Surviving Nursing School: Tips

(Photo Credit: Shaina Perpetualites)

(Photo Credit:  Shaina Perpetualites)
(Photo Credit: Shaina Perpetualites)

“Nursing is all about caring. But it takes more than caring to learn how to be a nurse.

No one ever said that it would be easy. Nursing school–and even after your schooling, the nursing profession has its own ups and downs and will continue to be this way. Aside from having to memorize lots of information: normal values, signs and symptoms of diseases, drug names and infos, not to mention their actions and interactions in the body and many other concepts , you also deal with doing endless nursing care plans and case presentations, not to mention projects and homeworks in your other subject areas. No matter how you try to force yourself to survive nursing school and the nursing profession, if you don’t have the passion in what you’re doing, all efforts are practically useless.

There’s no better preparation in succeeding nursing school to become a remarkable nurse than starting the day you first set foot to your chosen profession and continuing in motivating yourself until your very last day as a student. But it doesn’t stop there, because for a nurse, everyday is a day to improve oneself. The road to success is not always a good one. Along the way, you will face hurdles and challenges that will make you doubt– things that will try to take you down but instead of letting those things get the better of you, make sure that you always choose to keep an open mind! A specific subject may seem boring to you at first, but it also might turn out to be an area where you’ll be good at.

Instead of letting the little problems ruin your day, why not consider it as trials and stepping stones that will make you better?

Everyday at school or in the hospital will not always turn out the way you want and expect it to be, but you can always make it an advantage rather than a mishap by choosing to look for learning opportunity in every situation that you will encounter. You can’t just quit if you feel like it. Yes, there may be times when you’ll feel like giving up but I hope that before considering the option of quitting, remember why you’ve hold on for so long, remember your very reason why you’re actually there–‘ that somewhere inside you, you believe that you can make a difference, that you want to make that difference in someone’s life–that your efforts are all worth it when you see your patients smiling at you and recovering. I hope that would be one good reason to change your mind.

For me, one thing that motivates me is that I always look forward to seeing other people smile because they know that there is someone who is willing to help them in the course of their sickness, that within an eight-hour shift, I’ve done my best to help them. Whenever I see a patient get well and go out of the hospital, it makes me happy knowing that even for a tiny bit, I’ve actually made a difference in someone’s life. That’s it. Seeing a patient’s smile is what drives and motivates me everyday. It’s one of the things that keep me going despite the difficulties on the road to being a nurse.

Believe me, someday, you’ll realize, that all your experience is worth it. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting what you really want through your hardship and perseverance. At least, in the end, even if you can’t get it, you won’t have any regrets, you can tell yourself that at the very least, you have given your best shot at it and have done what you can.

What about you? What drives you everyday? 🙂

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