Steps on How to Advance Your Nursing Career

Nursing opportunities (photo credit: bannerhealth)
Nursing opportunities (photo credit: bannerhealth)
Nursing opportunities (photo credit: bannerhealth)
Nursing opportunities (photo credit: bannerhealth)

When an interviewer would ask you about your nursing career plans, I wonder what will be your answer to them. One of the common question asked by a future employer is how does a person sees himself 5 to 10 years from now. This is questions give the employer a glimpse of what your future plans will be. As we know, they would also want to gauge you on what you will do to your future nursing career.

To some nurses, they might only be thinking of the present. A nurse might think in terms of just acquiring a job and then hopefully stay on for a number of years. However, in order for a person to move on in her nursing career, one must plan ahead.

Local Nursing Organizations

Be kept abreast with what is happening in the world of nursing. Joining local nursing organizations will not only keep you updated but it can help you with social networking. This can help you in the future when you do decide to continue on in your career.

Career Ladders

Most hospitals have a career ladder that any medical care staff can look into. This is like a way for you to further your career. Just like in video game wherein you earn points, the career ladder is a guide for you on how to develop and go up the hospital ladder.

Educational Opportunities

Graduating from nursing school does not stop us from learning. Instead we need to seek opportunities that will help you learn new strategies and techniques in nursing. Innovations are almost happening every day if one is always updated then it can help you care better for your patients. Educational opportunities are a way for a nurse to further her education and increase the chances of moving up in the career ladder.

Learn and Learn More

Education does not only happen in school, we learn from different places, people and situations. As nurses, one needs to learn continuously. You cannot just say you are too old or too cynical to stop yourself from learning. Being in the know can help you improve your craft, help your patients and be a better colleague to others.

The nursing career may seem like a cut and dried one, but it is a constantly evolving field. One does not rest on the laurels instead they are continuously seeking changes and improvement for the better care of patients.

As a BS degree in Respiratory Therapy graduate or ASN basics graduate, one has to always take notice of how to advance the nursing career.

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