Career Tips for Nurses

September 7, 2013 Bailey 0

Careers in nursing are varied, and in some areas, very competitive. But with experience, hard work, and the right education, you could easily land the […]

Do You Really Need to Eat Fat to Burn Fat?

May 16, 2013 Rob Manning 0

I have come across many individuals who don’t really fully understand fat consumption, how to tell good from bad fats, or even the benefits of eating healthy fats. I created this post to demystify fat, and offer some information regarding the benefits associated with good fats, and on decreasing you intake of bad fats.

Uncovering The Common Benefits Of Surgical Tech Jobs

April 22, 2013 Richie Moss 0

People that are considering the process of career path decision making are often considered a very critical decision making sources. This is usually what people consider whenever they are concerned with the notion of what they intend on doing for the remainder of their lifetime when earning a living and being successful. People considering this process should know the various benefits of surgical tech jobs in order to be assured they are making a wise career decision for the remainder of their lives.

Ethnocentrism definition (Photo credit:

Academic Ethnocentrism

September 2, 2012 eliminatesairey 0

Ethnocentrism is acclaiming that one’s culture, race or ethnicity is the best and if incorporated with academic ethnocentrism is a term acclaiming one’s school rose […]