Tired Nurse (Photo credit:L medicinadurgenza)

Oops! May Sakit Ang Nurse

July 6, 2012 april13 0

Isa sa definitions ng salitang ‘NURSING‘ ay “It is a HOLISTIC approach of nurturing a sick individual back to health.”. TUMPAK! ‘Di ba yan naman […]

No Picture

Chasing Shadows

June 4, 2012 airhype 0

Can one control the weather? As a child—naïve, ignorant and carefree—I used to think so. Whenever my parents wanted me to bring an umbrella or […]

Accomplish (Photo credit: farroutlinks)


June 1, 2012 jdgopez 0

People often push through the things they want to happen in their lives that they often forget one important sense of existence: taking a break […]

A Wonderful Climb

April 18, 2012 jdgopez 0

Life is full of struggles, full of obstacles, of challenges. As we journey throughout this path called “life”, we experience various things that mould us […]

On the Purple Side

January 29, 2012 adelaide 1

Yesterday I attended the mass for the feast of St. Sebastian at the Cathedral. When the mass was about to end there was this prayer […]

Taking Chances

December 22, 2011 maria 0

Ang saya ko ng makapasa ako at magkalisensya bilang nurse.Pero sa lisensya na hawak hawak ko alam kong di biro ang responsibilidad na kaakibat nito, […]