Simple Supplements to Grow Taller

Grow taller (Photo credit: howtogrowtallerprogram)
Grow taller (Photo credit: howtogrowtallerprogram)
Grow taller (Photo credit: howtogrowtallerprogram)
Grow taller (Photo credit: howtogrowtallerprogram)

The genetic make-up of every human being determines their height at adulthood. This is the main cause of differences in height among family members, relatives, and other people. For those people not happy with their height, there are a variety of supplements to grow taller that can be used to give your height a boost. There are different environmental factors that play a role in how much one grows, and how tall they will eventually become as adults.

In many cases, illness and lack of nutrition during developmental years may stunt one’s growth. This has been overcome through the introduction of different supplements that help the body get taller. It is also vital to note that the use of supplements to boost your height is more effective at childhood and adolescent years. Below are some of the supplements to grow taller that one can use to boost their height.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most important supplements to grow taller. They are exceptionally vital for healthy growth and development of bones in the body. Foods with high content of retinol are some of the more common sources of Vitamin A. Other foods that contain retinol also include fish, liver, and milk. The body can also convert beta-carotene found in some fruits and vegetables, such as carrots into vitamin A.

Vitamin B Complex

B complex is a combination of eight B vitamins and it is remarkably effective in boosting the height of your body. It is made up of vitamins such as niacin and folic acid. The combination of these vitamins plays a vital role in the development of new cells and the absorption of nutrients. For those who do not wish to purchase a supplement, vitamin B can be obtained through nuts, bananas, and lean meat like chicken.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and can be obtained through diet and as a supplement to help you grow taller. It is vital in fighting illness and also boosts the immune system. General health of the body is particularly critical in helping one grow taller. Vitamin C also plays an integral role in getting taller since it helps in the production of collagen and strengthening of bones. The most common sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits.

Vitamin D

For healthy growth, it is advisable to include vitamin D in your supplement regimen. Foods that are rich in vitamin D include eggs, oil, fish, some cereals, and milk. The sun is also a valuable source of vitamin D, therefore one can absorb it through basking in the sun. Vitamin D is vital in helping the body absorb calcium which is an essential component in the growth and strengthening of bones.


Supplements to grow taller have been proved to be effective in helping one grow taller. Their results are vastly seen on children and adolescents who use them. In adults, supplements may not be as effective since their cells are already grown. Therefore for those who need to increase their height, supplements to grow taller can be the best products to use.

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