completely avoid exercise and must follow a very careful after care program.

There is a resting period of 4-6 months where the hair fall and re-grow, but after that period the transplanted hair will continue to grow normally and you can treat them like the rest of your hair.

After 10 months up to 90% of the transplanted hairs will be growing naturally and will last for a lifetime as these hairs are largely immune to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the ‘killer’ hormone on the top of the head.

The cost varies, depending of the stage of baldness, the hair needed and the desired result but it is still affordable if the area to be covered is small. In average, someone would need between 4,000-8,000 hairs to be transplanted and the procedure would take 1 to 2 days respectively.
One of the most important points to bear in mind is that earlier you opt for treatment, the better the better the result will be.

Until now, being bald rarely left any options. The good news is that now ‘BALDNESS IS A CHOICE’, since it can now be treated effectively with different medical or surgical solutions or with a combination of both.

A lot of male celebrities have had hair transplants the past few years, but it was only when Wayne Rooney publicly admitted that he had one, that men realized that there are options available to stop hair loss and grow new hair. Someone who has had hair transplant looks in average 5-7 years younger, where most of them feel 10 years younger!

Thus, next time you notice losing any hair, don’t panic. All you need to do is get in touch with a hair clinic and have a consultation to discuss the available options and the best solution for your case.

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