Suture To Couture: A Nurse’s Struggle In The Fashion World

Last night it was one of the most wonderful evening of my life, I’ve made up my mind, it was all now clear to me, I am finally moving on. I always wanted to be happy, happiness is a catalyst for me, where there is happiness, there is no regret. I graduated Nursing and passed the board yet I haven’t seen myself working for the next coming twenty years of my life in hospitals and getting paid to clean other people’s “dirt”, I am fairly intelligent but after finishing this course and restlessly looking for job, I realized I was no achiever, just average.

When I think about my four long years of studying Nursing, all hard work and sacrifices, I couldn’t say I’ve wasted it. Yes, time perhaps but in the longest run, I’ve learned that this became a transitory stage of my life. It may not have opened doors for me to enter the medical field but it had given me the opportunity to experience how it was to stand with what I know I’d be happy doing for the next coming years. I have always dream of being a Fashion Designer if not a Fashion Editor, I realized such in between days when boredom hit me while inside Nursing school. Fashion is my world, it’s my inherit calling.

Today, I can’t sustain the excitement when I think that I’ll be, hopefully, entering Fashion School this September in SoFa (School of Fashion and Arts) it would definitely be hard, harder than Nursing. Perhaps because this time, I’d be working to pay for my own fees, I don’t want to add up with my parents expenses, I know I have disappointed them but at the end of the day, I hope they would understand this life-changing decision I’ll be drafting. This is something I look forward doing, not because of all glitz and glamor this industry could offer, but because this is where I know I’ll be happy. Like what Audrey Hepburn said “the most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.”

This world is seriously like a big Fashion Show, you need to carefully analyze your step, walk slowly but with certainty. When you walk down the Runway, everyone’s there to judge you, they will let you feel small but keep your head up high. Keep in mind that you own the whole show, remember, it doesn’t matter whether you’re slow as long as you never stop. Stay fabulous, wear your red stilettos with pride. Be ambitious. It will get you far, very far.


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