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One day I was an incredibly fit individual, practicing yoga and meditation daily; the next day I awoke in chronic pain. Rapidly limb by limb over the coming days and weeks, I gradually became more and more disabled. A few months later I was told devastating news that I had a disabling condition called spondylo arthritis. How did this happen so suddenly with no sign of symptoms previously? I was shocked, confused and frightened as the consultants told me how serious it was and how it would most likely be with me for the rest of my life. My condition was so bad that I could barely walk and at my worst I had to be pushed in a wheelchair which made me cry, because I could not understand how I had got to such a place so rapidly having always been fit and healthy. I was in a bad place mentally and physically. I could not focus on meditation, especially when the medication took me into its inhumane chemical trances; needless to say the side effects on top of that were challenging to say the least. One of the medications I had to take totally blocked my mind from creativity which was devastating for me as I write and record meditations.


My nature being very positive I set out to fight arthritis with food. My remedies I believed in so dearly were not working, so I allowed my Consultants to medicate me, as the pain was so intense that it was a near impossible to sleep for more than half an hour at a time. I felt defeated as my Consultant told me I would have to come to terms with the diagnosis, so reluctantly I said yes to steroids which made my condition worse. The next course of treatment was non steroid arthritis anti inflammatory drugs which took the edge off my chronic pain and enabled me to function in a more acceptable manner. I experienced some relief. However, over the months I wasn’t getting any better, the inflammation never went down and I was beginning to spiral in and out of mini depressions with the never ending pain. I looked so pale as I now had chronic anaemia, My consultant abruptly took me off my medication as he suspected the medication was the cause of my anaemia. I was left cold turkey and the only pain killers permitted were paracetamol which didn’t do much or tramadol that knocked me out, needless to say I was feeling very depressed by this stage.

Throughout the months I never gave up and was always trying new remedies, juicing, raw foods, the arthritis diet, cider vinegar, black strap molasses, herbal remedies, homeopathic, alternative therapies, pain machines. I pretty much exhausted all my options.I was desperate to walk again with ease. I so wanted to tend my garden which I loved and had so badly neglected, as I was unable to bend down. Indeed my memory humours me now as I look back to how bad I actually was at my worst; my cats used to get very impatient with their suspended food dish in the air that was coming down millimetre by millimetre, which seemed to take an eternity to reach the ground. They would be leaping up trying to assist in pulling it down to the ground and sometimes did with a mighty crash spilling food all over the floor!


I read books, tried everything I heard of that could help, spent vast amounts of money until I felt I had exhausted all my options and felt deflated. Nothing helped. I exercised daily but it was agony. One day I was surfing the net yet again in hope I had missed something and by chance I came across a pod cast about cocoa beans by David Wolfe. I could not believe the potential of super foods for arthritis and the health enhancing properties cocoa contained. I felt excited and optimistic. So began the next phase of my journey of consuming cocoa daily, one of the beneficial super foods for arthritis sufferers. I felt hope again for the first time in months. Cocoa turned my life around literally from the day I first took it as within hours I felt my mood change due to the natural mood enhancing chemicals it contains and within days my pain was less and my inflammation reduced. This crunchy bean that was more like a nut with a bitter chocolate flavour, made me feel wonderful for the first time in a long time. I noticed my walking was improving and my energy levels were the best they had been for a long time, which was amazing. I felt happy again. I was so impressed that I wanted to learn more about super foods for arthritis. I came across recommendations to take cocoa nibs along with goji berries for a more potent health remedy and for the complimentary taste.


Goji berries are known as the happy berry as they are reported to have mood lifting properties as well as many other desirable health benefits. The combination of Cocoa and Goji berries from my experience are incredibly powerful. Cocoa is one of the most nutrient rich and complex foods known to man and to some experts, is considered to be the number one antioxidant food and is the best sources of magnesium of any known food, which many arthritis sufferers are deficient. It is also a rich source of iron which helped with my anaemia. Other benefits that caught my attention from my research were as follows:

Acts as an anti-depressant and balances the mood; Balances the brain chemistry; Builds strong bones; Detoxifies the liver; Helps with healthy pancreas functioning; Balances blood sugar; Builds a stress defence shield; Regulates inflammatory and immune responses in blood vessel walls; Contains anandamide “The Bliss Chemical”, serotonin and endorphins; Cocoa beans/cacao is one of the most nutrient rich and complex foods known to man.

goji berries (wolfberry)
goji berries (wolfberry) (Photo credit: miheco)

I cannot express strongly enough how these two gifts of nature have helped to turn my life around. I managed to completely come off all painkillers within a week of taking cocoa and have been totally free from any form of medication for many months now. One year after my diagnosis I have strength to walk and climb steps. I can tend my garden with joy and happiness. I have consistent energy and now have colour back in my cheeks. The most important thing is that I now have a constant clear mind and energy like I have never experienced before. It’s such a joy to have my own authentic mind back, clear of chemical blockages, which has enabled me to be true to my inner self again. For months I could not meditate, as my mind was under the influence of chemicals from medication which put me into a chemical fog, far away from mindfulness. Now I am on the path of wellness, meditation is big part of my daily life again. It has helped to clear my mind of all the trauma of the trail of negative energy illness left behind. For months the chemicals I was consuming daily seemed to be taking me on a journey away from my true self and into a bleak downward spiral of never ending suffering. Super foods for arthritis helped me to find my path back home and re-ignited my passion to practice meditation daily. My yoga movements are coming along nicely again too.


I hope that by sharing my experience I may help others. I know we are all made differently as human beings and whilst medication may suit some people it may not suit others. Super foods for arthritis may be a saviour to some of my readers like they were and still are to me today. Even if I only reach out and help a few people by sharing my journey and my learning’s then I will be very happy.

As a therapist I have always practiced as I preach, but the intrusion of Arthritis into my life lhas since lead me to more deeper profound dimensions of my practice which I live and breath daily. Please look after your body and your mind – they are very precious – treasure them and above all please be true to yourself my dear reader.

Lorraine Ireland is a registered Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, author of Self Help CDs and MP3s with over 12 years experience. If this article has touched you and you would like to know more about super foods for arthritis or experience meditaitons to help with arthritis please visit

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