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Men and women age 18-25 years old, who still thinks that they are immortal, now represent the youngest niche in tobacco industry. They are being targeted by the tobacco marketers and investing lots of money to persuade them, thinking and pretending that smoking is a cool thing.

Cigarette smoking delivers a hard blow to your brain saying that you want more. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer (accounts 1/3 of all its victims, 90% are lung cancer), smoking also causes lung diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema. Smoking is also the leading cause of heart disease, stroke, aneurysm, and the main point here is that SMOKING can cause DIABETES, which is, as I call it a “package disease”.

Smoking and diabetes are highly associated with each other. If one says, smoking leads to diabetes, one can also upholds that diabetes can be worsen due to smoking. According to the recent studies, it reveals that smoking could be independently associated with GLUCOSE INTOLERANCE, IMPAIRED FASTING GLUCOSE TOLERANCE (IFGT), and TYPE 2 DIABETES, hence, smoking can lead to the development of diabetes.

Cigarette companies must not prevail in our youth today and for our future generations, hand and hand let’s stop this people’s addiction in order for this society to be strong. Man is our greatest resources, but yet, we are the one who are corrupting it. Other nations have done it, but the question is, why can’t we? Maybe because we are literally drag by this multimillion companies, just thinking about their selves.

Cigarette Smoking will never do a good thing for your self; in fact it can ruin it more. Many lives were wasted because of a puff from a cigarette stick which destroys a hundred thousand brain cells and hardens your arteries each time you smoke. After the election, P-Noy was advised by the DOH to stop smoking, well, He should be thankful because DOH is very concerned about his health and also about our country. We don’t want to shorten his term due to smoking related illnesses. The brand that P-Noy smokes should be thankful to him because it has a free endorsement from the President himself. “The fact that if you want to change a nation you should start changing your self first”. I’m just sad that P-Noy even said, but not literally, mind your own business to DOH. Smoking is a dangerous. A temptation, a silent killer and it destroys everything.

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