A special child (Photo credit: flickr)
A special child (Photo credit: flickr)
A special child (Photo credit: flickr)
A special child (Photo credit: flickr)

I do believe that I am a strong person with a heart of stone. I am a nurse and I really need to have one, to be one in order for me face anything that might happen during my shift in the line of duty. But I was wrong, I definitely am. I’ve got a wrong assessment with myself.

I thought that time will be an ordinary day for me. My elder sister asked me to join my nieces’ outreach program and I agreed (walang duty eh!). I did not bother to ask what activities we are into. Hiking lang ang alam ko. Then, we stopped in a high-walled institution (I forgot the name of it). The teacher oriented us on how to deal with the kids inside the said place. I was confident enough that I can handle whatever we will encounter. Again, in my mind, I am a nurse.

So we entered the first room.

The kids are okay; they look so normalWe learned that they are just studying (SPED classes) there and that they go home with their parents. These kids have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), dyslexia (difficulty reading), dyscalculia (difficulty with math), and learning disabilities in general.

I was the first one who entered (lakas ng loob ko), nurse kaya ako. I saw these kids lying on the floor with a thin mattress. They were those significantly cognitive and functional impaired which means a person with these disabilities will need assistance with nearly every aspect of daily living, they were messed up. I felt horrible inside. Honestly, hindi ko kinaya. I ran outside and cried, then my niece (a five year old) asked me why. I didn’t know how to answer her. My tears continued to fall (nabasa ang panyong baon ko).  Akala ko matatag ako. That time I realized na may puso pala ako, hindi ako bato. Nurses’ were naturally born kind-hearted. I stood up and regained my strength, much prepared than few minutes ago.

Second room.

Then there goes the third room.

Abandoned kids. According to the caretaker of the institution, these kids were just found from different churches and brought there and others were left at their gate. Some with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, down syndrome, etc. ‘Yung isa naka-NGT. Naisip ko na lang sana trained ‘yung nagbibigay ng OF baka kasi ma-aspirate. That was the hardest situation. How could these parents do that with their kids? Hindi ko talaga ma-take. Ang sakit pala ng feeling na makakita ng ganito in person. Ang bigat sa kalooban.

On the other hand, some of these kids prepared a short program for us. They were taught how to dance and sing. We were entertained and we enjoyed it so much. We helped the caregivers feed those who cannot feed themselves.  That experience was worth it. Mabuti na lang at sumama ako.

They make people laugh and at the same time cry. Sino ngayon ang mentally challenged? ‘Di ba tayo? 🙂

We keep on complaining about this and that, while these kids don’t have the ability to do such.

They are special, wala silang kasalanan unlike us na ayos nga mag-isip, normal nga ang hitsura, but we are committing mistakes, we have lapses. We are so blessed.

I salute those who are taking care of these kids though having less compensation and some were just volunteers. I admire those parents/families who love their special child in spite of. Special kids are meant for special families as well. They deserve to be loved and cared.

Let us define SPECIAL –  a distinct or particular kind or character; distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual; peculiar, unique.

We are all special in our own ways..


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