So much more alternatives than going abroad…

I have been a registered nurse since 2008… and I’ve gone to many stages of challenges of being a nurse… there was a time that I faced the so called “panghihinayang at pagsisisi” because of taking up nursing… and also the stage of being emotional for feeling useless because of being unemployed for a period of time.

BUT… i realized that being unemployed is not the real problem of being a nurse, the problem is “your mind is enclosed to a certain duty you want to work with” you want a job in a hospital to gain experience for 3 years and get a hell out, away from this forsaken country….

My fellow nurses… our title as a nurse is not a limitation for us to work or find another source of income… here are some of my experiences as a nurse that made up my mind on why I should not go abroad.

1.) After taking up the board exam and a rating of 80 plus, i was prepared to apply for work, but suddenly realized some basic requirements for application which is basic IVT and FA-BLS training, so i took up IVT and FA-BLS training. IN my training of BLS in Philippine Redcross i became interested in First AId and Teaching it, YES…! that day after our graduation, i applied to be an instructor for Red the Red Cross.  They told me i must experience being a volunteer first so i went on volunteering for safety service, first aid station and Blood letting project. In that sense i developed the character of volunteerism, without any pay, i loved what i was doing, my character as a helping nurse helped me, and after that i trained as an instructor for 2 weeks of rigorous training. I became an FA instructor,  and for two years i became an expert in field emergency and ambulance assistance for accidents. i loved the adrenaline rush.

2. while in RC there came an instance i had to teach a certain resort in cavite to train their life guards for FA & BLS. the management of that resort saw my potential so they hired me as their resort nurse for the summer, with just a small salary of 315 pesos a day but i was happy with that.

3. After being a nurse at that resort, i had another opportunity when i saw a posting of needing a company nurse, i appplied and luckily got the job.

4. I did not stop there. Employed as a company nurse, I started a small business as a cell phone reloader at our company, earning as much as 700 a week.

Philippine Stock Exchange in Makati City with ...
Philippine Stock Exchange

5. I also became interested in investing  in the philippine stock exchange.  For as low as 500 pesos you can own stock from the three biggest banks in the Philippines: BDO, BPI, Metrobank.  I just placed a small amount from my salary every month and before I it,  my share have grown substantially.

As of right now my estimated earnings per month as a nurse plus my business and investing in stock, I would say its about PHP15,000 per month.

For one who did not give up,  I found some alternatives.  Do not  just stick to what you know, we have to learn new things. We must accept the reality that being a nurse today is very difficult but not doing anything about it doesn’t really do much good.

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  • Gamila Tarek

    Galing mo Erds518, yaan ang sinasabing me abilidad, and you’re smart enough to do what a modernized person it will help to improve and stabilized your living condition in our country…

  • royle regie digamo

    and how exactly can you join investing in the philippine stock exchange??can you please send me some details.Thanks in advance. I’ll be waiting for your response..:]

  • ersd518

    @royle regie
    sa next article ko discuss ko yung ibang mga topic

    yun eh kung papayagan ako ng site na mag post ng mga 3rdparty products and company para ma discuss ko maigi, saka ibang alternatives na pagkakakitaan

    @Filipino Nurse

    Maraming salamat naiyak ako sa mga nabasa kong comments lalong nakakinspire maging nurse

    • royle regie digamo

      Thanks for the prompt response. I would really appreciate it if you can show me the specifics on how to join investing in the Philippine stocks exchange. I’ll be looking forward to that soon. I hope to hear from you more soon.

  • schalke

    Hi! Nice article. Thanks for posting it here. Indeed, a role model to look up. I believe we are batch mate in NLE. I took the board June 2008. I wish I can write an article here soon about my chosen path on obtaining my goal as a nurse. I am currently in San Francisco,CA, USA. Just a brief of my journey.. I applied in one of the agency there in Malate right after I took the board to work as a waiter here in US under H2b visa that only last for 3yrs and renewable every 10months. I left the country last October 2008. So basically I got 3months preparation and processing. Now, I am USRN just passed the board last August of this year and I am currently hunting a job related to it around the Bay area. It got a hard time doing a self review for my NCLEX-RN while working as waiter/bartender maybe you are wondering why it took me 3yrs to take my NCLEX. Well, maybe its just the right time for me. just this month I received my temporary green card under I-485 visa. FYI! I took the NLE 3x there until I made it, NCLEX 1 time. God bless my fellow RN’s. Move your cheese and don’t give up.

  • Saudi-Phil RN

    basta ang masasabi ko, ang NURSING ay ang PINAKA MAGANDANG PROPESYON sa Buong Mundo.. BE PROUD TO BE A REGISTERED NURSES!!!

  • Your courage to enter the PSE as an investor is outstanding; keep it up. 🙂 I’m pretty sure someone who posted before me said this before: but I believe it would be incredibly helpful for the community if you were to write an article on introducing Nurses to the Philippine Stock Exchange. It’s not a bad investment if you know how to manage risks.

    These aside; good job and godspeed!

    • erds518

      Tnx for the reply,

      Yes guys im going to post the very basics of investing para makatulong, so wait for my post maybe around on january,,, and im sure marami ako matutulungan

      But first i have to ask permission on this site to post certain names of banks and products para maging madali ang article