Success story of Canadian-Filipino Nurse

Mark Estoesta is a Filipino nurse who I had the pleasure of having as my client. Mark successfully immigrated to Canada and is now working as a certified Registered Nurse in Canada!

Mark first contacted me in 2010 because he was interested in a better life in Canada. Since Mark had an impressive career history as a nurse, I suggested that he apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program, a program that has brought so many nurses, like Mark, to Canada.

We recently interviewed Mark to discuss his experience as a Filipino nurse going through the Canadian Immigration process that I would like to share with you.

What influenced you to become a nurse?

“I wanted to be a doctor since I was a kid. Most of my friends wanted to study nursing so I told myself I’d study nursing too.  I wanted to study medicine soon after I graduated anyway so I thought of giving nursing a shot. Those were the days when I still have a juvenile way of weighing things over. I passed the nursing exam and started working. Right then and there I realized that being a nurse is a very rewarding career. I also found out that there are many different fields of nursing, so I was content with my nursing career that I totally forgot about going back to study medicine. I must admit, I’m no good in studying, too.”

Mark immigrated under the QSW program and landed in Quebec but eventually decided on Newfoundland, a Province of Canada. It is important to note that when you apply under the QSW program you should show intention to reside in the province of Quebec, but as a permanent resident your freedom to live and work ANYWHERE in Canada is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We asked Mark – “what made you decide to move from an urban centre like Montreal to Newfoundland, a beautiful, but rural part of the country?”

“I tried applying for jobs online (while I was still in the Philippines, waiting for my visa) and fortunately I received an e-mail back for a job interview if I can make it to Newfoundland so that made me decide even more to move here. Newfoundland is also a very nice place. Despite its not so big population, the province itself has lots to offer for a nature person like me. I do have plans to move out to another province next year for my future career plans.

Unfortunately for Mark, when he first sought immigration to Canada he was the victim of an unscrupulous consultant.  Given my 15 years working in immigration, I know very well that there are some individuals out there, consultants and attorneys alike, who take advantage of hard working people like you. They make promises they can’t keep, take your hard earned money and run.

Our firm recognizes that unfortunate fact and we strongly believe that your trust is a valuable commodity.  We also recognize that your trust must be earned. For these reasons I travel abroad, with my experienced team, to different locations around the world to host free Canadian Immigration seminars tailored for nursing professionals. You get to meet us, we get to meet you and we can start to build the trust that is essential to a successful attorney-client relationship.

But I was curious what made Mark decide to take the leap of faith to become one of our many successful Canadim Nurses?

“I was randomly browsing the web when I landed Mr. Dery’s website, Canadim. As someone who has dealt with and been victimized by immigration fraudsters and crooks in the past, I had my doubts initially. But in contrary to my past experiences, Atty. Renaud Dery proved me wrong. He is a highly respected and dependable immigration attorney. I would not think twice on referring my friends to him if they had any concerns or if they need assistance with any immigration processes. In fact I sought his help again for my wife’s dependent visa, whose process is ongoing at the moment. “

I get a lot of questions from potential clients about what documents are required by the immigration authorities and are they difficult to gather.  So I asked Mark “were the documents required by Immigration Quebec difficult to obtain?”

“Gathering the documents for my immigration wasn’t difficult at all. If I had any difficulty or needed any clarifications, I sought help with Canadim. Everything is pretty straight forward, and the documents they are requesting were readily available on my end. I do believe the same goes for everybody.”

One requirement that can take longer is French language proficiency. I realize that many of you reading this probably have little or no experience in French. I should mention that an applicant does not necessarily require French to qualify but it can strengthen your application by offsetting points lost for age (over 35) or if you do not have 4 years of paid nursing experience. I thought it was important for you to hear from someone like Mark, with no experience in French, if he enjoyed learning French?

“French is a really an interesting language. I’d like to learn it more intensively someday. It is easy and has a lot of similarities with the English language. Pronunciations have some differences but it is really easy to learn. I enrolled in a French school designed for travelers and workers who wants to go in a French-speaking country. The course was only for 2 hours once a week for a total of 3 months. I had to study in between my once a week sessions and I borrowed French audio books from the library to supplement my learning.  I do have to mention Quebec is a nice place too! I’ve dropped by Montreal to meet and personally thank Canadim when I first set foot in Canada and I fell in love with the city. I would like to come back and meet the Canadim team again, this time, with my wife when she comes over.. :)”

Perhaps because I was too young to remember, I always wonder what is going through the mind of someone who is about to board the plane to start their new life in Canada.

“You’ve checked in at the airport, you have your Canadian Permanent Residence Visa stamped in your passport – what’s going through your mind when you’re waiting to board the airplane to start your new life in Canada?”

“’This is it! New Life, New Career, New Challenges, New Friends!’ It was the first time that I really felt secure. Although I did not have a fixed job at that time (only an invitation for a job interview), and did I know what my accommodations would look like, I felt really confident that everything would come into place. I was quite anxious because I did not have any family members with me here in Canada but I do have friends who were really accommodating.”   

Stay tuned for part II of our interview with Mark where we will talk about Mark’s Quebec Selection Interview, how nurses are treated differently in Canada than the Philippines and his experiences and advice for anyone considering becoming a certified RN in Canada!


Renaud Dery,

Canadian Immigration Attorney

[email protected]

With 15 years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field we are now leading experts in this program. Please visit our website to take our free online assessment and check us out our Facebook page to keep updated and find out about our next immigration seminars abroad as well as to see pictures and the stories of our many successful clients. Become part of our community, and then let us help you become part of the Canadian community!

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With 15 years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field we are now leading experts in this program. Please visit our website to take our free online assessment and check us out our Facebook page to keep updated and find out about our next immigration seminars abroad as well as to see pictures and the stories of our many successful clients. Become part of our community, and then let us help you become part of the Canadian community!
  • Hi sir, your story is very inspiring especially to me who’s dream is to land in canada and work there as a nurse. I’m looking over canadian embassy’s site on how to’s but its giving me hard time. I’m hopeless. But if you will conduct free seminars again, is there, by any chance of attending it, please let me know. My email address is [email protected] thanks and God bless

    • Hi Ralph,

      At Canadim we love making dreams come true.

      What I would recommend is that you complete our free online assessment and see what your Canadian Immigration options are. The beauty of this program is that it does not require a job offer and it does not require that you demonstrate a specific amount of funds to the government.

      The best way to move forward and determine your families Canadian Immigration options is to complete a free online assessment on our website: or you can send you and your spouse’s CV to [email protected] and Attorney Dery will personally review it and get back you shortly.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


      The Canadim Team!

  • Greetings!!!
    I read your article posted in Filipino nurses thru facebook…I’m interested to apply as an immigrant to Canada and willing to communicate with you..What are the documents needed?
    Thank you and God bless you!!!!

    • Hi Jocelyn,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write us!

      There are many different selection factors that contribute to your eligibility so I cannot give you a definitive answer on all the requirements as some are unique to each applicant.

      I can give you some general information about the types of documents you would need to provide:

      1) Identity documents (birth certificate, if you are married then a marriage certificate)

      2) Travel documents (valid and up-to-date passport and copies of residence visas if you are not in your country of citizenship)

      3) Educational documents (transcripts and diplomas)

      4) Employment documents (reference letters, employment contracts)

      5) Security and medical background checks will be required but DO NOT apply for these before you submit your application. They will need to have a recent date stamp on them and these documents are only requested towards the end of the process.

      6) Language tests may be required to strengthen your application but this will depend on your overall point total.

      In order to give you a comprehensive answer regarding your Canadian Immigration options please send your CV to [email protected] and Attorney Dery will personally review it and get back to you with your options to move forward.

      If you don’t have a CV readily available you can also complete our free online assessment using the following link:

      Very much looking forward to hearing from you and please feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.

      The Canadim Team!

  • Special Message For You Only My Dear You Cant Be Defeated By Anyone In This World Unless You Get Defeated By Yourself By Losing Confidence So Never And Ever Lose Your Self-Confidence.

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  • That makes a very inspiring story of a Filipino in Canada. Surely there are so many interesting citizens who found success in this country. Canada is one of the nice place to stay.