Sugar Causes Cancer?

Sugar feeds cancer (Photo credit: olgakaczmar)
Sugar feeds cancer (Photo credit: olgakaczmar)
Sugar feeds cancer (Photo credit: olgakaczmar)

It is common and true saying that the food you eat can be a source of feeding cancer cells within your body. The food that you consume, although might seem very tasty and harmless to eat, but many people fail to recognize the most harmful consequences that might caused by them. Every human body contains cancer cells. These cells are indicated even by the standard tests unless and until they get multiplied to a few billion. The rate of this multiplication depends upon the type of food we eat. Hence, you must be familiar with the food that can feed cancer cells and the things that you should intake in order to stop forming tumors in your body.

Sugar – the major cancer feeder!

There are so many types of food around us that we consume on almost daily basis, and that can actually feed the cancer cells within our bodies. Take the example of sugar, which is the largest source of weight gains for Americans, as it works perfectly raising your cholesterol level. Think about how frequently we consume soft drinks. Soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices and other processed food are overloaded with sugar. The study conducted in 2009 indicated the average consumption of sugar by an American is about half pound per day, making annual consumption per annum around 180 pounds. The human bodies are getting metabolically poisoned.

Not all sugars feed cancer cells:

Some sugars are beneficial and mandatory for the body. Glucose is also the type of sugar you are designed to function well on. Each cell of your body, all bacteria and in fact, each living thing on this planet utilizes glucose for gaining energy.

The intake of unhealthy and processed food, leads to malnutrition in a body. This creates various dangerous deficiencies and weakens the immune system. This is one of the major causes behind the diagnosis of various types of cancers in cancer patients. In a life time of a person, cancer cells are formed around 6 to 10 times, however; they get destroyed and restrained from multiplying in presence of strong immune system.

Hence, to overcome nutritional deficiencies, including supplements in your diet can make your immune system strong and fight against cancer cells growth.


Cancer cells grow in a strong acid environment. A diet based on meat stuff is acidic. Hence, the health experts have suggested that best is to eat either fish, or little chicken and avoid pork or beef. Meat is enriched with livestock antibiotics, parasites and growth hormones which are really harmful, especially to cancer patients.

Meat proteins are hard to digest and need a great deal of digestive enzymes. The meat that remains undigested in the intestines turned into rotten stuff and leads to additional toxic buildup.

Things to remember:

Avoid tea, chocolate, and coffee which contains high amount of caffeine. Green tea can be a better substitute and possesses cancer fighting abilities. Filtered or purified water is best to drink and to avoid identified toxins and grave metals present in tap water.

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