“Riyadh, My Home Away From Home!!!”

(Photo Credit: Cntraveler)
(Photo Credit:  Cntraveler)
(Photo Credit: Cntraveler)

Riyadh is the capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is situated in the center of the Arabian Penindula on a large plateau. Summer season is the most predominant climate in an almost entire year and the temperatures are very hot approaching to 50 degrees Celsius likewise winters are mild to heavy with cold, windy nights. The overall climate is “arid”, receiving very little rainfall; however it is also known to have many sand storms and the sand is often so thick that could reach a zero visibility.

Home is only a place of residence for others on the contrary I perceived home to have no physical location at all instead it is  my mental and emotional refuge or comfort; in other words “home is where my heart truly belongs!”

For the past 3 years and 8 months to be exact Riyadh became my home away from home. Looking back never have I dreamed or never did I thought to live in this country. When I was young, I have a weird perception that Saudi Arabia is a scary place to live with, and that most people are bad and worst they could possibly do harm on me. But that was only when I was too young with a very little understanding of what life would be living in a foreign country and most of all away from your beloved family and comfort home. Growing up I’ve heard inspiring good stories from people who decided to venture their lives in what I called before a “scary country” now Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became a place where you can start to fulfill your dreams. Now I’ve realized that this extraordinary country has a lot to offer to everyone.

For a moment I was a bit hesitant yet excited at the same time when I’ve made my choice to live and work in Riyadh. Hesitant at first because of my scary thoughts when I was an innocent little brat girl and excited as well for this is going to be the first time I’ll be away from home and this is a beginning of a whole new adventure as I continue my journey in fulfilling my dreams in life.

This country had offers me a lot of bigger opportunities not only in my career as a Registered Nurse but also it opens a new chapter of my life as a woman. Who would have thought that of so many places in this world it is where in Riyadh I’ve finally found my dearest better half. Knowing the fact how difficult it is to live in this country wherein a man and a woman have no freedom to socialize with each other for them to know better more personally for it is simply strictly prohibited.

I have so much to thank this special place where I currently live now for I’m making my dreams come true hand in hand with my Mr. Right Man beside me in every step of our way. Now looking back again 3 years and 8 months ago I’m more than happy and proud to say that I’ve made the right choice to live and to work in this “scary country” I thought before and now became “my home, away from home!”

It is a place where my heart belongs for only in this place at last I’ve met my forever partner in life. Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude to what I used to call a “scary country” now Riyadh provided me not just a shelter rather it became my new found refuge, my new home away from my long lost home! It may not be a perfect paradise I’m dreaming of yet most definitely I owe something from you which will always be remembered by me for a lifetime.

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